Sid:  We are living in the days of Joel Chapter Two and Joel Chapter Three, we are living in the days that there is going to be such a mighty outpouring of God’s Spirit that it will be like the first church, the very first believers, the least believer in the Messiah could walk in the Supernatural to the point that the Catholic Church would declare them a Saint today.  But that’s normal, I want to be normal, I want you to be normal and there’s a missing ingredient you see we spend 1/3 of our life sleeping.  What if in that state where we’re so open to God’s speaking to us he spoke to us in dreams that we really understood, he would tell us about perhaps disaster that might be coming.  He would redirect our jobs or what we do for a living; He would give us solutions to problems.  He would give us direction, he’d give us Devine inspiration and my guest Mark Virkler says that he can even give us gifts in dreams we perhaps will get into that a little later in the broadcast.  But Mark on yesterday’s broadcast we found out that your first fifteen years of ministry you thought all dreams were pizza, you were too pragmatic, too logical and if you couldn’t figure out you were not going to speculate.  And then you came under the ministry of Reverend Herman Riffle who lived for ninety-three years and studied dreams and understanding and he gave you insight; then your whole life changed at least 1/3 of your life changed where you slept you began receiving a dream a week and understood it.  You told me before we went on the air that God gave you a prophetic word for our listeners.  Tell me that.

Mark:   Alright, I was journaling a couple of days ago and here’s what the Lord said.  He said, “My children can have direct ongoing living encounter with me that includes hearing me throughout the day as well as during the night.  I speak through my still small voice as well as through dreams and visions; I give myself to my children daily.  I am not a God who holds back, I give Myself completely to my children daily; I hunger for them to hear and see, they can hear and see.  Many do hear and see and you are teaching them how to hear and see more clearly.  Raise their faith and awareness of my voice to them through their dream.  Call them into faith, call them into belief for all responds to faith and belief; I respond to faith and belief.  If they will believe for me to speak to through their dream then they will receive; call them into faith and I will do the rest.

Sid:  Mark, we don’t have to be a prophet to recognize we are in the midst of and it seems to be getting progressively worse, tough economic times.  And if there’s every been a time that we have to take a third of our life that is normally wasted, except our body is restored and be able to hear from God and get redirection etc.  But one of the things I like about your course and it’s three CD’s five sessions and a workbook called “Hear God through Your Dreams” as you are very very foundational in scripture in fact you go thoroughly at discussion of every dream in the Bible.  Tell me some of the scriptural basis for us to be looking expecting God to speak to us through dreams.

Mark:  Okay, well one verse would be Psalm 16:7 David says, “I will bless the Lord who has counseled me in deed in my inner man; (in Hebrew it’s kidneys) my inner being instructs me in the night.  So that’s a really clear verse saying God gives everyone of us instruction and counsel at night through our dreams.  He’s the Wonderful Counselor the Bible is full of Him giving wonderful counsel to people.  You just look at the birth of Jesus, I mean the wonderful counsel He gave to Joseph to go to Egypt; He counseled him to come back to Egypt.  He counseled through a dream he told the wise men not go back to Herod, this is all wonderful counsel from the Wonderful Counselor protecting you and directing you so that you take the right steps to avoid calamity and are able to walk into the destiny that God has for you.

Sid:  Well, you teach a bit about how we literally can have a covenant established with us through dreams.

Mark:  Well, that’s a powerful story, it’s Genesis 15 and it’s the Abrahamic Covenant and God is entering into a Covenant with Abraham and of course the first covenant which is of course the Old Testament.  And what I didn’t even notice for years is that that happened in a dream.  God starts with a vision and then in the beginning of the chapter and then sends into a dream by the time you get into verse six or so and in this dream God show up, interacts with Abraham’s pretty afraid, he gets pretty terrified at one point, but that doesn’t mean it was a dream from Satan just because there was fear or terror there, it still was a dream from God.  And God specially said, “God entered into a Covenant with Abraham and then he awoke.”  And I thought what, I thought this was pizza and I’m finding out that God can enter into a covenant with me and with you and with our listeners and establish covenantal relationships with us in a dream?  I said, “His view of dreams is completely different than my view of dreams, I need to readjust my view of dreams.”

Sid:  Let me stretch you a little and maybe I won’t be stretching you.  But I have had guests say to me that when they dream many times they see themselves in another country and their ministering there and most people would think it was a dream but it was actually going on.  And then years later they go to that area they have never been there before, it’s actually the way it was in their dream and people say, “I saw you here and they’ve never even been there before!

