Sid: Now I’m hearing something in my spirit as just as I’m going on the air. My guest is Rich Vera, and what I’ve found Rich is when I interview someone I sometimes tap into their gifts. Have you ever seen that happen before? I’m hearing something about a black man, about President Obama, now I know you heard a word about him. You tell me what you heard about President Obama. First of all, did you know he was going to win before he became president?

Rich:  Yes, I knew the first time he was elected I was having revival meetings in upstate New York. The Lord gave me an experience where I spent about 7 hours talking with him somehow. It’s like he shared about his life and his upbringing and so on. Then when I was done with that the Lord said “He would not win only one term, but he will be for a second term,” and I got up that night on the pulpit and we declare it, and we record it on a CD which has been all over New York. Surely about, or a month and half later he won the first election, and then of course now the second term.

Sid: Now what have you heard about President Obama that has got me so excited because I have never heard anyone share this before.

Rich:  [Laughing] Yes the Lord shared with me that in this second term that the Lord was going to touch his heart and direct it into a direction that was gonna do some things and favor some of the causes for Christians, and some of the things for Christians. It wasn’t going to be that’s up as opposing as more would believe; so there’s going to be some things going on that are gonna bring definitely favor and help some of the Christian causes, that’s what I heard from the Lord.

Sid: So are you saying that he’s going to be a sold out Christian, and take Christian stands against homosexuality, and against abortion?

Rich:  No that’s not what I’m say, what I’m saying is that the Lord is gonna use him even sometimes without him being aware; the Lord was going to cause some through him some of the causes of Christians to be favored. Some of the things were gonna be done without him even realizing he’s doing them.

Sid: Okay, let me ask you about God showed you what was going to happen this year. Tell me some of the things God showed you.

Rich:  You know I saw that God was going to bless tremendously people that were to invest, or do things when it comes to farming and agriculture. That this was going to be the next thing that God was gonna begin to bless and bring great prosperity to many people that were gonna invest and go in that direction. Also, I saw many people in high positions whether it was politics, or celebrities, or even church leaders that God was in this year was going to remove them out of their post. A lot of them were going to get out of their post whether it was through a sickness, or through different circumstances, or financial situations, but God was get them out and get a whole brand new group of people to go up to that position of leadership.

Sid: You know I’ve been pondering about Christian television, and I believe we’re there is a new generation coming. The ones that were involved the last move of God Spirit, many of them what you prophesied is going to happen. Sin is going to be exposed, etcetera, and there’s a whole new crop coming is what I sense.

Rich:  It’s correct. There’s a change of mantles, if you want to call it. There’s an exchange and an acceleration that’s coming. An exchange because there’s a transfer from one generation to the other, and an acceleration because what took them 20, 30 years to accomplish we gonna be able to accomplish in 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 years. So there’s an acceleration that God’s gonna do it because we’re in the last days so we are gonna begin to see that this year; people accomplishing great things for God in a short time frame.

Sid: What else did you see?

Rich:  You know I also saw that God was gonna answer people that have faithfully prayed and stood by Him. This was gonna be a year where answered prayers are literally going to invade the life of believers. People that have prayed whether it was for family members, sicknesses to go away, loved ones, financials, and have been faithful to the Lord suddenly in this year there will be an incredible amount of prayers being answered that are gonna come to people. Also, this is the year that those women that have trusted the Lord for their wombs to be open God was gonna open wombs of married women by the thousands. It was gonna be a season of great joy, and a season of birthing that was coming this year.

Sid: Did you see any disasters occurring this year?

Rich:  Yes, I saw an increase on water and air, I saw an increase of things caused by the ocean, coming from the ocean. What happened on Sandy, New York it’s one of the first that happened not only in America, but in other places. Just water disasters and air disasters; I saw this happening in the most unlikely of places, and just for the people to be prepared when this occur.

Sid: Did you see anything about Israel?

Rich:  Yes, I was in Israel a few months ago, and the first time. I was able to walk and mingle among the locals. The Lord showed me there was gonna come a spirit… like the Holy Spirit was gonna blow His wind, but it was gonna happen to the Russian Jews. I saw them being visited of God in a supernatural way. Just like when a wind of the Holy Spirit blowing on the Russian Jews and they were gonna go and literally bring a move, an awareness of the move of God to the area. They could not be rejected or cast away because they were just like them, they were part of their people. I saw them big gatherings of people taking place with this community and many of them preaching the gospel boldly; not only in big events, but also on the one to one personal setting. Many many Jewish people that are Orthodox Jewish that were not open to the gospel before because of the witness and the moving of the Spirit through the Russian Jew they’re gonna come to Christ.

Sid: Now when you were in heaven you were given teaching revelation that will help people walk into miracles, move into the glory. Give me on nugget you were talking … tell me something that Isaiah taught you from the 53rd chapter of Isaiah.

Rich:  Yes, you know the Bible declares in verse 5 that “He was wounded for our transgressions, bruised for iniquities, chastisement of peace was upon Him, but by His stripes we were healed.” He’s talking about 4 different things. Wounded for transgressions; transgressions is the act of sin, the exterior thing. Iniquity like we said earlier is that inner sin, the heart, the inclination of the heart. The Lord revealed something powerful, you know a wound “He was wounded for transgressions.” A wound is an exterior cut, and a bruise is an interior damage. So here Jesus His body was externally cut, so any external sins of yours could be forgiven. He as internally bruised so that any internal inclination of your heart could be dealt with. When I saw that, I realized when the gospel comes and the Spirit of God comes in, He wants to set us from the things that we keep doing over and over and over, that’s a transgression. He wants to deliver us from the inclinations of the heart, that’s iniquities. When the presence of the Lord comes in wholeness comes; He deals with transgressions; He deals with the heart; He deals with the chastisement of our peace that deals with the mind. The word chastisement means to be completely damaged and attacked rejected; He deals with the mind. Here Jesus went through all kinds of accusations and rejections so that we can be whole and healthy in our mind in who we are. Then the last result was the healing of the body. So what the Lord showed me is if we emphasize on the wholeness of man, getting rid of the iniquity and the sin, and the transgression the result of that will be a 100% the body will line up and receive healing. We have been focusing on the healing of the body so they walk away healed, but their insides have not been dealt with so eventually down the road it reproduces the spirit of sickness in their life.

Sid: So how do you deal with that?

Rich:  You know simple, first of all it has to be done by the power of the Holy Spirit. It has to be done with our walk with the Lord, we must come to the presence of the Lord and be transparent and be clean and let Him know our most INTIMATE things because the Lord knows the chambers of our hearts. You know when David prayed David says “Lord create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me.” He talked about the chambers of his heart; that’s where iniquity hides. When we allow the Lord to deal with the iniquity and the sins that so easily beset us, as the Bible talks about, we just live in continuous state of cleansing.

Sid: I’m sorry our time is out.

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