David and Anita Duggan (2006)

Sid: I’ve got a couple that are red hot for the Messiah, Anita and David Duggan. We found out over the last couple of days Anita is raised in a nice Conservative Jewish home in Miami, Florida. Had a great love for God, but circumstances made her a drug addict. She got involved in dealing drugs, she was involved in the largest drug bust of the state of Mississippi; she had 3.75 million dollars’ worth of marijuana; Rolling Stones Magazine wrote her up; make a long story short drug lords in Columbia wanted to murder her, but she got out of that deal because they decided that it was such a big drug bust they would move it from the state level to the federal level, in the mean time she had a supernatural deliverance in an auto accident; saw the reality of God, gave her heart to Jesus, set free from drugs is married to a young man that is running a house Bible study, Bible church. So now you’re married, but you’re re-arrested now on federal charges. What happened next Anita?

Anita: Well I had my first supernatural experience when they put me in the patrol car to take me to Jackson, Mississippi. I was sitting in the backseat of the car, there was a DEA agent, and an officer driving me to Jackson. I think it was about an hour and a half drive. David, it was the first time we were separated, he was behind me in a car following. They started interrogating me to find out where my partner was. The Lord lifted me out of the car in the Spirit and I was flying above them the entire time.

Sid: So how did you answer their questions?

Anita: I never answered.

Sid: So what happened?

Anita: I just sat back… it was like I was taken out of myself it was like there was this body just sitting in the backseat of the car that never answered them the whole way. God protected me.

Sid: Because you would have said something that would have incriminated yourself and others.

Anita: Absolutely.

Sid: Dave what did you observe when she was literally supernaturally lifted out of her body?

David: I had no idea that was happening Sid. It looked completely normal to me. I could see her sitting in the backseat, I could see the officers and the agents. I was just traveling with and praying for her because I knew it was a very stressful situation.

Sid: Anita, you were involved in drugs and you got supernaturally delivered by the Lord, but did you have any experiences remotely similar to this when you were into drugs?

Anita: No, none. I knew absolutely nothing about spiritual stuff at all.

Sid: Now when your wife got out of the car, what did you see David?

David: Well I could just see that she was very much at peace, in herself. She was trying to communicate to me in unspoken language and to some degree with spoken language this amazing out of body experience that she had had driving up to the State Capital of Mississippi.

Sid: Okay, so you have the trial, and I understand Anita you were really standing on scripture during this trial because what were you facing, how bad could it have been?

Anita: I was facing 15 years.

Sid: Huh you really don’t need that.

Anita: No.

Sid: So you’re standing on God’s scriptures and what happens?

Anita: Well first of all I was trying to trust God, and I was not really really strong in it at first. I was scared and I was being torn by my lawyers trying to tell me “Just don’t confess just stay with us. Don’t say anything we’re gonna get you out of this.” But the Lord had given me a scripture in the very beginning it was Psalm 17:2-3. It had to do with if I would confess my sin before man He would publically vindicate me. I kept holding on to that every time I got weak, every time I felt like it’s not going to happen; I just kept holding onto the scripture. When I was Sid, David would be praying over me, he would sing over me,  he would read me Psalms, he would try to encourage me and tell me “Anita you have to tell the truth, you have to tell the truth.”

Sid: So what happened?

Anita: Well we got a new lawyer and this lawyer was from Mississippi, and he finally said “We are going to have to tell the truth.” I mean they had actual surveillance photographs of me taking bales of marijuana out of a speedboat and loading it onto a truck. I mean they had pictures they had the truth, so there was nothing I could do but throw myself on the mercy of the court. Sid it was really an amazing thing; I didn’t even tell the attorney about this scripture and he wound up getting in front of the judge saying “Your honor, I throw my client to the mercy of this court. She has embraced Christianity to the fullest; she has married a young man who loves God. She has totally cut herself off from all these people. Please your honor let her go.” So he literally spoke out what the scripture God gave me.

Sid: During while this hearing was going on, you were almost embraced in a cloud of God’s glory, explain that.

Anita: The entire time this was going on the Lord protected me, He really did. I had no idea that the other people who were arrested they were either aliases, who were murderers who wanted by the law. I had no idea that God had enveloped me in a cloud of protection so that my life would be spared through this whole thing. Because at the very end they all went to prison, I was the only one who was set free.

Sid: No prison at all?

Anita: None.

Sid: How come?

Anita: God vindicated me.

Sid: Okay, now you must be on literally in the clouds when… David your wife was facing 15 years of hard time in prison. Tell me what went on inside of you when you saw that she was set free with no prison time.

David: Well obviously I was thrilled Sid, but God had given me a measure of faith that I knew from the beginning that she would not serve time in prison. We married prior to the resolution of this court case. I was… looking at it in the natural I was taking the risk that I was marrying this woman and within months she could have been incarcerated for up to 15 years, but I knew by the Spirit of God that still small voice, that whispering, that she would not serve time in prison. So I was thrilled that it was confirmed in the natural what God had told us by His word, and by His Spirit.

Sid: So everything’s going good. You now are a youth pastor and someone offended you, and one thing led to another and you became, it’s hard to believe with everything that went on previously, you became an alcoholic for some 13 years. How did you come back to the Lord?

David: Well it was a very dark period in my life Sid, and I am not proud of it, but I love God more deeply today than I ever have because of His patience, and because of His continuing faithfulness to me throughout that entire period. At the end of that period, our daughter, gave birth to our first grandchild a precious little girl, her name is Catherine Ann. There are really two components that brought me out of that dark period in my life. The first was Anita’s love for me and her commitment to me.

Sid: Anita.

Anita: Yes.

Sid: Why did you stick with him? I mean now your husband is an alcoholic and you’re totally right with God. Why did you stick with him?

Anita: I stuck with him because I had a promise from God supernaturally that He was going to give me back the man that I fell in love with. The man I fell in love with was a man who ran after God’s heart.

Sid: Yeah but that’s a long time 13 years, how did you stick with him 13 years?

Anita: I had faith, I knew that someday Sid he’d come back, and I was not gonna miss out on that.

Sid: And one day David your granddaughter did something that shocked you.  

David: She was just an infant only a few months old, and I was up at my son in law and my daughter’s home and I was helping them kind of facelift their home. Painting rooms, getting the nursery ready, and so forth; as was the custom at the time I was drinking, and I was drinking heavily, and I went over to my granddaughter, who was probably 2 months or maybe 3 months old in that drunken state. I could see her even at that tiny little age recoil from me, she was fearful there was something emanating from me that scared her, and that was unacceptable to me. I was not willing to trade the love of my grandchild for drunkenness.

Sid: And what happened with you recommitment to the Lord, and your alcohol problem?

David: Well in one day’s time God delivered me from that addiction. I mean I was a very very heavy drinker for a long time, and on the day I determined with my own will that I was returning to God, I just began to experience sovereign deliverance from these dark spiritual powers that feed that addiction.

Sid: Listen God is so good Mishpochah, not only were they both set free, wait till you hear the ministry God has placed them in.

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