Sid:  My guest by way of telephone, I’m speaking to him at his home in Amarillo, Texas is Keith Miller.  Now Keith you had a revelation which we’ll get into later on in this week on the fullness of God’s Spirit, the limitless possibilities of yielding to the Holy Spirit.  And that’s the heart’s desire of every true Christian, but you literally had heavenly visitation that explained a lot of the teaching that is now in your new book, “Surrender to the Spirit.”  But you told me that you are third generation alcoholic.

Keith:  Yes.

Sid:  Well, how did God deal with you.

Keith:  Actually they gave my wife some bad news one day, she had went to the doctor, and  was having continuous problems with her legs and aching and soreness.  And they give her the report that she had Rheumatory Arthritis. At that time her father was still alive and he was just completely crippled and bound from Rheumatory Arthritis.  When we got the news and she told me I just said, “Oh my gosh.”  And at the time I was a successful electrician up in the panhandle of Texas between Stratford, Texas and River, Texas is a wide open area there, it’s about thirty minutes between the two.  I was by myself and just me driving, and just left doing a big quote at Stratford and was driving back to Gruver and I simply I was just thinking about my wife and the love.  We have been married now thirty-two years and have four sons and at that time she’s the most important thing in my life and she still is, but the Lord’s first.  But I was praying this way, I just said it just like this I didn’t really pray I just said “Hey God would you heal my wife?”  And that’s the way I said it, and I’m just driving down the road and all of a sudden I heard, “Yes I will,” just like that, just like the way I said it vocally heard “Yes I will.”

Sid:  Now had you ever heard God’s voice previous to that?

Keith:  No, never have.

Sid:  That must have really startled you then.

Keith:  Oh my gosh, I prayed, but I never knew He talked back, and when He talked back it was audibly. It scared me so much I slammed on the brakes of my truck pulled over to the side.  And I had one of those extended cab trucks so you have a little seat thing behind the front bench seat so the truck, and I looked back there to see if anybody else was in my truck because I said, “Where did that come from?”  And about the time that I did that I heard, “But where am I the rest of the time in your life?”  And at that moment I come from abusive family and a situation that was tough with my Dad being an alcoholic and a situation happened when I was twelve years old and I said, “I’ll never cry again and I hadn’t.”  And at that point I saw how empty, how hurt and bitter I was and I just began to cry, I couldn’t quit crying and I cried all the way home for a good twenty minutes until I got home.  Got on the phone and called my wife at the doctor. She got on the phone and she said you are not going to believe they said that it was a mistake I’m just fine.  So I slammed down the phone and fell on my face right there in my kitchen, I said, “I want to receive you right now, I want everything you have for me right now Lord Jesus.”

Sid:  What about the alcohol, what happened to that?

Keith:  Well, it was a week went by and I didn’t tell my wife of the encounter and at that moment something radically happened, I mean I became a brand new man.  That week was an incredible week, it felt like I was walking on a cloud, I’d wake up happy and I was just like “Oh my gosh.”  And I’d actually send my guys off and I would sneak back to my house and I would spend five or six hours praying. I didn’t know how to pray I’d just spend time and wept and the Lord ministered to me.  Then Sunday morning I woke up my whole family and I said “Guys we’re all going to church.”  And they go “What, what Dad” and I just said, “No and we’re going to go to church.”  And it was funny because they didn’t believe me and I said…at that time I wouldn’t even let them go to vacation Bible School, Sunday School nothing, I just no we don’t want to be involved with any of that.  And so when I told them that we were going to get ready for church that morning, of course my wife was looking at me like “What?”  She had just prayed two weeks prior to that, “Lord I love this man, I’ve stayed with him, but Lord if you don’t do something now, I don’t know how much longer I’m going to take this.” Then two weeks later I have that encounter on the highway.  And I told her that morning that “We’re going to church.”  And it was funny because we didn’t know what church clothes were and she said, “We don’t have any church clothes.”  And I said, “What do you mean, what do we have to have?”  And she said, “Well, we got to dress the boys up real nice and you’re going to have to get a suit and I need to get a dress.”  So we went to Diamond, Oklahoma and I mean we bought the stuff man and I bought her a beautiful dress; I bought me a nice double breasted gray suit; my four boys nice slacks a white shirt and tie and so we were ready to go to church that night.  We walked into the 1st Baptist Church, Gruver Texas and it was so funny because we said, “Well, we’ll wait until they get started and then we’ll sit at the very back.  But we didn’t know that in the evening services that they just dress casually and there we were all decked out.

