Sid: My guest Marilyn Hickey just exudes the love of God, expects favor in her life, expects when she speaks to a mountain be it sickness, or finances, or family problems expects.  In fact most of you don’t have an expectation right now.  Marilyn’s middle name is Marilyn Expectation Hickey. Why?  She expects God to answer her prayers and she’s not special, she just has a special God and a revelation of how to operate.  You know Marilyn most people listing to us right now do not even understand the basics of faith; do not understand why God blesses you; why God gives you favor with kings and presidents. It seems everything’s going bad in their life but they can do what you can do.  And as I like to say, they can even do it better and that would be your hearts’ desire.

Marilyn: Exactly.

Sid: Marilyn how in the world does a woman get to speak in mosques, get to go to Muslim countries and have, well according to my notes that one  meeting in Pakistan you had 70,000 Muslims in attendance.  First of all you’re a woman; second of all you’re talking about Jesus. That sounds pretty outrageous.  Did you have an expectation for this before it happened?

Marilyn: The first time I went to Pakistan was in 1995 I’ve never done a big healing meeting. People said “They’ll kill you when you’re there.”  But I had such peace in my heart about going and no experience, I mean it you’d been in that meeting Sid you’d have thought “Oh brother forget it.”  But I got such a passion for the people and the first night we had 4,000.  Somebody said “That when you stand up they’ll all walk out or somebody will shoot you.”  But the second night we had 8,000 and this was my first one, and we had people healed and delivered of demons. The fourth night we had over 20,000 people.  So I began to have a passion and I found out in the Quran it says that Jesus heals the sick so they because I would advertise it as come and be healed.

Sid: Well, wait a second what if no one got healed, that certainly had to cross you mind, I’m sure the devil started barraging you with those thoughts.

Marilyn: He did but you know the Bible says “The Word can’t return void.”  When I got up to preach I said, “The Word can’t return void” and in those size crowds you do healing by word of knowledge and always, always you will have results if you pray for the sick.  It may be a process, sometimes it takes some time but we had fabulous miracles and it put such a fire in me to go back.  So the next time, two years later I believe, we went to Rara Pendi and Sarah went with me and we had over 72,000 the last night the fourth night dramatic miracles.

Sid: Give me one example.

Marilyn: All right we had a young girl who all dressed in black a Muslim because the biggest percentage of your audience are Islamic  and she had growths on her eye and she came up and told how the growths had disappeared.  We had a lot of people with tumors that disappeared, we had an imam who couldn’t bend his legs was in really really bad pain came up and testified that Jesus had healed him.  Now when we do this you always have results, there’s never even a tiny question.  You have to know that God led you there, His Word says you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you, that He surrounds the righteous with favor like a shield.  And for many years I’ve said this, “I love Muslims and Muslims love me” and when I stand up I say “I love Muslims” and they clap and then I say “Muslim loves me,” and I clap.

Sid: All, that sounds, I love it, I love it!  But the thing that I really love is you kept saying that to the atmosphere, to the demonic world, to your body, to your mind.  I love Muslims and Muslims love me, did you really experience extraordinary favor as a result of believing God will give you that favor?

Marilyn:  Listen, my last meeting there was in Karachi, Pakistan 20 million people considered the most violent city in the world, we had three nights of healing meetings.  The last night we had over 210,000 inside the field and 30,000 outside the walls.  So you see there’s a bridge for people. Sid I have found with Buddhists, with Hindus with Islam that bridge is healing.  It’s demonstration.  Jesus demonstrates and so if I get there I have jet lag, I don’t feel real spiritual.  It’s not my name at heals the sick, it’s His Name. So living in that it’s His Name and that I have great favor, I’m surrounded with favor like a shield.

Sid: Now how did you get such favor with the king of Jordan?

Marilyn: Huh, well I had a healing meeting in Iman, in a hotel, and we had about 2000 people and of course most of the dramatic healings were Muslims. So I asked if I could have a time with the king, King Abdullah Husain, and I got it, it wasn’t long it was short.  And I said “I’m in your city and your country praying for the sick in the Name of Jesus.”  He said, “Well, I’m going to give you a list of my loved ones who are sick and I want you to pray for them.”  It was the favor of healing and that has worked in many many countries.

Sid: Tell me about a country that… I tell you what I wouldn’t let my daughter go there, Sudan.  How in the world did you get to Sudan and have meetings?

Marilyn: I went to Sudan about 14 years ago and you know we didn’t know that we could get into Khartoum because that’s you know the radical part of it.  But we got in miraculously; I had nine people with me, some pastors and a twelve year old girl had a dream that a dark ring appeared around the sun three times in Sudan.  So this pastor said to me, “What do you think it is?”  I said, “I don’t have the vaguest idea,” but the first day with the pastors meeting; we always have pastors meeting the day time.  We had about 4 or 500 leaders they went out from under the tent and they began to ululate, they go “lalalalalala.” So I asked Sarah “Find out what’s going on.”  And the man said, “There’s a dark ring around the sun.”  Sarah said, “What do you think that means?”  He said, “I don’t know I just think it’s a miracle.”  Now these are Christian leaders, but the next afternoon when we’re on the polo grounds having the meeting I’m preaching and all of once and we had about 10,000 people.  People stand up just ignore me, start running down the polo ground field all the same direction going “lalalalalala,” I don’t know I’ve lost it. So I sent someone out to find out and the people said, “We saw a dark ring around the sun and we saw the face of Jesus.”

Sid: Oh my goodness.

Marilyn: So what do you do?  You have an altar call; who comes forward?  Everybody and we had healings that wouldn’t stop.

Sid: That sounds like we read about in the Bible, I mean everything that you read in the Bible it seems to me it’s happening in your life!

Marilyn: It’s the acts of the Holy Spirit. So I went back; let’s see I think it’s about 4 years ago to Khartoum again, got the permission of the Dictator Abashar and had 4 nights of meetings, the last night we had 65,000 in the stadium. The vice president came every night.  We had people especially healed of deafness; a young man who had not heard out of his left ear for 23 years God opened his ears.   Now when people see a demonstration I was have an altar call for salvation, so I pray…I preach I pray for the sick I only preach from the Bible.  I pray for the sick with words of knowledge, have people come up and testify.  And then I say “Now you can have Jesus in your heart, He heals your body, but He will take away your sin and come into your heart and be real in you.”  So I ask them to stand, “Would you like Jesus to come into your heart and be Lord of your life, He died for your sins and He rose from the dead” and thousands of people stand.

Sid: But Marilyn I read about churches being burned down in the Sudan, Christians being mutilated and killed, aren’t you a little bit afraid of doing this?

Marilyn: (Laughing) Not as much now as I was in the beginning, you know. However when I went to Pakistan in January somebody told me they had a dream that I died over there.  That wasn’t really encouraging you know and so I just told the devil you know if I die here I’ll be a martyr, and martyrs get a lot of mileage it’ll get on the news and I’ll get more people saved in my death than in my life.

Sid: You’re telling me it’s win – win.

Marilyn: It is win, win.

Sid: Marilyn we haven’t said our scripture today very quickly John 8:12.

Marilyn: Yes, “I am the light of the world, he that follows Me shall not walk in darkness but have the light of life.

Sid: That’s the secret to your success you walk in the light of the Lord the light of the world 24-7.  But guess what, everyone listening can do that as they mediate and believe His word.  Our time has slipped away again…

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