Sid:  I am so excited about what we’re learning this week because I have Dennis Clark here. Dennis has taught his course on how to walk in supernatural shalom, peace, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. He’s taught this to thousands and the thing that is so amazing to me is that I have met men and women that somehow have wondered into this arena of supernatural of peace. They have great ministries, but they don’t know how to teach everyone to move in this arena. Dennis has this practical step-by-step 60 day challenge in which at the end… well let me ask you Dennis. Thousands of people have taken your courses, at the end of 60 days what can someone expect?

Dennis: Absolute improvement in their daily walk. The key is I’ve never seen a lack of growth after people taking this course. The only thing that is not instant is maturity, but I guarantee with this course I’ve watched with my own eyes people transform to where people didn’t recognize them. They say “What’s happened to you and everything?”  In a very short period of time, not instant, but a very short period of time. The learning scale is just wonderful…

Sid: Everyone wants something instant, but to me people have gone 20 years and never walked in this 24-7 peace. So what’s a few months?

Dennis: Correct.

Sid:  But everyone wants it instant. They want you to lay hands on them and they’ll walk in this peace. Does it work?

Dennis: Well God told us to work out our salvation with fear and trembling. That pretty much teaches us that we need some self-governance. We can’t wait from encounter to encounter, we need to save from the initial encounter what and how do I cooperate with God moment by moment, day by day. That’s really what this is going to teach.  It’s going to teach you that initial encounter no matter how spectacular and wonderful it was it still needed a continual relationship moment by moment from that day forward.

Sid: Speaking about a continual relationship I know a good way for me to find out if I’m mastering this peace, and that’s to be stuck in traffic.  That time you were stuck in Manchester, Connecticut, that’s what I’m talking about. Tell me about it.

Dennis: Yeah, Jennifer and I had driven 13 ½ hours to New England. We always travel so that we go church to church. We were 1 mile from the destination, 1 mile from the hotel we were going to stay and suddenly, you know how tired you are after 13 ½ hours of driving. Suddenly all traffic came to a dead stop, all 8 lanes were blocked off, and we watched the police put up the yellow crime scene tape. Jennifer looked at me and we were both thinking the same thing, were a mile from the hotel and a bed. We said “No were going to practice what we preach.” We just closed our eyes right there in the car and yielded to peace.

Sid:  Now you had been travelling for, how long did you say 13 ½ hours? So was it late at night now?

Dennis: Yes, it’s late at night.

Sid: You’re tired, you’re worn out…

Dennis: Right.

Sid:  Now you’ve got a jam that doesn’t move and some sort of yellow tape going around. How did you stay in peace?

Dennis: We basically said “This is where we live, where we’ve learned everything.” Matter of fact the first thing that happened we dropped down and said “We’re not going to get involved in this, we’re going to Him.” When you drop down and the peace ruled, even though our head had not a clue as to what was going to transpire, but in abiding in that peace I felt led, here’s a little guidance. I felt led to move over 1 car length, which is ridiculous with hundreds of cars stalled. Suddenly all of a sudden 1 single policemen, quite frankly in hind sight I think it was an angel.

Sid: Just out of curiosity because I know how this operates with me. If that had been me, and we’re in a ridiculous situation, and my wife was with me I would have said “I think I’m going to change lanes. What do you think?” Did you do that?

Dennis: Nope.

Sid:  Why?

Dennis: Because I was paying more attention to my gut than my head. I wasn’t looking for a second opinion, I was looking for His opinion. I’ve learned when anything came between my peace, my guidance, my discernment everything goes right out the window. Anxiety brings chaos, and chaos brings confusion, and God’s not the author of it, and I don’t trust any decision I come up with.

Sid: Okay you change lanes, then what happened?

Dennis: There was only space to change lanes by 1 car length and it was right up near the tape. A policeman came and pulled back the tape and 8 or 9 cars were led through and he puts the tape back.

Sid:  What car number were you?

Dennis: I was the last one.

Sid: You were the ninth?

