Sid:  Understatement for my guest, Evangeline Weiner.  Evangeline you were raised and faith was normal for you.  And that’s why I’m so excited about your book “A Calling of a Generation,” because your book is just loaded with testimonies of people that had impossible situations, but they were able to achieve their destiny.  And there are people listening to us right now with impossible situations, but they are able to achieve their destiny and then the teaching that you have in this book, this is like normal for you; it just bubbles out of you.  But I interviewed a young man by the name of Jason Westerfield who used to go out to the Yale University campus and witness and you’ve been out there witnessing; tell me about one of the occasions.

Evangeline:  Yeah, absolutely.  Yeah we were down there and I actually live down there too for three months and Jason and Jessica one day and we were going down to the bookstore and Jason said, “I feel like there is going be a miracle here, right in front of the bookstore where God’s about to show someone.”  And so this guy walked by who was on crutches and he said, “That’s him.”  And so we went up and we just said, “You know, what happened to your leg and can we pray for you?”  And he said, “Yeah, I would love it, you know that it’s so weird that I’m walking by here, I never come here and I had the weirdest feeling that as I drove by to pull over and get out.”  And anyway so we prayed for him and then he stood there and you know there was no signs of a healing and he looked at the man that we prayed for and he said, “What are you thinking?”  And I said, “Well, I’m wondering if you can walk.”  And he said, “All right,” so he took off his cast and he started walking and he was healed.  You know as he started crying, I just saw a picture of this man’s life you know and you know really just in your mind’s eye.  What that means is I just saw really a picture of him and I saw him you know standing in front of all these people and different things and I just started describing to the man what I was seeing and praying for him.  And he started crying and crying and saying “You won’t believe it, he said, that’s an actual dream that I had over ten years ago and I felt like that’s something that I was supposed to do with my life and I haven’t done it and I’ve hidden it and no one has ever heard this and he was just crying.  And as he felt faith for what God had, and so I think that day that not only was the leg restored but God restored a vision to him that you know maybe he had tucked away for over ten years and never told anyone.  And the supernatural power of God goes beyond anything we think is going to happen so it was amazing to see that guy’s life change.

Sid:  And for those that are perhaps tuning in for the first time, you were literally raised by going to campaigns with your parents Bob and Rose Weiner in Russia and in Ukraine and in Indonesia and so miracles are common place.  There are some people listening to us right now, especially there is someone with cancer that I believe is about ready to be healed, would you pray for people to be healed right now Evangeline?

Evangeline:  Yeah, absolutely, Lord, I just ask right now for each and every person listening that has an illness in their body.  Lord, we pray for recreative miracles for You to go in and recreate where even I hear someone saying right now, but I need this, I need that and there is no hope, and you need a recreative miracle.  And so right now, in the name of Jesus we pray for a recreative miracle, Lord I thank you, that it’s not by power or by might, but it’s by the Spirit and so Lord, I just thank you that by Your stripes we are healed and we claim each and every person that’s listening.  Lord, just that healing Lord that You promised that as You died on the cross you promised that You’d heal us of our sins and of all of our diseases and Lord, even right now I fell that there is someone who has unforgiveness towards people.  And ask God even about that area, if you feel that that’s you, even to let go and forgive that person, because often times that can hold us from receiving our healing, so just ask God about that.  There is somebody that has that.

Sid:  And I rebuke that spirit of cancer right now in Jesus name and I command healing to flow, healing , healing like a river in Jesus name and I thank Your Father that others are being healed right now.  I see people with pain in their back, in their neck, if you will just demonstrate your faith by moving your head if you have a neck ache or moving your back or if there’s any part of your body that has pain right now, move it right now and you’re going to move right into the precious anointing of God and no pain can co-exist in that anointing in Jesus name.  You know Evangeline the thing that my reviewer saying that they love about your book is your teaching.  I wonder if you can take a few minutes and teach us a little bit more about how we can increase our faith.

