Sid:  My guest David Herzog, and David is a Jewish believer in the Messiah that has been led step by step to understand what has almost become a buzz word in Christendom today, but very few people understand it.  They talk about it but they don’t operate in it and that’s the glory of God.  And David you said to me that once they move into this glory things speed up.  What can speed up?

David:  Everything, whatever you can do in the anointing it’ll just speed up a thousand times greater in the glory.  Everything, healing, prophesies over your life, deliverance, just everything, everything, even age reversal.  We’ve seen people getting younger in the meetings that come out of the meeting and they look twenty years younger, wrinkles are gone, just crazy things happen in the meetings.

Sid:  Well, that’s what I meant when you were talking on yesterday’s broadcast and you said, “Sometimes when you’re under the glory and you go home your body is so vibrating you can’t go to sleep.”  And what I think is going on is every cell of your physical body is being restored and maybe even recreated, fast you know.

David:  I believe it, you know we were in Spokane, Washington one time and the glory was very very strong and very thick, and in that thick cloud of glory I began to prophesy to somebody here; was a word of knowledge.  You have a heart problem, you’ve had triple or double bypass surgeries and I said, “In the name of Jesus, in the glory there is no time, so I command time to be reversed thirty years or whatever I said back to before you ever had a heart problem.”  And there was a man in meeting that it was for him and he had had several surgeries, he had scars, he opened up his chest, he didn’t even have one scar left of any of the surgeries, it was open heart surgeries and his heart was restored.  So the glory can even affect the time, authority over time like aging and all kinds of things like that.

Sid:  Well, I want to understand how you were taught step by step to understand the glory.  You told me that you started ministering in France and you were seeing some wonderful results, but things really got going in 1999 I believe you said you had a visitation from God.

David:  Yeah actually it was 1998 December ’98 I took a few weeks off and just began to seek God and fast and pray and just hunger for Him.  The was after we had just finished a six month move of God four nights a week for six months; miracles, healings; salvation and yet I felt that there was more.  I was so hungry, so desperate and at that moment that revelation began coming to me, and then shortly after that God told me why don’t you visit Ruth Heflin in Ashland.

Sid:  Did you know Ruth Heflin before?

David:  Really, someone, one of her workers had met me in Europe and mentioned her to me and shortly after that we had the six month revival so she was excited about that, Ruth Heflin and apparently she was praying for me for that revival and I didn’t even know her.  And then when I felt led to come up there they were excited.

Sid:  You know, Ruth Heflin is the one that prophesied over Benny Hinn before his name was a household word.  She saw this little guy ministering and she said, “You’re going to have and she described his ministry so she really had a very keen prophetic gift but she understood the glory.  She used to sing and the glory would come down.

David:  Oh, that was her biggest thing, yeah she would just sing, even just simple songs, la, la, la you know and the glory would come, she just knew how to tap into it.  And so we learned a lot from her and just being in that realm of glory when I would go there I’d minister over there, I’d call her up and she’d call me up.  I’d get back to Europe and when I’m there I’d be seeking the Lord, He would add the revelation.  Sometimes you go somewhere and get something and then God will add to it and just take you to newer realms.

Sid:  Okay, so you’re association with Ruth Heflin, your visitation, you’re walking in miracles in France.  Would you say that it was sort of like it just kept growing and growing, was there a point where you realized that every meeting the glory would come down and the miracles would speed up.

David:  Yeah, as that revelation of it and the hunger grew the presence would grow, because the Bible doesn’t just say the earth shall be filled with the glory, but it says the knowledge of the glory.  It’s one thing to have the glory come in the meeting and it’s another to know how to have the knowledge to operate and see things happen to see the glory manifest. To having it become and having it manifest is two different things.  And that’s what we learned and it’s also knowing how God wants to operate in the glory as opposed to the anointing.  Where in the anointing you feel goose bumps, you feel some anointing on you just want to lay hands on everybody or everything that moves.  Where in the glory the rules change a little bit, you can work the anointing but He works the glory.  So in the glory you actually wait to hear what God’s telling you how to do this or that and more so where I’ve seen guys just do what they do in the anointing without even checking in with Him; maybe God wants to do something else.

Sid:  Well, give me an example of how God would operate in this way in your ministry.

David:  Well, I’ll be at a meeting and the worship will go on and a lot of times during the praise and worship He’ll give you the blueprint of how the rest of the meetings going to go.  A lot of times it goes according to how the praise and worship goes.

Sid:  Now, I remember Kenneth Hagen sharing once, he was at a meeting in Philadelphia.  He points, there were a bunch of people in wheelchairs, he points to one woman in a wheelchair and says “Rise and walk.”  I watched with my eyes, I was at that meeting.  She stood up and started walking and then later this is what he said, he said, “Before the meetings I pray, God shows me what to do and I’m almost like an actor on a stage, I just act out what I’ve seen.”  And he didn’t use the word goy but “I have seen in the Spirit.”