Dennis: The ninth. It was like looking in the rearview mirror, I started to pass a few so I saw in the rearview mirror just a handful of cars, and the tape was back in tact. We read in the paper and heard on the news the following day that it was closed till 6 in the morning because the police were looking for shell casings. There had been a highway shootout with the police, and they needed to find the shell casings so they sealed it off as a crime area.

Sid:  Why did they let anyone through yet alone you as the ninth car? Why would they do that? I can’t think of one reason can you?

Dennis: I can’t either.

Sid: So who was it that did it? What was that officer’s name, I want his name.

Dennis: Yeah I want his name to.

Sid:  What’s his badge number?

Dennis: I believe it was an angel because it was so supernatural, but it was honoring God. You know I think the key is in honoring God. Going to my peace is basically saying “I want your rule regardless of circumstances.” In honoring Him it says “He that honors Me, him shall I honor.” I really feel like that’s played in our lives over and over again.  It just could play out in the lives of anybody. If in doubt and you’re in a situation where doesn’t look like there’s a solution, why not honor God.

Sid: Just out of curiosity though if that angel, and I believe it was, hadn’t opened the way just for the first nine cars, of which yours was the ninth. Then sealed it up, how long would you have been in that traffic jam?

Dennis: Till 6 in the morning the following day. This would have been 10 at night…

Sid:  How could you handle that, you’d already been driving a day?

Dennis: I have no idea. I just know our passion is obedience. For me obedience is to keep my peace. To lose my peace means something’s coming between me and Him.

Sid: How does this work with people that have marriage problems? There was a meeting you had that was so amazing.

Dennis: Actually it started with Jennifer and I in our prayer time. All of a sudden, and our prayer time is rather silent because we’re enjoying His presence. It’s kind of like soaking in the beginning, were kind of contemplative’s at heart.

Sid:  Out of curiosity when you soak, and your wife, do you use music, or you don’t want any distraction.

Dennis: Nothing, no, no I could do it with music, but I’ve learned to just to enjoy him.

Sid:  Okay.

Dennis: It’s like honor Him, and in that event we were accustomed to for many years, all of a sudden the presence came into the room. We knew we knew it was God Himself coming into that room. We teach even out of that place of peace you learn the different attributes and the nuances of God. When He came in we both blurted out 2 scriptures simultaneously.  I said “This is when 2 or 3 are gathered in My name.” She burst out “This is one accord.” We felt that in His presence we were being nit together supernaturally. We were already nit together; we already felt like we had a prophetic marriage, we already felt like God put the 2 of us together for His kingdom purposes not just for me to enjoy her, and her to enjoy me. This was supernaturally above and beyond even what we felt we had revelation on. This was an expression of His anointing of His peace that was tied directly to unity, and the bond of peace. There was deeper bond between the 2 of us. After that happened we were shocked, but we didn’t know what was the manifestation. Our very first meeting in Greer, South Carolina after that, the weight of peace came down. We called it Power Peace for a lack of… but it was a weight it was a heaviness. It came down in the meeting that we were teaching at and there was a huge amount of pastoral leadership teams, ordained men and women of God gathered together there. Probably a dozen or 2, but there was about 7 of them, I’ve never done this before and never done it since, I sat on the platform and was by the Spirit was led to point to different people. Some saw me point to them, and some didn’t, but they all collapsed on the floor. When they got up their testimonies were all identical. They said we feel a supernatural nitting to our pastor and to the leadership in this place. It was like a mini-nitting together by the Spirit of God. It was a kind of unity that I had never seen it was not fabricated…

Sid: It sounds to me like it’s the type of unity God wants for His body period.

Dennis: Period, absolutely.

Sid: If that were to ever happen who wouldn’t want to be with, I use the word Mishpochah, with family.

Dennis: Right, but if you’re moving in the gifts and you don’t have peace I wonder if this bond of peace, and the unity of the faith, and a deeper knowledge of the Son of God is gonna manifest. For the maturity to take place the supernatural peace it has to be intact.

Sid: How does this affect people’s marriages?  I know you experienced a level of peace, but does it happen to other marriages?

Dennis:  Yes. As a matter of fact after this we went to the very next church in New England after this experience.

Sid: Were out of time.

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