Sid: I have watched this woman on television for many years and I know that she’s red hot for the Messiah.  Her name is Karen Wheaton and perhaps you don’t know a whole lot about her although you’ve heard her music.  Karen from what I understand you owe quite a debt of gratitude to the inspiration your mother gave you.  Tell me a bit about your mom.

Karen: Oh thank you Sid for one thing it’s wonderful to join you on your program today; and I’d love to tell you about my mother.  She has been the greatest influence in my life and continues to be.  She’s a woman of God, her mother was also filled with the Holy Spirit as with her mother and her mother.  So I come from a heritage of strong women that were sold out fully to the things of the Lord and walking it with Him. My mother as a young child encountered the miraculous in her life.

Sid: Tell me one story you remember about your mom in the miraculous.

Karen:  This is a simple story.  I remember my mother telling me this my whole life.  When mother was 6 years she wanted a set of jacks.  Now if you remember Sid in the ’40s little girls loved to play with jacks, but in that time because of the war and different things metal jacks were very hard to come by. As a 6 year old little girl my mother asked the Lord to give her a set of jacks.  And she didn’t tell anybody, she was on the school bus the next day and sitting on the back of the school bus a young girl about 12 years old gets up walks to the back of the bus hands my mother a little bag and in that bag was a set of metal jacks.  Now I know to some people they wouldn’t think that much about that but you know what as a 6 year old little girl it taught my mother that when you ask God something in faith He will answer your prayers.  Last week I was praying now and my mother is close to 80, I’m 52 years old. I found myself in prayer last week saying “God thank you for the jacks that you gave my mother because it put faith in her as a little girl that you answered prayer which now has put faith in me that you can move a mountain.

Sid: I have to tell you something.  When God does the least thing for me I am so thrilled over this, so I understand that story.  Okay your 8 years old you become a believer but you had quite an experience with the Holy Spirit at 8; tell me about that.

Karen:  I was 8 years old, I was standing in the Church of God of Prophecy in Hamilton, Alabama where I was raised it was a June summer night. My mother and my grandmother I had seen them filled with the Holy Spirit all of my life and moving in the gifts of the Spirit, healing the sick, ministering to people.  I wanted what they had, I was so hungry for the Holy Spirit I was standing in the altar, I can remember it like it happened last night.  In fact Sid I still have the dress that I had on that night hanging in my bedroom door right now as I speak.

Sid: I also think you have that same anointing on your voice right now as your telling me that story of what happened when you were eight; go ahead

Karen:  Well, He’s the same Holy Spirit right now to me as He was those years ago. Standing in that altar with both hands raised high as I could get them. I had prayed and sought Him until I honestly was soaked with sweat I had tears rolling down my face saying “Oh God fill me with the Holy Spirit, fill me with the Holy Spirit.”  I had people praying for me all around me that night as old Pentecostal woman used to do.  And all I can tell you Jesus said “Out of our belly would flow a river of living water.”  I can remember the moment He came into me in an 8 year old little girl’s body. Out of my belly would flow this water out of my mouth, I began to speak in another language, the language of the Holy Spirit.  And He filled me with power and I found that it’s so wonderful.  He does not; to children He does not give a junior Holy Ghost, it’s the same Spirit that filled my mother and grandmother and great-grandmother.  In fact, He’s the same Spirit that raised Christ Jesus from the dead…

Sid: You know people flip that statement but it is beyond comprehension I hope you heard what Karen Wheaton just said.  The same Spirit that rose Jesus from the dead.  I mean you’re talking about He took every sin that you’ve ever committed, He took every sickness that has ever tried to come upon you.  That same Holy Spirit that was so powerful to raise Him from the dead was in Karen and in you.  Karen shortly thereafter you heard the audible voice of God what did He tell you?

Karen:  I was walking in the trees behind my house at my grandparents’ home actually, and all I can tell you Sid is that young girl having just received the Holy Spirit I fell in love with Jesus, I fell in love with the presence of God.  And it was in those trees, I was walking through there one afternoon in the woods just behind the house and I just sensed that undeniable presence. I heard His voice very simply just simply tell me I was called to preach the gospel.  And I knew that I had encountered the true presence of God and the true voice of God.

Sid: And at 11, and I mean now you’re really an old woman, at 11 you had an opportunity to speak at church and the Holy Spirit showed up describe what occurred.

Karen:  I was 11 years old when I was singing; do you remember the old song Sid that they used to sing “Jesus, there’s just something about that Name.”

Sid: Yeah, I love it.

Karen:    Singing that song and they had given me a recitation for the middle of the song that I was to speak.  All I can tell you is while I was speaking I sensed something, someone besides me coming through me and flowing through me.  He was a power it was a presence, it was an unction, it was an anointing, I didn’t understand it then to understand that it was an anointing all I knew was I felt an empowerment of the Holy Spirit using the words that were coming out of the voice and the mouth of a little girl.  Yet they were having a deep impact on the adults that were hearing them.  I didn’t know what it was I just knew whatever this is, and whoever this is, I want Him every time I sing, every time I speak. And I know now Him to be the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Sid: Tell me about the song “I Have to Believe.”

Karen:  I love the message of this song because through the years of walking in faith and standing on the word of God I’ve learned that in every circumstance that we face, and we all face those times of difficulty and impossibility or places of deep hurt or betrayal.  Where do you go except to the Lord and you seek Him until you get a word.  Now counseling is good, going to other people and talking about these things that you’re facing are…it’s a good thing to do that.  But people are limited in what they can do; you seek God until you get a word from God.  Once you get a word from God you stand on that word unmoved and believe that promise will come to pass.

Sid: And I believe that as they listen to you sing this right now that they’re going to…that some are going to hear a word; others where the word has died it’s going to come back and their going to cling to it until it manifests.  “I have to Believe”

Karen:  “I have to Believe” worship excerpt.

Sid: That was Karen Wheaton singing “I Have to Believe,” Now when people hear her music lives are radically changed.  Different Psalmists have different anointing’s I believe God has put in an anointing on Karen to push you to passionately worship God.  And I also believe that when you listen to her music the same thing that’s happening to me is going to happen to you you’re going to want to pray in tongues and worship and praise God. I’m using her music now to pray in tongues; I did it for a couple of hours the other day.

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