Sid: If you were listening on yesterday’s broadcast I have Paul and Luanne Wilbur here. Paul is an Integrity Music recording artist, and we’re featuring his latest, and I might add I believe his most anointed CD. It was recorded live at John Hagee’s church; it’s called “The Watchman.” Paul on yesterday’s broadcast you were talking about the return of the Lord. I was kidding you as anyone would have of been “Well no one knows!” You said “Yes but there’s a missing piece of a puzzle.” What did you mean by that?

Paul: There’s a tapestry if you will that God has woven together over the last two millennia that gives us insight and understanding of the things He said in the past. Yeshua was asked many times “What’s going to be the sign of Your coming?” Listen Sid one of the anointing’s of a watchman is they watch for the coming of the Lord. There are three things, three main anointing’s that a watchman does.

  1. They watch for the dawn – There’s all kind of stuff in there we can’t even go into.
  2. They watch for danger and they sound the alarm – One of their main jobs is they watch for the coming of the Lord, and they call to the gatekeeper “Open the gate so that the Lord can come in.” Yeshua spoke about that in John 10 as well.

But there is a piece of the puzzle that since the recording of this watchman thing it’s like the spirit of the watchman has come on my life in a way that I’ve never known.

Sid: As you’re sharing this I am starting to travail deep within. Luanne I’m just curious is anything going on with you spiritually as he’s sharing about the watchman?

Luanne: Well just a real excitement and a churning, churning…

Sid: Alright, but what is this travail? As you’re talking about the anointing of the watchman I am travailing deep within my spirit, but go ahead.

Paul: In Matthew 23 Yeshua gives a piece of the puzzle which has now come into focus. He said “You will not see me again until you say.” Now over the last many years people have said “He’s speaking to Israel. No He’s speaking particularly to Jewish people. No He’s speaking particularly to Jerusalem because He says ‘Jerusalem, Jerusalem’” in Matthew 23 37th verse and following the next two verses. “Oh Jerusalem Jerusalem you who killed the prophets stone those who are sent to you! How often I wanted to gather your children together as a hen gathers her chicks, but you were not willing. You will not see me again until you say ‘Blessed is He (Baruch haba b’shem Adonai).’ What a thrill Sid…

Sid: Blessed is He who comes in the

Sid and Paul: name of the Lord.

Paul: I got to lead that song in Jerusalem 10 years ago on that marvelous… these times of the Lord that He gives to us that, now that I look back I see how precious that really was. A lot of times we can be walking at the time in the anointing in the season of the Lord for our lives and not even know it. We’re so caught up with the details, or what’s happening, or what’s not happening, or how should I be responding here. That we don’t see the things, and that’s exactly what was happening to the people of Jerusalem when He spoke these words. Now listen, here’s the hidden thing. He said “You will not see me again.” Now who’s He speaking to? Was He speaking to all of Israel? Are we waiting for all of Israel to say to Yeshua “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord?” I don’t think so, although…

Sid: Many people believe that.

Paul: Many people believe that, and it wasn’t until 1948 that was even possible; which is a supernatural happening. Can a nation be born in a day? Yes says the Spirit of the Lord. As He spoke to the prophet “Son of man can these dry bones live?” when Ezekiel was standing there seeing that. Yes they can. There standing as a might army today. Was He speaking particularly to Jerusalem? Well there was no united Jerusalem until 1967, so that’s possible. This is so, so wonderful to me that God has held back these things until this last hour. Who was He speaking to in particular? He said “I wanted to gather your children together as a hen gathers her chicks.” Who were the hens of Jerusalem? Who are the ones who sat in judgment over Him just a couple of days after He spoke these words? Who was it that handed Him over, had the authority to hand Him over who were the hens that oversaw the chicks? Was it not the Sanhedrin? Was it not the Pharisees, and the Sadducees, the rulers, the 71 elders who ruled over Israel of their doctrine, of their chala-chab, their day to day walking out of the word of God? Wasn’t it them? He said “I wanted to gather the chicks, but YOU HENS weren’t willing!” He said “You will not see me again until YOU say.” For 300 years after the time Yeshua that spoke these words the Sanhedrin continued not in Israel, not in Jerusalem, but outside as they codified what we know as rabbinic Judaism today, and disappeared for 1700 years as a ruling body. On December 10th, put your seatbelt on, on December 10, 2004 71 elders approached the Knesset in Jerusalem and asked for permission to pray on top of the Temple Mount, and they said “We are the Sanhedrin revived.” “You will not see me again Jerusalem until you, who, until the leaders, until the rulers, until those 71 elders look to Him and say ‘Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.’” Until 1948 no Israel, until 1967 no Jerusalem, and until 2004 no leaders of the people to stand in the gap and to declare to Yeshua, “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.” We are… the pieces are in place, we are in the season of the return of the Lord.

Sid: I’m looking at your new CD entitled “The Watchman” and there’s a picture of religious Jew, you might even call him a Sanhedrin with a tallit, a prayer shawl, over his head. The album is called “The Watchman” but there’s one song in particular called “Adonai” tell me about it.

Paul: Yeshua says “You call me Lord Lord and do not do what I say.” Sid we’re in a time now when those who call on Him as Lord are gonna lay down what they think, and take up what He thinks. They are gonna do the commandments of the Lord. The law of the Lord is not a bad word, the Torah, the walking out of the precepts of the concept. These are not just the suggestions of God, these are His laws that cause us to come into harmony with His plan, into harmony with His decrees, with His creation, with His kingdom. We need to be law keepers. In fact, I say that if the word of God is not been inscribed upon our hearts, Jeremiah 31:31, we are not New Covenant believers. We need the law of the Lord inscribed on our hearts that we are law keepers, we are keepers of the things of God; in fact, did you know Israeli’s today don’t call Christians heretics they call Christians “notsrim” which means watchman. There are two main words for the word watchman Sid in Hebrew.

  1. Shomer
  2. Notsair – this word, where we get the plural notsrim, is a watchmen in the sense of one who guards a precious treasure.

Even secular Israeli’s know those who follow Yeshua have been called to be watchmen, to guard a precious treasure, a covenant keeper, one who watches over the word and the ways of God to walk in them. The watchmen, Adonai, we call to you Yeshua you are Lord of all. We say not my will, but Your will be done. You are Lord, You are Adonai.

Excerpt Adonai – The Watchman

Sid: Can you imagine Paul that brand new installed Sanhedrin, that leadership of Israel first time in almost 2000 years that has been installed and operational is about ready to say what you were singing “Baruch haba b’shem Adonai (Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord).”

Paul: They are, they are preparing Sid to declare it. It is time to stop playing games; it’s time to get off the fence. For those of you who are listening to us today and you’d say “You know I have prayed a prayer, but I have not been walking the walk.” Now is the time; pull your car off to the side of the road, put your work down at your desk, do whatever you need to do and say this with me. “Yeshua, I declare you are Lord of all. I want to walk in Your ways, in Your word, in Your plan, come and fill me fresh new with Your Spirit right now. I surrender my heart and my life I give it to you. Come Yeshua, come and use me.

Sid: Amen.

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