Sid:  My guest I’ve interviewed him previously is Mike Shreve. Mike, for those that did not hear his testimony, was a Yoga instructor at four universities had 400 hundred students and he got dramatically saved.  Mike Shreve what was it like when you went into your classroom and told your students for the first time that what you’d been teaching them was not of God and now you’ve met God?

Mike:  Well, they were all stunned to say the least that I had become what they would term a Jesus freak, but most of my main students became Christians also.  In fact just a few weeks ago I got an email from a young woman that was in my first class at the University of South Florida where I announced my conversion, and when she heard it she dropped out of school, moved to California, joined a Christian commune became a Christian and then thirty-seven years later contacted me and said, “Thank you.”

Sid:  Well, a lot has transpired in your life, for instance you didn’t get married until pretty much later in life, why did you wait so long?

Mike:  Well, when I was twenty years old I really wanted to get married. I had been saved for about a year and the Lord spoke to me very profoundly in a dream that I was not to even consider marriage, he never said it would be permanently.  I put it on a shelf and I made a covenant with God at that time that I would devote myself completely to ministry and I would not even date or consider marriage until He spoke to me who I was to marry.  By the time I was thirty-nine years old I was wondering if God had forgotten our original arrangement.

Sid:  But at just at the right time…

Mike:  I believe God reserved the best for those who leave the choice to Him. He woke me up one morning and spoke to me audibly and said that I was to marry a wonderful Godly woman that had been my Administrative Assistant for seven years, and prior to that had been Assistant Youth Director in a youth group that I ran.  And He also told me that we would have a son. That later on proved to be a prophecy that I had to fight with for the life of my son.

Sid:  Well, what did He tell you about your Son prophetically?

Mike:  Well, strangely He just said that I would have an attractive son.  He told me something about my wife, and then He told me I would have an attractive son that was all He said.  But later on when my son was born he laid for a long period of time in the birth canal without oxygen. We had friends who faced the same thing during birth and their children are very lacking mentally and somewhat retarded because of that.  But Seth went through it without any kind of negative results in fact he’s a straight “A” student.

Sid:  Better than straight “A” student according to my notes he’s got a photographic memory. Can I borrow his memory?

Mike:  Oh, I wish I had it; he doesn’t have to study he just hears it one time and knows.

Sid:  What I understand is that you actually were told that you weren’t going to have any children.

Mike:  That’s right, my wife could not have children, they said that there was no way we would ever have offspring. So from the very beginning just to bring children into this world has been a battle, a faith fight.  And we’ve had to claim the promises of God and claim the prophetic utterances of God in order to see seed brought forth.  And I believe that’s a battle a lot of people that are godly people that want to bring forth Godly children in this world.

Sid:  If you hadn’t had that word from God that you would have a son would you have done?

Mike:  Well, it would have been more challenging to my faith when we were going through.  See my wife was in labor with him for over fifty hours, and it was just a very bad situation.  And the whole time I was saying, “Now God You said what You said and I lay claim to it and I hold on to your promise and I expect him to be perfect in every way.”  And it of course gave me fuel for my faith fire, if you want to put it that way.

Sid:  Now I’m holding in my hands a tool, I believe an end-time tool because we are living in one of the worst periods as far as wickedness on the face of this earth.  I’m glad that I’m not a young kid in school today, it would be very hard to survive. You were working on your newest book that’s literally just off the press called “God’s Promises for Your Children.”  And while you were working on this God spoke to you audibly about this book, tell me that.

Mike:  Well, as I was working on the book God spoke to me very profoundly that this book would have an impact and bring fourth miracles in many people’s lives.  And the specific promise though that He gave me while I was working on the book, and incidentally the book is concerning 65 promises that God has specifically given our children. If we walk in a relationship with Him the 65 things that He said He will do for our offspring.  And one of the things, one of the promises is found in Isaiah 66 verse 22.  And it says “For as the new heavens and the new earth which I will make shall remain before me says the Lord so shall your descendants and your name remain.”  Well that was powerful to hear that, not only from the written Word, but I heard it from the mouth of God too, He spoke it audibly to my spirit. He woke me up one morning as I was writing this book and He gave me all the more a calm and confident assurance that both of my children will make it to heaven.  Now I do not believe this promise is a free ticket to heaven whether they repent or not.  But God is saying that He has a plan for the universe and nothing is going to destroy the stability of that plan.  “Just as the new heavens and the new earth which I will make shall remain before me says the Lord so shall your descendants in your name remain.”  God is saying, “Just as certain, just as sure as the birthing of the new creation is my involvement in the lives of your sons and daughters and I’m going to do everything I can to get them to heaven.”  I believe the door of salvation is open to the whole world Sid, but I also believe that God deals with the offspring of his people in a much more profound way and He graces them in a much more powerful way.

Sid:  And what about children and grandchildren that are backslidden or just plain religious Christians not on fire for God?  You talk about if your offspring are behind enemy lines we can literally fight for them and change their destiny, explain.

Mike:  Absolutely, and these 65 promises are the means by which we fight for their spiritual wellbeing and there are some powerful scriptures Sid.  Parents of backslidden children could claim on behalf of their offspring.  For instance Proverbs chapter 11 verse 21 says “Though hand joins in hand the wicked shall not be unpunished, but the seed of the righteous shall be delivered.”  And so I don’t care how bound a son or daughter might be, they maybe way out there on drugs, way out there in illicit immoral relationships, but parents can lay claim to this promise in saying “Now God, You said the seed of the righteous shall be delivered.”  And so you’re not begging God to do something that He’s already claimed that He will do, you’re affirming the promise and speaking it by faith over your seed.  Another powerful promise for children that are wayward is Jeremiah 31:17 where God said, “There is hope in your end says the Lord, that you’re children shall come again to their own border or return to their own border.”  And of course we as parents present boundary lines morally, spiritually, religiously for our children and sometimes they break out of those boundary lines.  But Jeremiah 31:17 says “There is hope, there is hope in thine end that thy children shall return again to their own border.”  And that would be a powerful promise for a parent to claim until they see that child come back, and you have to pray with authority and pray as an oracle of God.  I had a spiritually son in the Lord years ago that I won to the Lord out of a heavy life of drug abuse and drug trafficking and he use to sell a quarter of a million dollars worth of drugs at a time.  He was involved with people that would shoot someone at the drop of a hat just over a difference of opinion.  So he was in a really rough group of people. I let him travel with me for a season to get him established in the Lord then he backslid and for two or three months I prayed over him pleasing “Oh God bring him back in; oh God restore him back to his place of consecration to You.”  Then one day frustrated with the enemy was doing I was in a lengthy time of intercession and I stood up, pointed my hands the direction of the city where he was at and I spoke his name and I said, “In the name of Jesus, I command you to be set free from this bondage that’s come back in your life and I command you to be delivered from every demonic deception and restored to God by the power of the Holy Spirit.”  That very night he showed up in my revival and ran to the altar and I believe that it had a lot to do with praying with authority over his life.

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