David:  Yeah, that’s a really powerful tool; we use that in our campaigns in Paris.  My first one we did in fact Benny Hinn would rent these out.  And then Ruth Heflin prophesied to me that you are going to rent the same ones that Benny Hinn did; so we ended up renting the same ones out and what happened was in those campaigns the first one I ever did.   I was in my room praying and the Lord said, “Go into the future and do the meeting right now in your room.”  So I close my eyes and I preach as if I was going to preach in that night.  And as I’m halfway through I see someone that cannot walk she’s got crutches.  So I say “Get up and walk in Jesus name.”  And I kick the crutches and she walks.  So I get to the meeting and I know what I’m going to do, I know that I was going to preach, I’ve already been in the future.

Sid:  You realize that if your wrong, you’re in big trouble, you know that David?”

David:  And it was bad because it was my first night to host a big, big campaign thing the first night and I say “There’s someone here who can’t walk and no one comes up, no one lifts a finger.  And I said, “Lord, what do I do.”  I kept saying and finally a boy pushes a girl and knocks down her crutches, she was hiding them because she was embarrassed.  And her crutches fell and I go, “It’s you get up here,” so she comes up there.  And I didn’t know this at the time, had I known I might not have prayed for her that she had a cast on and she needed nails to connect her foot to her leg basically it was just dangling; it was like a…she can’t put any weight on that foot or it will crush, there is nothing holding it up.  And I didn’t know that I said, “Okay, come up here, let go of your crutches,” she let go of one and I get the other one.  And she was scared and I kicked it and I mean dangerous stuff and I said, “Now walk,” she takes the first step screaming “Ah” out of fear and there’s no pain; she’s instantly healed, the bone has grown back, everything’s there.  And so it was like you say going into the future in the glory realm and seeing it and then operating in it.

Sid:  David, one of the things when we first met I was pleasantly surprised, but were friends now, but I want you to explain something.  You started sending large sums of money to our ministry, why did you do that?

David:  Well, for one I learned the principal that if someone is doing something greater than what you’re doing in an area the best thing you can do is lift up their hands like Aaron and Moses. When Moses hands were lifted up the whole nation of Israel won the battle.  So I said, “Wow, I love what he’s doing, he’s on television, he’s winning souls, he’s talking about the supernatural; he’s blessing Israel in a bigger way than I was doing at the time.  So I said, “Well, I’m going to lift his hands and by doing that God said, “He would bless us also to be able to do more.”  So yeah, when you help someone doing more than what you’re doing you actually enter into the same harvest of that person.

Sid:  Well, today your television show is all over the world, you told me you just got back from Dubai.  What were you doing there?

David:  In Dubai oh it was fun, in Dubai we had some really, really powerful meetings.  Almost all of the churches were in unity there all together. We had this big, big big meeting and miracles signs, wonders, the same thing the glory, salvations, we even had a bunch of Iranians showed up.  Three Iranian Muslims showed up, they didn’t speak English, but they got healed and then the next day they brought fifteen of their friends so we had Indians, Pakistanis, Filipinos, Iranians, the people you wouldn’t think, you know.

Sid:  David I have a copy of your latest book “Glory Invasion” or subtitled “Walking Under an Open Heaven.”  It has a forward by a friend of mine, Mahesh Chavda that really walks in the supernatural.  He’s a man that just fasts so many days, that he has outstanding miracles.  Why should someone read this book?

David:  They should read it if they want to understand and operate in the glory, number two if they want to operate in the accelerated version of what they’re living right now.  If they want to see things accelerate in their life and three there’s new revelation coming out on quantum physics is confirming actually Genesis and how understanding that actually will help you to operate in create miracles, signs and wonders.

Sid:  It’s almost as if science is catching up to the word of God.

David:  Exactly, yeah they’re saying now that everything is created by sound, which is what Genesis 1:1 says.

Sid:  And you know what I love Mishpochah about walking and operating in the glory?  Is it  speeds everything up, but I think everything is speeding up right now David because something is up on planet earth.  Everyone that’s in the Spirit recognizes everything is speeding up.  That means good things and bad things, but for those that know their God they will be victorious in everything that they do.  David what about someone that’s had a prophecy or has been praying for maybe a child to be saved, or their marriage to be good, or to get out of debt.  Are you seeing these things speed up when they know how to operate in the glory?

David:  All the time, all the time.  Let’s say you had, I don’t know you were in debt or you had cancer and you went to heaven right now, how long would it take to get healed?

Sid:  As soon as you walked into heaven.

David:  Because of the glory so basically I teach people how to not just beg God for things to happen, how to operate and get into the realm of the glory so you’ve got to read the books, and once you’re in the realm then you can speak and ask God to do this or that.  And so it begins to speed up because if you were in heaven you would have no debts, so if you can get heaven to come down here you’ll have no debts.

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