Mark:   Well, that doesn’t stretch me okay, I think it’s exciting that…

Sid:  Have you ever heard of that?  Has that ever happened to you?

Mark:  Well, I’ve heard of that kind of thing happening, alright it hasn’t happened to me personally, I a little bit to left brain to probably go quite that far down the road of visionary encounter.  It seems like right brainers and prophets and prophetesses go further than left brainers do.  And that’s okay, I don’t have to be everything, I can be who I am and they can be who they are and we can team up and complement one another, prophets and teachers can get together.

Sid:  But that’s what makes you such a great teacher.  Anything you can do, anyone else can do because you can teach it.

Mark:  That’s our goal is to lay it out clear enough that anyone can do it.

Sid:  Okay, I have personally interviewed many people have given me charts of symbols and I have followed it and I’ve understood to a degree but I can honestly say it’s still multiple guess in many instances.  What’s wrong with me?

Mark:   I’m not sure any thing is wrong with you, okay, I’m you know I don’t go to a dream dictionary book to find out what these symbols mean.  I go to my own heart because my heart was the one drawing the pictures trying to communicate a message to me and I do believe the symbols are going to be different based on a person’s experience.  I mean if you look, I believe the symbols in your dreams are going to come out of your experiences.  You look at Joseph he’s a shepherd boy he lives in the open field.  The symbols in his dream are the symbols that surround him, it’s the sheaves bowling down, it’s a sun, moon and stars bowing down.  These are the symbols that surround a shepherd boy; his heart took those symbols wove them into a story for him and gave him a message.  Now when Nebuchadnezzar dreams, he’s a king who lives in a palace so he dreams of a statue of gold and iron and bronze and a little stone hitting it.  Well, what surrounds Kings who lives in palaces, statues of gold made out of themselves normally.  So you see the symbols were different based on the life of the person because the symbols come from the person’s heart, they do not come from a dream dictionary book in my estimation.  So see a person wants to ask their heart, hey what is that symbol mean to me?  I mean I grew up on a dairy farm, we had big red barn that meant a lot to me, I planned on being a farmer, if that big red barn shows up in my dream it means something unique to me.

Sid:  Why is it, I’m going to ask a question for myself right now, I have had several dreams in my life time that were absolutely literal, I did what God said and it came to pass.  And so as the pragmatist that I am said God, “Just give me literal dreams, but I feel like I’m wasting so much valuable information because of the symbolic dreams that I haven’t understood.

Mark:  Okay well you are right God can and does literal dreams, we have that in the Bible and He also gives symbolic dreams, the sun, moon and stars bowing down, that’s all symbolism; the sheaves that’s all symbolism.  You’re right if you missed that part then you’re missing an awful lot of counsel that you could be receiving.  So why don’t God just give us all literal dreams?

Sid:  That’s what I want!  Ha-ha-ha.

Mark:  Well, the Bible says that these are called dark sayings and what it is it’s your heart trying to communicate things to you that your mind wasn’t quite ready to accept in a really verbal approach, so your heart says let me give you some symbolism here and then you can pull out of it what you are ready to accept and what you’re not ready to accept we’ll just leave on the back burner and someday down the road and you’ll be ready to accept that.  So rather than forcing the message upon you it offers the message to you so if your heart is ready it will reach out and get it; if not it will just be on a back burner until you are ready for it.

Sid:  Now, one of the things that you urge people to do is to put a little pencil and paper next to their bed on say the table next to their bed.  Why do you do that, why can’t they just when they during their normal prayer time when they get up recall what they dreamt?

Mark:   Well, because they are probably not going to be able to recall stuff.  The simple act of putting that pencil and paper next to your bed you are communicating a message to your heart saying, “I take you seriously, I’m taking dreams seriously, and I’m letting you know if you are giving me a dream I will write it down when you give it to me.”  And your heart says, “Okay, he’s taking me seriously he doesn’t believe it’s a pizza dream anymore and because he’s taking me seriously I’m going to wake him up and remind him of the dreams, because if your heart does not wake you up…

Sid:  I can tell you this I find that I forget my dreams if I don’t write them down.

Mark:  That’s right and if your heart…

Sid:  Oops, our time is up, we’ll pick up here on tomorrow’s broadcast, Mark.

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