Sid:  Ha-ha.

Keith:  When we walked in everybody in the place turned around and looked at us you know and that kind of stuff.  We knew that at that moment that we were going to start going to the Baptist church.  So four weeks after that they call the fifth Sunday night and that’s when where everybody gets to kind of share a testimony, a song, different things. We were at the service and there’s all six of us myself, my wife and my boys setting there in a pew and everybody was sharing.  And then all of a sudden my wife Janet she just jumps up right in the middle of this Sunday service and she’s so quiet and real meek, and so all of a sudden when she jumped up and just shout out “In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ I break off the chains of alcoholism off of my husband; off my children; off of their children’s children children and I do it in the Name of Jesus and I do it right now.”  And she sat down and me and the boys eyes were just looking at her like what in the world!

Sid:  Now were you embarrassed?

Keith:  No, I was just so overwhelmed by how powerful she was!  Something happened at that moment and I’m trauma set I don’t know how many times over the years because I love my family so much and when I’d come home drunk of course it caused all kinds of chaos in our family.  And I use to say that I’m never going to do it again, but I found myself doing it anyway and I didn’t want to.  I’d say “I’m never going to drink again, I’m never going to touch another drop again”, and the very next night I’d be doing it again and so I just couldn’t get from it.

Sid:  But after that prayer you were supernaturally set free?

Keith:  No, before that point that’s the way it was but the only time I quit was over a period out of pure will power, but after that prayer, after that night the desire was gone.

Sid:  Keith, before we started this radio broadcast you felt strongly impressed that God was going to do the same thing that he did for you for those that are listening and for their loved ones.  If you would pray right now.

Keith:  Yes, yeah I feel that strong I feel the anointing of the Holy Spirit right now and I know that there is no distance between us and them by the power of the Holy Spirit and the mighty Name of Jesus.  In fact I want to encourage everyone listening that you need a breakthrough in your family a loved one, a relative, anybody that needs a breakthrough, salvation, addiction, anything.  I want to encourage you if we are going to send forth the Word and it’s amazing I was getting ready. I actually have a scripture that says and I want to encourage you.  It says in Psalms 103 “That He’ll dispatch the angels to bring breakthrough for you at the heeding of His word.”  And right now in the Name of the mighty Name of Jesus Christ we ask for the anointing of breakthrough to be released by the power of the Holy Spirit in the mighty Name of Jesus to set those listeners free who are bound by anything that’s not of the Lord Jesus Christ.  We command that to be loosed off of your life right now and we say in the Name of Jesus who the Son sets’ free is free indeed.  And we call forth, Lord we call forth the destiny and the counsel of the Lord for their families lives; for their loved ones lives.  And we say that the Spirit of Truth will reveal truth sense to them and every deception, every lie and every addiction to be broken right now in the Name of Jesus. We thank You by the powerful Name and the atoning work by the blood of Christ that every curse, every iniquity, every transgression is forgiven and loosed in the Name of Jesus right now in Jesus Holy and Mighty Name.  Thank You Lord for releasing that breakthrough right now!  Thank you Jesus.

Sid:  And let me explain in case some of you missed this, this is for addictions of things that control people of all kinds.  It could be overeating, gluttony, it could be cigarettes, it could be drugs, it could be any addiction of any kind.  You see God’s not a respecter of addictions, He’s stronger than any of them.  Keith I’m very intrigued with your new book, “Surrender to the Spirit.”  Tell me the type of feedback you’re getting on it.

Keith:  Well, we’re really amazed that when we put it together it was like you were sharing earlier that it was from a series of encounters. The Lord began to teach me the function and the flow of different aspects of the Holy Spirit and we’re being truly amazed.  Because we’ve had doctors that have actually read the book and said that they begin to read and they begin to weep, and as they begin to weep the Lord just begin to minister to them. Actually we had gone guy that’s from Lubbock, Texas who is a doctor that shared that he literally wore out the pages from marking it up and he’s an avid reader but he said, he’s never read a book that so touched him. It’s like he was in the encounters and the Holy Spirit was touching him in a deep way and he found himself crying out for deeper levels in the Lord and the Holy Spirit would answer the cry and reveal Himself to him in a fresh way the things that we were sharing in the book.  And then we found out recently that in South Korea that it’s number 39 and they’re actually teaching it in the seminaries.  So we’ve been pretty amazed.

Sid:  Now did the Lord tell you to write this book?

Keith:  Yes He did.

Sid:  Oops, we’re out of time.

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