Sid:  My guest Mike Shreve I’m speaking to him at his home and office in Cleveland, Tennessee. He has just written a new book and Mike there can’t be anything more important than rescuing our children and our grandchildren from this evil age that we’re living in right now.  You can’t turn of television without seeing something about the New Age, something about immorality, something about atheism. It’s running rampant and it’s in the schools, homosexuality is normal, and there’s nothing wrong with pornography.  How is this generation going to survive?

Mike:  The only way they can survive is if we past the torch of revival to them and the mantle of the anointing that’s resting upon adults who are moving in God, that’s got to be transferred to the next generation.  And I know in my own life personally part of what birthed this book in me Sid was the fact that I had to war over my children even before they got here in the world.  My daughter for instance was diagnosed with spinal bifida; we were told that it was definite she had a hole in her spin, she was going to be retarded, they said that she would most likely have cretinism, one doctor suggested an “alternative”, that’s when we left him and never darkened the door of his office again because we were not even thinking about an alternative.  I believe abortion is one of the worst abominations in the sight of God and it’s rampid in our generation.  But we claim, my wife claimed a promise over our daughter in the womb, over and over and over again.  She would pray Psalm 138 verse 8, “The Lord will perfect that which concerns me.”  And she’d lay her hands on her belly and I would be there often agreeing with her and she’d say “Now Lord this child concerns us and you said that you would perfect that which concerns us.”  And we believe that she is going to be perfect; well nine months went by and we were there at the hospital and the child was being born. The doctor had no idea the scripture that we’d been claiming all these months and as she came out of the womb my wife kind of nervously said “How does she look doctor, how does she look?”  He said, “She’s perfect!”  And she absolutely is, she had absolutely no problems whatsoever she’s a very intelligent child she’s a lover of God and she has a beautiful worshipful heart toward God.

Sid:  You know one of the things that interest me is that your wife would sing songs song’s over her baby before your daughter was born and one of the songs had the line I hope you dance.  How specific was that prophetically?

Mike:  Well, there was a reason for that Sid because they forecast that she would have spinal bifida and that would mean she would be crippled.  And my wife has a very strong gift of dance in her life. So she would sing that song, “I hope you dance” over her just about every single day.  In fact we as a family even sang that song as a way of coming against the negative report we had received from man.  And when she was just 3 years old she exhibited this natural proclivity toward dance where we would put in DVDs of kids dancing and singing Christian music, and her favorite thing to do would be to dance for hours and she’s a very gifted dancer in the Lord. She dances with a dance group made up mostly of young people that are twice her age and she’s as gifted as they are.  And so it was a prophetic statement over her, and of course that was not necessarily based on the word of God that gift would be awakened in her life.  What we’re talking on this program about a book where I share 65 specific promises that are definite things God says He’ll do in the lives of our children.  So if God would honor that spoken word, how much more so when it’s based on a written word promise that He’s given.

Sid:  Well, let me describe your book again because if at first glance it’s seems so simplistic but if parents and grandparents will do what you’re recommending what different is it going to make Mike?

Mike:  Well, I believe it will bring forth miracles in the lives of many children.

Sid:  What if one of the parents has got a problem with their children, they are distant from their children, children have misperceived them and there’s a rift between grandparents and parents or parents and children.  Will saying these promise over them even if they they’re adult help them?

