Sid:  I’m so grateful to Neil Russell. I’ve got Neil and his wife Cindy on the phone; I’m speaking to them at their home in Queenstown, Maryland.  And I have the first addition literally right off the press of Neil’s new book “Newton’s Riddle.”  And you see Sir Isaac Newton was one of the top, not one of the top, thee top scientist in of all of history, great mathematician and a great lover of God.  And he studied the Bible to get an indication of the return of the Messiah. That’s the backdrop for this book, but it takes us right to current events.  I mean a woman is running for President of the United States; what is going on in Israel is happening now and there have been many books on end times.  This is a historical fictional novel, but this is the only one I’ve ever seen that ties in the spiritual with the natural simultaneously how demons are operating in politics and in current events.  It’s the only one I’ve seen that understands Israel with the degree that Neil Russell understands Israel. This is such a supernatural book and the way it came out. But Cindy it was the supernatural side of the demonic was playing out in your life at the same time that Neil was writing this book.  You were diagnosed with bile duct cancer, and this is literally a death sentence; no one has ever medically been cured of this disease.  Tell me where it started as I recall you heard the voice of God say to you one day “You shall live and not die and declare the works of God.”  Tell me about that.

Cindy:  That is correct it was the end of December of 2006, and I was in my living room and I heard God say to me, “Cindy you are going to be very near to death, but you will not die.”  And it sort of threw me for a loop because you know you’re hearing the voice of God and He’s telling you that you’re going to be near death, but you’re not going to die.  So then I told my husband that which he did not believe me at first. Then he started writing his book, it started in January and it’s been one thing after another after that.

Sid:  When you developed your disease, and you realized how fatal it was, were you able to hold on to that promise from God?

Cindy:   Sid that was the only promise I could hold on to because all of my family members and my loved ones and my friends they were basically falling apart because like you said, “It is a death sentence.”  And without that knowing what God told me I probably would have fell apart as well.

Sid:  Now, when you would tell your husband that you might be attacked, or you felt things like that, “Did he believe you?”

Cindy:  No, no.

Sid:  But he’s a believer, why didn’t he believe you?

Cindy:  Because he did not believe in the supernatural.

Sid:  I’ll tell you what, would you put Neil back on the telephone, I have to ask him about this.  Neil, how in the world could you write a book involving demons and the supernatural, and not even believe in the supernatural?

Neil:  Sid, I think I represent a lot of Christian men. I really believe that one of the problems with Christian men is that yes we go to church every Sunday, yes we hear all the verses of the Bible and we believe them; we believe them until something happens.  In my case I’m writing, I’m believing God’s showing me the supernatural, but when I had to face it my wife was telling me that she was seeing demons at night time…

Sid:  Alright when she would tell you that she saw demons did you think that she was hallucinating?

Neil:  Well, that’s what I would tell her. Cindy would tell me these things I would blow them off I thought it was an act of imagination even though I’m sitting writing about demons.  But Cindy would really believe it, I didn’t believe her.

Sid:  Okay, when she developed cancer, what affect did it have on you?

Neil:  I was devastated, Cindy and I have been married since we were teenagers; Cindy’s my life.

Sid:  Look, was there any chance that there was a missed diagnosis?  Who said that she had this death sentence?

Neil:  From March 11through March 14th Cindy was a patient at Anne Arundel General Hospital in Annapolis, Maryland.  During that time they ran a battery of tests, and the conclusive test was the biopsy.  They do all types of tests including a PET scan, Pet scans show if you have cancer in your body and her entire liver lit up but to come up with a diagnosis they needed a biopsy. The biopsy came back that she had bile duct cancer.  They sent Cindy home to die, and we didn’t accept that; you know that Cindy was told by the Lord that she was going to live, now I was listening to that, but I didn’t believe that at the time.  So the next step was going to the best hospital in the world and we live right here in the Baltimore region and we went to John Hopkins.  And Hopkins ran an entire battery of tests, bone scans, every kind of test you can think. The diagnosis from Hopkins was exactly the same she had bile duct cancer.  It consumed 80% of her liver.

Sid:  Had anyone ever been healed of this before from a doctor?

Neil:  No.

Sid:  So how much time did they give her to live?

