SID: I tell you, it’s coming out of the water, and a lot of my End Time thinking is the whole paradigm is changing in light of the Bible prophecy that you’re bringing to us. Tell me about the Vatican conference of a gathering of scientists to discuss extraterrestrial activity.

CRIS: Certainly. In 2009, the Vatican sponsored an astrobiology conference.

SID: And that means?

CRIS: That is the study of life in space. Now what makes that interesting is that we don’t really know of any life in space, yet, our universities have programs where you can study this. They had the top secular scientists in the world come to Rome for this conference in 2009. We’re talking atheists, secular scientists. And the sort of the topics that they’re covering, things like shadow life exoplanets.

SID: What’s an exoplanet?

CRIS: An exoplanet is a planet that outside of a solar system.

SID: Okay.

CRIS: So you have the top scientists gathering at the Vatican in Rome for a pontifical academy of sciences, an audience for the pope to study life in space.

SID: Speaking of studying life in space, how about life on Earth. Tom, tell me about the hybrid humans.

TOM: This is one of the things that I didn’t even expect would arrive in our study. There are academics who actually believe that there is a hybridity program that is going on right now. And this took me on kind of a long journey that brought me back to one question, Sid, and that is why in ancient days when the giants, the first original hybrid humans, right, when they were created by fallen angels and were upon the earth, what was their mission, what was their program? It also had to do with hybridity and it also had to do with misleading and misguiding, and even challenging God Himself. But notice that the oldest descriptions of these giants, how tall they were, 20 feet, 30 feet. They would be easy to pick out, right. There’s a movie out there right now, “Jack the Giant Slayer,” and it’s kind of based on that mythos that exists in every culture around the world that tells the story, the gods came down, the gods mingled themselves with humans, they took human genetics, animal genetics, they created a hybrid body. Now the question is down through time, you know, the Bible tells us there were giants in those days and also after that. So now we get past the flood and you have Og, the King of Basham. What is he, 12 feet tall? He’s certainly not 20 or 30. And it looks to me like there was intentional breeding down in size of these hybrid humans until today, they could possibly be walking among us and we might not even know that we see them. There are academics who actually believe now that they are walking among us, that they’re even in government. Now that sounds astonishing. Sounds like a sci-fi movie, right?

SID: It does. In fact, why is Hollywood glamorizing all these things at the same time?

TOM: Well that’s exactly right. So is that part of the set up? Are there occultists in Hollywood that have an agenda to try to help prepare humanity for what could be a kind of great deception?

SID: Genesis 6:9 talks about Noah. Explain that.

CRIS: Our research led us to believe that something that happened in ancient days could be occurring even now as we speak. And when I say ancient days I’m talking about the days of Noah, a time when all of the ancient records from around the world tell us that very powerful angels came down and they mingled with humans and with animals.

SID: The best record is the Bible, the Nephilim is what he’s talking about. Go ahead.

TOM: Absolutely, the Nephilim. And it was a period of time in which only Noah, and therefore by extension his children were found, according to the Old Testament perfect. When you study why the Great Flood came, the scripture makes it very clear that it happened because all flesh, both man and beast had been corrupted. So something was happening in ancient days that had to do with the genetic degradation of God’s creation.

SID: What does it mean when it says in the Torah about Noah, that he was perfect?

TOM: Yes, this is the Hebrew word “temian”. It means, it’s the same phrase that’s used to described an unblemished sacrificial lamb. It’s talking about genetics. It’s talking about his DNA had not been corrupted as evidently the rest of the world had been by that time. So there was a saturation, an intermarriage between angels and humans, and then through intermarriage this was spreading over hundreds of years until finally by the time we reach Noah he’s the last specimen left that has a genetic makeup, his DNA, as God had made it. And therefore, you understand why God has to send this flood to wipe out all of this contaminated forms of life and sent this judgment in the days of Noah. Now Jesus says, “As it was in the days of Noah.”

SID: Oh yes. Tell me this. In the parable of the wheat and the tears, the weeds, the wheat and the weeds, the Messiah said, let them grow up together. Don’t pull them out. I’m wondering if that’s the difference between those whose DNA has not be corrupted and those whose DNA has been corrupted perhaps through a hybridization process of these aliens. What do think?

CRIS: You know Sid, behind the scenes right now, this question is unfolding among academics in a way that you can’t even possibly imagine, whether you’re asking the question, have we concluded that hybrids are among us. And if hybrids are among us, can they even be saved. This is a complex question that’s being raised by theologians right now. Isn’t that an astonishing thing?

SID: What’s even more astonishing to me is the Vatican’s secret plan for welcoming in an alien god, with a small “g”. We’ll be right back.

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