SID: Hello. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally, it is naturally supernatural. I’m kind of upset over something. I read statistics recently that say there’s many divorces among Bible believers as people that don’t believe in God. There’s many problems with their children as people that don’t believe in God. Well I know better. And my guest had a revelation from God of four simple keys, that whether you’re nine years old or 99 years old, most Bible believers have never covered these keys. And see, they’re integrating. If you do all of them you give no place for the problems in your life. And I can’t wait for you to get those keys. Are you ready? Well Chester and Betsy, I heard the most wonderful compliment of what you teach. A young woman that works for me is about ready to get married, and she said when her parents got married they took your teaching and it dramatically changed their life, and she said, I’m not getting married until I learn these supernatural keys. Now I want to let people know you a little bit. Chester, you are a trained doctor in nuclear engineering. And Betsy, you are a few hours in your doctorate in professional counseling. But you were sabotaged. You know what? I believe everyone was sabotaged. Both of them sabotaged. Briefly Chester, what happened to you? What was the sabotage?

CHESTER: Well I was sabotaged at age two. And of course, I was innocent and had nothing to do with that. But my dad died at age two, and that set up a chain of events that come out of abandonment. We now look back and explain, and understand.

SID: What were some of the ways you reacted, not even knowing it, because of that abandonment? Tell me a few of the ways.

CHESTER: Well obviously the most important person in my life had just died. And so it was like what’s going on? And I chose to deal with it by mistreating people. I somehow made this decision that people are dangerous. People are not safe. And I ended up playing in the back of the yard with the rabbits and my bulldozers, and stuff like that. Did my best to stay out of everybody else’s way.

SID: He had a lot of symptoms like anger, like rage. Now Chester, you were, you get married. You’re in the back seat of a van. Betsy is driving and you had a visitation from God. Tell me about it.

CHESTER: Yes. Well God had begun to draw us. We were really doing serious things like going to church even. And I had been told I should pray. So I’m in the back seat of this van and I’m praying, whatever that is. And suddenly the God of the Universe came and visited. It was like He just came in my heart. I don’t have words for me. But out of me came these wails. And I think what went on is He went into the deep recesses of my heart, bringing out all the anguish, all the pain, all the hurt I had carried all these years. Because I was the 98-pound weekly that all the kids chased, threw rocks at. I had a lot of years of stuff by the time God came and showed me.

SID: But you know, you’re not so unusual. Every one of us has stuff. The problem is most people live with this stuff and don’t know if they get sick-free that all the promises of God are going to operate easily in your life. Betsy, you were betrayed before you were even born.

BETSY: Yes. I was conceived to an unmarried 16-year-old girl, and her father, in order to try to solve this problem decided to take her to get an abortion. And so they got there. This is 1940, and they get there very early in the morning to this abortion clinic. And the father gets out. And all of a sudden as this young terrified girl is there, this voice just fills the car and says, “Don’t do it. Don’t do it. Two wrongs don’t make a right.” And she knew in her heart it had to be God. And so she locked the car and refused to get out. And so I was born in the Salvation Army shelter in Durham, North Carolina, and the rest is history.

SID: You know, that type of wounding led to what characteristics, Betsy?

BETSY: Well it led to a deep sense that I was a mistake, that I didn’t belong, that no matter what I did it wasn’t good enough. I was just going to be an outsider, and also this incredible fear of death that just paralyzed me. Sid, I would go to bed and I would just shake and have sweat running down me, feeling like tonight I’m just gonna die. And that was true for years, and I slept with the light on for years.

SID: Chester, when  you had the revelation what it was, was God loves you. That was your revelation. It began a journey for both of them, and step-by-step, God showed them keys to be normal, normal as defined by the Bible. And when we come back, not only are we going to show you the keys, but 20-some years ago he was teaching this. It was a process of revelation, step-by-step, an experimentation. But today he’s learned how to streamline them. And by the way, do you use a lot of your psychology that you learned with your undergraduate, your Masters and almost your doctorate in what you do today?

BETSY: Well I don’t regret having that because I had some very formative years in the mental health clinic where I just learned a lot that gave me a perspective. But then I found out that God could just go to the root of things.

SID: Okay. You ready for God to go to your roots? I’m ready for God to go to these roots right here. And I’m going to tell you something. One supernatural key that you capture from God is going to unlock the promises, every promise of God in your life.


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