Sid:  Now red hot would be an understatement if you had a miracle like my guest had, and the man that prayed for her miracle will be my guest all this week, he’s actually your brother in law and my guest is Franklin Walden.  And the person that had one of the greatest creative miracles I’ve ever heard of is in the studio, her name is Ruth Cursey.  Ruth you were born with one kidney and then the worst case scenario occurred, your one kidney started dying on you.  What did the doctors say?

Ruth:  Oh, they wanted to put me on dialysis because it wasn’t working at all, they said that it had went down to the point to that they had to put me on dialysis or I couldn’t live.  So I went to the doctor and when I got there they sent me for x-rays and they decided that everything was no way that they could do anything so they put a shunt in my arm where I could go on dialysis the next day.  So me and my husband went home from the doctor’s office and of course we was real grieved about it so, I had been in the hospital at different times with the kidney over the period of time, but we went back by Brother Franklin and Sister Caroline’s home and we went in and Brother Franklin prayed for me and it was only a short little prayer, it was no long prayer it was just a short prayer.  And God instantly healed me, I knew that there was something different, I knew that I was better.  The next day I went back to the doctor and I asked him to do x-rays and he did x-rays or sent me to get x-rays and the girl was doing the x-rays was doing the x-rays she said, “You can’t be the same person.”  And I told her who I was and my birth date and everything again.  And so she went out of the room, when she come back in the Doctor came in and of course he knew me because I had been to him lots of times over the years.  And he said, “I can’t believe this, he said, “You got two kidneys.”

Sid:  Two!

Ruth:  Yes, two.

Sid:  But you were born with only one!

Ruth:  I know, that was the glorious part about it and it was so wonderful to have two kidneys.

Sid:  You had a healing of your one kidney and a creative miracle for a second kidney to grow.

Ruth:  Yes, they was both working perfectly and there was no pause and no infection and no anything.

Sid:  How did the Doctor explain this?

Ruth:  He didn’t it said that it was a miracle it had to be a miracle because he said “You didn’t have one kidney and then have two,” said that “There was no way that that could be possible because the tubes and all wasn’t even in there to my kidney”; there was never no kidney completely, no tubes from the bladder you know to the kidney, there was nothing in there, there wasn’t a kidney at all.

Sid:  Franklin, when you prayed for her I mean the truth between the two of us, when you prayed from your sister-in-law Ruth did you really believe that she was going to be healed?  Tell me between you and me?

Franklin:  I certainly did, I wouldn’t pray if I didn’t pray the prayer of faith, I believed it, I believe in creative miracles; I believe in the supernatural, I believe God can do anything!

Sid:  Well you know going back even before you were born your father had a Word about your life, what did God tell him?

Franklin:  He said he had laid his hands on my mother while she was carrying me and he would pray and God spoke to him and told him, “I’d leap in the womb” when he prayed for me.  He said, “I’ll give you a son and he’s going to preach and carry a Healing Ministry is what he said and a deliverance ministry to the people.”  And of course he didn’t tell me all of this for awhile you know, but he took me to pray with him all the time.

Sid:  Well, let me tell you something, you know this, but I’m envious of you, you were so blessed by having a father, now there was a point where everyone thought your father was crazy when he received the infilling of the Holy Spirit and he received… tell me a little bit about what happened to him that caused people to think that he was insane.

Franklin:  He went into the Spirit six days and six nights and didn’t come out and my Grandpa Bay, my mother’s dad, they got ready to send him to the insane asylum, they thought he was crazy.  And because he had received the baptism of the Holy Ghost and in this he saw what was happening and he said that, back then it was, we didn’t have no money, but he had $5.00 he put on the seaman’s trunk.  And he said “As he was coming out he saw a line of people coming to that trunk” and he said, “Lord, what is that?”  He said, “That’s the way it will be where the minister’s eyes;” got to say it like He said it, “That they’ll be more after the money then they will after souls at the end just before I return.” And…

Sid:  Well, he must be ready to return soon because that’s what is going on unfortunately.

Franklin:  That’s right and I look for Him, I’m looking for Him any time.

Sid:  So, your dad was six days and six nights, he was overcome by the Spirit of God, and now tell me a bit about your dad, I understand he couldn’t read or write how did he know what was in the Bible?

Franklin:  Well, God taught Him, God he taught him.

Sid:  What do you mean God taught him?  Come on now.

Franklin:  He said, “God carried him through the whole Bible, he said “I was there when Judas hung himself.”  He said, “I heard the rope rubbing against the rock, he carried me through the whole Bible.”  And you could not fool him.  You could read the Bible and miss quote one word and he’ll say stop son, that ain’t the way that it is, back up and read that word again.  We tried it, you couldn’t do it.

Sid:  Now he saw outstanding miracles among them was your brother and your mother died and came back to life, pick one of them and tell me about what happened.

Franklin:  Well, it was lightning struck my mother and it’s actually hit me at the same time but it didn’t kill me, it just paralyzed me and dad.  You couldn’t get to a doctor, we lived out of the country and a storm was so bad it knocked a hole in the ground as big as a wash tube when it hit mother on top of the head.  And he got down on his knees, pulled mother up and put her head in his lap.  And I remember the prayer he prayed, he said, “Oh God, don’t take her away from me, I love her and I need her to help me raise these children.”  And tears began to drop out of his eyes, I saw it with my own eyes, when the tears hit Momma’s cheeks she come alive and she’s been that way for thirty or forty minutes.

Sid:  I can’t resist, tell me about what happened to your brother.

Franklin:  My brother was in a car accident and I was there when they had to drill four holes in his head to let the pressure off his brain.  Momma and daddy had to sign at the hospital that they would not be responsible for what happened.  While we were waiting for him to come out the doctors come out, had him coming out with sheet and they said “Mr. & Mrs. Walden, I’m sorry we lost him.”  I was there and they pushed him in the room, daddy said, looked at him and just started to cry.  He walked over to the bathroom, went in there and locked the door, and you talk about groaning in the Spirit, the Bible speaks to that, and you could have heard him to the other end of the hall of the hospital.  He stayed at it five minutes, he come back out, reached over, pulled the sheet off his head and my brother looked up with those big brown eyes and the doctors just went “Wow.”  The nurses, it caused a real panic in the hospital, God had raised him up from the dead.

Sid:  So when you pray for someone you have a gift, a supernatural gift of faith, but to have that kind of a heritage, as I said, “It provokes me to jealousy to be able to have seen this as a young child; I mean most Christians grow up in the church and they never see a miracle.”  And you know what happens to their faith, the reverse of what happened to your faith.

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