Mike:  Oh, absolutely.  Just to give you an example one of the main promises that’s very well know among the people of God is Chapter 16 verse 31 of the book of Acts where the Philippian jailer was about to commit suicide because the earthquake had come and the prison doors had opened and he thought all the prisoners had escaped.  And he’s about to fall on his own sword and Paul says, “Do yourself no harm,” he says “Well, what must I do to be saved?”  The answer was, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved and thy household.”  Many people have used that verse to claim their entire family for the kingdom of God and I have and I’ve seen probably 90% of my uncles, aunts, cousins, brothers, sisters etc. come into the Kingdom.  But there’s an even more powerful promise concerning salvation, and that’s Isaiah 49:25 where God said, “I will contend with him who contends with you and I will save your children.”  And the reason I brought that out is because the enemy comes into families to divide to break relationships.  But God says “I will contend with him who contends with you.”  You have a contender, you have one that’s fighting against your family unit that wants to divide mother from daughter, wants to divide father from son, husband from wife.  But God says I’m going to fight, I’m going to enter into the battle with you and I will save your children.  Now when I discovered these promises my faith was launched into orbit because then I was no longer begging God to move in the lives of my son and daughter, I would claim these promises out loud, I would speak these promise over their lives.  And I would say “Now God You promised that you would fight against the forces that fight against our family and you would save my children and I expect it to come to pass.”  And when I started praying these 65 promises over my family, my son got a creative miracle, my daughter was baptized with the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues and I just saw increase in the supernatural move in their lives.  My son’s miracle was incredible, he had jumped off a roof with some friends, they were playing around and he landed it on a stump and it shattered the bones in one of his feet.  And one bone just refused to heal it was broken at an angle and nothing could coax it together. After 3 months he was still have severe problems and we went to a miracle service and a brother from Africa that’s got a church of 80,000 people called him out the audience.  He didn’t minister to anyone, but him that day and spend ten minutes with him.  And my son said, “Dad I want another X-ray”, we went back and those two bones had fused together and I just saw this tremendous work of God start surfacing in both of their lives as I began claiming these promises.

Sid:  Mike, describe to us your brand new book called “God’s Promises for Your Children.”

Mike:  There are 65 specific promises God has given, things that He says that He will do for our children if we walk in a covenant relationship with Him.  And this book is a prayer devotional, it called “God’s Promises for Your Children”, and it takes parents one by one through each of those promises with a short explanation.  And then most importantly there is a prayer suggested prayer confession concerning each one of those promises that they can then for a lengthy period of time begin confessing and declaring over their children.  In fact I’m encouraging people to get one of these books for each of their children, and dedicate that book to an individual child at the beginning and then there’s a journal in the back of the book where they can journal the progress of what happens in their child as they begin to claim and confess and pray these promises over his and her life.  So it’s a book that could well be a memorial for that child, given to that child when they reach adulthood possibly as a testimony of the prayer life of a parent over that child. I believe it will build a wall of protection around that child all the days that son or that daughter’s life.  There’s powerful promises, powerful promises that many people are oblivious to that God has already given.  I might mention one here Deuteronomy 7:9 declares that “God is the faithful God who keeps covenant and mercy with them that love Him to a thousand generations.”  Now think of that God says that if you love Me, if you’re walking with me then I’m going to cause covenant and mercy to hover over your family line for a thousand generation.  Well, how long is that?  Some people say a generation is forty years, some say it’s a hundred years, scripture that implies both, let’s take the lower number, if a generation is 40 years then God is saying for 40,000 years that promises will hover over your family line when they had long ago forgotten that you were even one of their fore-parents it will still be active and God said that He will perform covenant and mercy in their lives.  That’s powerful.

Sid:  Why is it better to pray that specific promise and you actually put your children or your grandchildren’s name in the book? Why is it better to pray specific promises as opposed to bless my family, let them be in health, let them know You.  Which is the typical prayer for over children?

Mike:  Usually when people pray those kind of prayers it’s a pleading kind of prayer, it’s a request, it’s a saying “Oh God would you do this.”  But if God has already declared that He will do something, if He’s decreed that something will come to pass then you move up to the next level of faith all together.  In fact in Psalm 2 there’s a powerful statement in Psalm 2, I wish I had time to go into the full explanation.  It’s a Psalm about the coming of the Messiah and who Jesus really was.  And there’s a significant part of the Psalm that says “I will declare the degree, the Lord has said unto me Thou art My Son, this day have I begotten thee.”  And it’s about the fact that Jesus was the only begotten Son of God.  But it’s given as if the Lord Jesus is speaking that promises Himself, He says, “I will declare the decree, the Lord has said unto me, Thou art My Son this day have I begotten thee.”

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