Sid:  Now short of the Bible one of the most important prophetic books I know was written by my friend John McTernan it’s called “As America Has Done to Israel.”  But things are happening so quickly that John was forced to update this book, and if you have not read this book or if you haven’t read the updated one I urge you to get a hold this.  John is it fair to say that the five worse economic tragedies to hit America were tied indirectly with going against Israel?

John:  Well Sid, I think that it’s fair to say that in recent times yes.  You are absolute right Sid.  And I’ve been documenting this since 1991 and what I have been warning the nation about is really on top of us now Sid.

Sid:  For those that aren’t familiar and by the way I urge you to listen to this week because I consider John McTernan a prophet of the Lord and he has heard from God about America.  For those that don’t understand tell us a few historic tragedies that have hit America and there connection with Israel.

John:  Well, Sid I think that we should just let your listeners know that in case they don’t, that Israel is not just a nation like any other nation Sid.  It’s in existence because of a covenant that God made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the Jewish people probably about 4,000 years ago.  And when Israel came back into existence as a nation in 1948 this was because of the covenant. Sid there is no other way that you can explain the existence of modern Israel, at least from my prospective, I’d say that it’s natural but it’s supernatural.  Do you mind Sid if I just give this background before we get…

Sid:  No, please go for it.

John:  Yeah Sid because just stop and think what other nation was destroyed literally twice the first time 2600 years ago by the Babylonians?  The people were taken into captivity, there nation, their capital, the center of worship was destroyed.  They came back and rebuilt the nation.   They rebuilt Jerusalem, they rebuilt the temple and then about 600 years later the Roman’s did the same thing and then they were disbursed into…basically the nation was disbursed into all the world.  Of course there was always a remnant in the Holy Land of Jewish people and they’re back into existence.  Sid just, just think of this, Israel is back into existence after being exiled twice going back 2600 years ago; there was no other nation like that.  Their language was extinct Sid and now they speak Hebrew again.  Jerusalem is the Capitol again and they even have shekels for money.  And I believe, I know that you are well aware of it, there are forces in Israel that want to rebuild the temple, the ancient temple.  And when the political climate is alright I believe that they are going to build the temple where the ancient temple should be.  So you can look at it naturally and say “Well this happened in 1880 that started the Jewish migration back and then this happened during World War I and this happened in World War II and Hitler and then it became a nation.”  But by all standards that we operate on historically and we look at it, this is a true miracle Sid that Israel is a nation again.

Sid:  Oh the greatest proof of the authenticity that the Bible is not just a book by many but a book that comes from a mighty God is the Jew and the nation Israel.

John:  It is Sid and that’s really the basis of my book “As America Has Done to Israel,” is Genesis 12:3 where God says in that verse speaking to Abraham “I will bless them that bless you and curse them that curse you and you shall and all the families of the world be blessed.”  So God has set a blessing or a curse on Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their descendants in the way that the people and nations deal with them.  So that brings us today Sid in America where starting, well the history of America which I go into great detail in my book is unique in blessing the Jewish people, going back to George Washington, and coming forward.  America has literally, as I have documented in the book, been used to help fulfill, help fulfill God’s prophetic word with the Jewish people and the nation of Israel.

Sid:  You know I never thought that it was an accident when we look at the word Jerusalem and in the middle of the word Jerusalem is USA.

John:  Well, Sid there has been a unique bonding between the Jewish people going back to very start of the United States.  You can see it in the writings of George Washington, forward with Abraham Lincoln, coming to, and of course I’m skipping a lot, Woodrow Wilson, and Harry Truman.  No other nation Sid as I have studied have studied history has been so friendly, has been so excepting to the Jewish people as America.

Sid:  And has any other nation been so blessed as America?

John:  That’s the connection I make in the book, that we are greatly blessed above all people. One of the reasons is, probably the major reason, that we have blessed the Jewish people in our midst. When no other nation would take in the Russian Jews in the late 1800’s who were being absolutely brutalized by the Czar of Russia and the Russian Orthodox Church.  America opened its arms up and took in every one of them that came to the tune of somewhere between 2 or 3 million when no other nation would do it. At that very time Sid, this is mind boggling when you put history together; when you put the development of America together with this massive Jewish immigration starting in the 1880’s from Russia literally the year that we opened our arms and allowed the Jewish people to come into our nation in massive numbers.  Oh course they were there before that, but the big Jewish immigration started in the 1800’s God in that very year began to raise us up as a world power Sid.

Sid:  Now the flip side of Genesis 12:3 is that I will curse those that curse you now that you’ve laid that foundation, give me some examples of disasters in modern times and the connection with going against our cursing Israel.

John:  Well Sid I can give you the day, the month the day and the year.  It was October 30th 1991 with President Bush, Senior, because of the two presidents I’ll refer to senior and junior, and he on his own initiated the Madrid Peace Process which I remember very vividly the Israeli’s didn’t want any part of it.  You could just see it in their faces and you could read between he lines by the things that they were saying.  But President Bush on his own brought the Israeli’s, the Syrians, the Egyptians, the Palestinians and others to Madrid, Spain to start what he called the Madrid Peace Process and all of these Sid, Oslo Peace Accord, Madrid Peace Process is nothing more than a code word for Israel to give up and divide the covenant land and to give it literally to their enemies.  And Sid, in God’s word there are several scriptures that deal with dividing the land of Israel, Jerusalem and how dangerous it is.  The Prophet Joel Chapter 3 verse 2 warns that God will judge the nations that divide His land.  The Prophet Obadiah says that as you do to Israel it will be done to you.  So if you bless Israel you will be blessed, but if you try and divide the land of Israel in violation of God’s word and the covenant that He made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and also Sid it’s also greater than that it has to do with God’s prophetic plan.  The fulfillment of His prophetic word in His Bible then your nation will be judged for that.

Sid:  So Bush Senior with the Madrid peace conference, which was nothing more than a code word for land for peace, going against what the Bible says we should do what happened?

John:  Well Sid at the very day that President Bush Senior was giving the speech to initiate this process a freakish storm had developed in the North Atlantic and Sid I just ran into a Meteorologist last week who gave me some vital information that developed in the North Atlantic which I’ll share with you in a second.  And what happened Sid this storm developed and it came the wrong way and it was a hurricane Sid that developed off Nova Scotia in late October in like we’re heading into winter there has never…  This meteorologist Sid that I spoke to said that in his life time and all that he’s read there has never been a storm like this.  And he said, “What happened was it was a gigantic high pressure over Greenland and he said that high pressures never develop there, and he said that it was like a bulldozer pushing this storm southwest and storms don’t go that way Sid.  And it came the wrong way off the ocean, storms go to the northeast not the southwest and it sent thirty foot waves.  It was called the Perfect Storm, it sent 30 foot waves against President Bush Senior’s home in Kennebunkport Maine at the exact time he was calling for the Madrid peace process to divide the land of Israel, to divide Jerusalem. His own land Sid was being devastated by a freakish storm that happens once every 100, 200, 300 years.

Sid:  In your book you document how many of these say within 24 or 48 hours of going against Israel that judgment occurs to America, not just in the economy, not just in the weather but in many arenas how many would you say that you’ve documented in modern times?

John:  Well Sid I have about forty in the book and I have more that I didn’t put in just got unwieldy. I figured that forty of the greatest disasters in modern times have hit America like Hurricane Andrew.

Sid:  Listen on tomorrows broadcast I want you tell us about the economic judgments in
America and how you can pin point that.

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