Evangeline:  Yeah, absolutely and even as we started on you know on a program a day or two ago; you know the first step is that God has given everyone a measure of faith.  And we all have a measure of faith and sometimes we wait until we feel like we’re Billy Graham or some spiritual person, whoever that is that we see that’s spiritual.  But God just wants us to step out and begin to exercise our faith.  And we’re never going to see the result before we step out and Number two is exercise your muscle of faith daily through stepping in you know obedience.  And often the Holy Spirit will give us something that we feel led to do and even many are saying, “Oh I felt that before.”  And you know we are not going to see it until we step out and just do it and that’s the way of increasing your faith.”  You know it’s like a muscle, you have to exercise it you know, we can get weaker and weaker physically if we don’t exercise, but as you exercise even your muscle of faith you’ll begin to see your faith grow.  Thirdly, you know we walk by faith and not by sight so don’t look at the circumstances surrounding your life, because they don’t determine what happens and you’ll never look at a circumstance and see what God wants to see because He doesn’t work in the natural perspective.  And so begin to just walk in faith and not look at the circumstances and you know “The word of the Lord is settled forever, and it stands firm.”  That’s what it says in Psalm 119 and also in Isaiah it says, “It will never return void, but will accomplish what God sends it to do.”  So as you step out in faith and obey what the Holy Spirit asks you to do or you know even in your life in situations He’ll meet you there, He promises to meet us there.  And in four, number four is pray and ask God to reveal His promise for you in your life, write down what you are specifically visualizing.  And you know this is really important, you know for faith in our life is we you know want to see His promises fulfilled for what He’s called us to do; you know just to begin to see it as it already is.  That’s a huge thing of faith is a lot of times people will picture the negative or picture the situation of disappointment or different things. Like if you are believing for a healing or you’re believing for a job they’ll often see themselves without a job or without the healing, but begin to just picture what you want to see.  You know align yourself with what the Word of God says.  You know He says His promises won’t return void and He promises you know to take care of us and promises to provide all of our needs in all of those things, so just begin to speak and to stand on what God’s promised.  Five says that, number five says thank the Lord that you’ve received it and what you’ve asked for and so it will be done.  So just begin to thank the Lord already you know, thank Him for your healing, thank Him for your job, thank Him for you know maybe a spouse that needs to know Him or thank Him for your children or whatever your believing for just begin to stand with Him, meditate on what your hoping for.  You know whatever we plant seeds for in our mind or you know the thoughts of our heart, they’ll grow, they’ll grow a good crop or a bad crop, and so we want it to produce a crop of hope and of faith and not produce negative things that aren’t going to produce it.  Number six, hold the specific thing desired in your mind and attach an emotion to it, and this was even in Dr. Cho’s book, “The Fourth Dimension.”  You know he talked about how he would just begin to picture, He asked first God for a bike, a chair, and a desk and he would just ask Him for it.  And then the Lord said, “What kind do you want specifically so that you’ll know that I’m the one that did it.  And he began to describe that he wanted a red bike, he wanted a big chair, he wanted a mahogany desk.  He began to see the emotions, he began to really see exactly what he wanted and God provided each and everything according to the detail.  And you know I’ve tried this over and over again and man does it work, you know the Holy Spirit wants to show that it was Him who did it.  And so number six is hold this specific thing in your mind, that is what I just said, and number seven is to seek the kingdom of God first and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.  And so remember you know that as we seek first the Kingdom that God promises that He will add all these things to us.  So whether that’s something you’re believing for or a person you are believing for, or a healing you are believing for you know as we seek first the kingdom, you know don’t let that thing become an obsession but begin to seek first the kingdom and allow Him to work in it.

Sid:  Evangeline in your deepest recess of your heart, what was your motivation for writing the book “The Calling of a Generation?”

Evangeline:  You know really over the past few years I’ve had a real burden to see this generation of Christian young people especially rise up in faith and believe God for the impossible.  You know I’ve seen young people with a genuine calling from God who want to change the world but they get caught up in living a routine existence in just checking off life’s check list of you know of I went to school, I got a job, I married someone, I had two kids, I own a car, I own a house you know.  It’s easy for us to get caught up in that, but I believe God wants to you know, He wants us to dream and not to settle for a routine existence of going to church and trying to be a good and successful person.  And you know I do believe that the Kingdom of God suffers from this loss and so this book was written you know out of that, just wanting so see young people rise up and believe God in faith and not to settle for a routine existence.

Sid Roth: And whether you’re young or just young at heart all God needs is a little bit of time and a heart that is revitalized with a fire of God and this book will do it.   It’s called “A Calling of a Generation.”

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