Neil:  Oh, they gave her six months or less, now at the time when Cindy was diagnosed she was dying, she was jaundice, she stopped eating and she had all the symptoms that they were telling us she was going to die, and she didn’t have that much time Sid. 

Sid:  Okay you obviously called lots of people to pray, but your eyes were opened when you called a counselor at the 700 Club what happened?

Neil:  In desperation I called you, I called Messianic Vision, I called everyone that I knew of.  But when I contacted the 700 Club, and this was the second time I contacted, I talked to one of their counselors and I told her the story.  I told her about Cindy seeing demons in the house and I believe the Holy Spirit spoke through this counselor and she said, “I do not believe what your wife is going through is natural, I believe it’s supernatural.  And at that moment it’s almost like the blinders fell off of my eyes.  Everything that Cindy had told me I realized that it was absolutely real and at that moment all the verses that I knew from sitting in church all these years I had to take the authority in Jesus’ name.  Not ask Sid Roth, not go to the 700 Club, but take the authority given to me as her husband. See that’s the problem a lot of men never take on that authority and they allow the woman to do that.  But Sid, the moment I took that authority in Jesus’ name and I stated praying all the healing verses that are in the Bible, miracle upon miracle happened, Cindy became totally asymptomatic, her jaundice disappeared, her appetite improved to the point that we were eating out at buffets.

Sid:  And then, you know most people think in terms so the healing was beginning Mishpochah, but people think in terms that God heals only one way.  Well directed you to a doctor that had a unique method of surgery, tell me about him.

Neil:  Once I started praying I mean everything started changing.  It was Easter weekend and Cindy had an appointment at UPMC in Pittsburgh with the top liver doctor, a transplant doctor in the world.  And we had an appointment on Monday and that’s the day we were going to leave and come back to Maryland, but while we were in Pennsylvania we arrived Thursday before Good Friday; Friday morning the phone rang and a gentleman’s voice was on the phone that said, “Mr. Russell I talked to your Mom last night.”  Now here my Mom was watching television saw a next door neighbor on a Pittsburgh station that had a liver tumor that they called unresectable you couldn’t take it off.  An unresectable tumor means it wraps around your blood vessels, a scalpel cannot remove a tumor that wraps around blood vessels.  So anyhow my mother contacted the doctor when we woke up Good Friday morning this doctor’s on the phone, he said, Mr. Russell I’m a surgeon and I believe I can help you and his name was Dr. Jerome Canady.  So I made an appointment right after the UPMC appointment on that Monday after.

Sid:   The bottom line, what type of surgery did he do?  Why was it different than anyone else?

Neil:  Dr. Canady is a devout Christian who believes that he received his genius like Isaac Newton from God.  God gave him an idea years ago to invent a tool that removes tumors from arteries, it’s called a plasma beam catheter. Using this tool that uses light beams he dissolved the cells that wrapped around the tumor.

Sid:  And tell me the prognoses for Cindy at this moment, her physical condition.

Neil:  Cindy is in perfect health, when you have cancer they give you a test called a tumor marker, Cindy’s was 37,000 before her operation was recorded.

Sid:  Is that bad?

Neil:  That’s Sid most people die from cancer with a tumor marker around 300, hers was the highest ever recorded.  Dr. Canady off to make sure those zeros were right.  He tumor marker right now is absolutely normal; Cindy had an MRI done about a month ago, her entire liver which was removed, no human being has ever survived having their liver removed, has totally regenerated, cancer free, and Cindy is again is 100% perfect health.

Sid:  Neil.

Neil:  Yes.

Sid:  While all of this is going on you working on your book which is such a supernatural book for such a now word for the generation that we’re living in right now, what do you want to see accomplished with this book?

Neil:  Sid, the bottom line is that satan tried to stop me, that’s why my wife became ill. I truly believe this; he gave her an illness that he thought was sickness unto death.  And for anybody else it would have been but that was not God’s plan and as you asked “What do I want to see with this book?”  I would like other people to witness the supernatural, the supernatural that I didn’t believe in, that right beneath the surface beyond our senses is another world that going on and this world has governments just like we have governments.

Sid:  Listen, this reads like what’s going on in the United States and Israel at this moment; I believe it’s not just a historical novel but its actual truth in here.

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