SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest, LaDonna Taylor, provokes me to jealousy. I mean, being Jewish almost anyone that knows God and moves in the supernatural provokes me to jealousy. You know, this year we have Passover and Resurrection Sunday within two days of each other. To me, when I look at Passover I think of a brand new beginning, and I want this Passover to be your new beginning to enter into the Promised Land that God has for you. But your grandmother was quite a woman. What did she do in the supernatural?

LaDONNA: Well the most supernatural thing that I remember my grandmother doing is that she raised the dead several times in her church services, yes.

SID: Is that all, she raised the dead several times?

LaDONNA: That’s right.

SID: As a toddler, four and five year old, she would take LaDonna out in the streets and she would start preaching, and you literally, your childhood was raised in miracles.

LaDONNA: It’s true.

SID: But you had a visitation from the Lord.

LaDONNA: I did.

SID: Tell me about that visitation. As a young girl, how old were you.

LaDONNA: I was 12 years old. The church I was born into was in an 11-year revival with signs and wonders, amazing services, three services a day.

SID: Tell me one sign that as a young girl, that’s indelible, it’s inside of you, you’ll never forget.

LaDONNA: I saw a woman approach the altar with a big growth on her neck, huge. They called it a goiter. She went to the altar with it and she came back to her seat without it.

SID: That’s got to even have an impact on you today.

LaDONNA: It does. It does.

SID: Let’s fast forward. You’re married. Your marriage is headed towards divorce. You do something that it’s hard for me to comprehend. I’m sure it’s probably hard for you to comprehend. But these things happen, and there are probably people watching us right now, you’re contemplating suicide. LaDonna thought it was the end. But there’s so much more. She did not commit suicide. And a few days later God spoke to her and told her about her destiny.

LaDONNA: He told me that day, “If you don’t come back to me the way you were you won’t find your destiny. You need to know me through reading the Word. You need to work on knowing me on a relationship again. Come on back.”

SID: And did you know this was God or did you think it was, come on now?

LaDONNA: No. I knew it was God because I was in trouble. I knew it was God. It was so peaceful. I knew His voice.

SID: Now when you play your music, what is going on, just for my curiosity? First of all, I love the violin. But the violin, it’s almost like part of you comes out in the music. But what is going on inside of you when you play the violin?

LaDONNA: My eyes are on Him, totally on Him. I tell people everywhere I go, there’s a map to His presence. A great woman of God spoke this years ago, “Praise Him until the worship comes, and worship Him until the glory comes, and stand in the glory.” And that’s my little path when I put the fiddle under my chin.

SID: You’re going to play an old Irish hymn, that when she plays this, miracles break out. Tell me one miracle quickly that happened when you played this song, “Be Thou My Vision”.

LaDONNA: A lady came forward to have prayer because she had a tumor on her brain. I saw her six months later. The tumor was shrunk to nothing. The doctors were amazed.

SID: Sure beats chemotherapy and radiation. Get ready for your miracle and get ready for the love of God to just go through the television right now. Would you go to the music set? And one of the things LaDonna told me is that when she plays before God, she had a prophecy from John Kilpatrick at the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival in Mobile, Alabama, and the prophetic word talked about bones cracking into place. This is happening. And in fact, it started happening right after she received that prophetic word. “Be Thou My Vision.”

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