Sid:  You know what the Holy Spirit is telling me, my guest is Loretta Blasingame and she moves in creative miracles.  Cancer doesn’t stand a chance, the presence of God; I just finished reading her book “Is Anybody up There?”   I haven’t completed it, but I read most of it and the thing that impressed me was every page was such a presence of God that you could be a little backslidden, you could be a little cold and you get a hold of a book of a woman it’s her experience of going to heaven, of dying, of being given a thirteen year olds heart as an adult.  And I don’t mean a transplant, by doctors; I mean a transplant by God, a new heart from God.  Your faith will be so stretched, but it’s the anointing that destroys the yoke of unbelief.  And the anointing of God that’s on this book, the title is “Anybody up There?”…  Loretta the Holy Spirit has said to me “Get out of the way and let you minister.

Loretta:  Okay, well let me just talk about the book a little bit.  I was just reminded of a gentleman who had never read the book. He went over to a friend’s house and she had my book on the end of the table and he picked it up and he said, “What’s that about?”  She told him a little bit about the book so he asked her, “Do you have one I can get from you?”  She gave him her book, and he and his wife had separated and in fact he told me later they were fixing to divorce.  And anyway he read the book and realized that he needed to repent and ask his wife to forgive him and anyway they got back together as a result of him just reading the book. Its supernatural Sid Roth 2011

Sid:  Listen, with the anointing that I’ve sensed on your book all things are possible, but you really stretch people’s faith with the experiences that you’ve had.  But I want to see you minister in the Spirit and the Holy Spirit said for me to release you to do that.

Loretta:  Okay, I just the Holy Spirit just spoke to me when you said that that someone is fixing to have a heart transplant, but you are listening right now and the Holy Spirit of God is giving you that heart transplant He is healing your heart, He is giving you a new heart and you will not have that transplant.  And when the doctor verifies that heart and you don’t have it I want you to call or write Sid and let him know.  There’s someone that you have a foot problem that is very bad, in fact you can’t even walk on that foot, you’re in the hospital, I see you laying in the hospital right now, the doctors are trying to decide even what to do but you’re listening. God is healing that foot now in the Name of Jesus.  And you’re getting a full manifestation, there’s someone that your stomach is just eat up with cancer in your stomach and you know it, and the doctor’s told you, and you’ve been on chemo for three years and you’ve gone back and forth but God is healing you now of that cancer in the Name of Jesus, in the Name of Jesus.  I feel the power of God coming upon you in Jesus Name you’re a woman you’re 56 years old, your name is Nancy and God is healing you Nancy right now.  And I see you just crying, now you’re being healed in the Name of Jesus, in Jesus name.  I see two little twins boys and these boys have asthma very bad and these children are being healed in the name of Jesus.  The power of God is just coming upon them and healing them in Jesus name.  And I see a minister that’s listening right now, you have stepped out of ministry, you’ve been in ministry for 22 years, but the Lord is touching you now you’re feeling the presence of God you need to get back into ministry.  God does forgive and He forgets, God has calling you this day back into ministry in the mighty Name of Jesus, in Jesus Name.

Sid:  Loretta, what do you see coming on planet earth, what has God shown you specifically what’s coming next?

Loretta:  Sid, the Lord has showed me that there’s places that He’s going to lift His hand off of and there’s going to be just great destruction.  Storms and earthquakes and things like we’ve never had but it will be the worst we’ve ever had.  And the Lord has showed me that it will be like when the worst earthquake in San Francisco happened, the greatest move of God hit the Azusa Street.  We will see great destruction, but at the same time God is going to use His people to have one of the greatest moves of God that we’ve ever had.

Sid:  And yet Loretta in New Orleans when Katrina hit we had thirty day wonders, people filled the churches for thirty days, and then they went back to the way they were before.

Loretta:  That’s true Sid and that was so sad because God was trying to bring people into a place with Him they’ve never been into yet.  In fact before that happened the Lord showed me that we would have whole cities wiped out by flood and He said, “I’m going to cause people to turn to me and trust me because they’re looking to other people, they’re looking to the other government.”  But I’m the source and after the Lord revealed that to me I took that to worldwide television out of Dallas on Daystar one night.  Two weeks later Sid that happened, but the Lord has shown me things in different cities that were just great tragedy would happen. God is calling people to himself because I know we are in the end-times, the Lord has never ever walked in my room and told me that, but He did last year and He said, “He was sending me to cities that where great destruction would happen, but He was calling His people.”

Sid:  Loretta can I ask you what are the names of some of the cities that unless there’s repentance they’ll be tragedy?

Loretta:  The state of California was one, He told me there will be fires and a terrible earthquake, and Saint Louis, Missouri. I don’t know what’s going to happen there, God’s just gave me that name and He told me Seattle, Washington.  He told me Houston will have some great tragedy through flood.  He told me that some of these cities that He had actually sent men and woman in there to do great revivals, He told me that He would reveal these cities ahead time and He said, “I’ll have you to go and bring in the harvest.”

Sid:  Loretta, I believe that part of what you’re supposed to do is not just release healing, not just pray for salvation, but to pray for some of the glory that rests on you to rest on the people that are listening.  Would you pray for them?  And another spine has just been healed in Jesus Name, and another neck has just been healed in Jesus Name.

Loretta:  Father we just release this power in the presence of God, the glory of God that you have placed upon this ministry Lord, we release it. Father we release it to the audience now today that they will experience the power that they never felt before and a presence that they thought could be possible. That the glory of God would fall on them now in Jesus Name.  Just receive it now, in the Name of Jesus, thank You Lord, thank You Father, thank You Lord, thank You Lord.  Thank You Lord, thank You Father, Amen.

Sid:  Well I can’t see anything but I sure can sense that there is a mighty outpouring of God’s Spirit.  And I believe where His Spirit is there’s liberty and where there’s liberty there is no pain or illness, or sickness, or sin in that matter.  So therefore if you’re involved in known sin, known sin means you know about it, the Bible says to repent, tell God that you’re sorry, turn from it, and believe that the blood of Jesus wipes you clean.  If you repent of your sins God is faithful and just to forgive you of all unrighteousness; that then makes you righteous.  It means it makes you are righteous as Jesus, not because of what you did, all you did was repent, but what He did.  And once you recognize that you’re righteous and they you’re clean, you then can be a carrier of the presence of God.  You then make Jesus your Lord and ask Jesus to live inside of you, that’s called being born from above or born again.  And that’s the wind of the Holy Spirit that is drawing you to Himself. This is your moment, it’ll probably never be easier than this moment.  Repent of your sins, make Jesus your Lord, start reading the Bible, get involved in a congregation where they’ll teach you the Word and disciple you.  And get ready and postured for the greatest move of God’s Spirit in history. Sid Roth it’s supernatural youtube

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