Sid:  I keep hearing the word new breed, I guess because I’m interviewing Andre Ashby and Andre is a new breed.  He sings the Song of the Lord, God downloads words to him of music.  This never happened until the Spirit of God so controlled him that he’s able to be a Psalmist for God.  And one of the things Andre that I love is your interested in the unsaved as well as the saved; and you actually go to bars where they have karaoke or open mike, tell me about one in New York City.

Andre:  Yeah, this is really interesting.  I went to a club called “Wilson’s” it’s on the upper West side of New York and there’s a lot of stars that went there like Jack Hay.  And I don’t know if you know all these people, but there was a lady who was the MC and her name was “Pepsi Coco Reilly and her dad…

Sid:  Oh, I remember her well.  No, I’m just teasing.  Ha-ha.

Andre:  Her Dad was a Baptist minister and from what I understand at that point, this was about ten years ago, she had walked away from the Lord for what I understand.  But I got up to sing a song called, “Everything must change,”  and it’s not a Christian song, it doesn’t talk about Jesus it’s just an R&B standard and it’s about the seasons of life.  And so when I sang it the Spirit of the Lord fell in the room and people began to get impacted by the Spirit.  But the cool thing is that after I sat down Pepsi Coco Reilly grabbed the microphone and she began to preach and she said, “For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ it’s the power of God unto salvation.”  And I brought a couple of friends with me and they said, “Wow Andre this was better than church this morning.”  And I was like, “Yeah,” God loves these people and what I begin to understand is that God apprehended people who would never step into a church.

Sid:  And you know what, I think you’ll see better results ministering the Lord in a bar than you’ll see in church.  Tell me about the time the gold dust appeared.

Andre:  Oh, that was really fun, that was in the duplex and that was in the Village in New York City.  And someone had asked could I sing, “I Believe I Can Fly,” you know that song.

Sid:  I do now.  Ha-ha.

Andre:  I’m like sure I can sing it, and so I was sitting there and I looked down at my hands and all the way up my sleeves was gold dust and I thought to myself, I went, “God, where was I around glitter?”  And then when I realized I hadn’t been around glitter I said, “Lord what are you doing here?”  And he said Andre, “I’ve anointed you for this.”  And I’ve seen God do amazing things in these nightclubs where God just impacts people.

Sid:  And another thing that intrigues me about you because you carry such a presence of God wherever you go is God’s shown you things in the past that has come true such as what was going to happen to gas prices, the economy, but he told you that we’re going to have a revival in America.  But I’ve never heard this before but it witnesses to me as truth, we’re going to have revival of the fear of the Lord.  What does He mean by that?

Andre:  He’s going to release in the body of Christ such a reverential respect of who He is because if we really understood who God was we wouldn’t live the way we do, a lot of us.  If we understood who God was we would worship Him with a full, just everything abandon to Him.  And the Lord told me, He said “Andre you guys are praying for revival,” He said “I Am going to send revival,” He said, “But it’s the revival of the fear of the Lord, because the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”  And He said, “I can’t release the other things that I want to release because there’s not a reverential understanding of who I AM.

Sid:  Tell me about this song we’re going to play from your new CD that we’re about ready to release right now, “Called Before the Throne.”  Tell me about “Through the Rain.”

Andre:  Awe that song, I love that song actually, it’s talking about no matter what were going through in our life.  It’s my personnel testimony because I’ve been through some real hard times in my life, but in the midst of it all, I could see God even in the hard times, the Lord made Himself real to me and invited me to come and dance this dance of intimacy for eternity.

Sid:  By the way, tell me about your mother who rejected you at birth because you were born through a rape; whatever happened to her?

Andre:  My mother, she past into eternity in 1999, she came to a saving knowledge of the Lord.  I asked the Lord not to take her until she knew him and I believe He honored that.  He told me in February that He was going to take her and He took her in October.  And I know my mother is in a great cloud of witnesses.

Sid:   What do people say about this particular song that we are going to play right now “Through the Rain?”

Andre:  People love this song because I think it deals with everything that most of our human experience that we, you know that there are going to be hard times; there are going to be struggles.  But God is faithful to see us through that, you might go through the water, but you’re not going to drown, you might go through a fire, but you’re not going to burn.  The song has really ministered healing to a lot of people that even in the midst of hard times, God is there.

Sid:  Let’s hear that.

Andre “Alone with You.” Music excerpt 6:10

Sid:  Well Andre I feel like we’re out of the storm now because it’s raining glory of God, what’s God telling you?

Andre:  I feel that the Lord is raising up a people in that hour that are hungry for His presence.  Who are not satisfied with ordinary Christianity; who don’t want to live according to the status quo but will go after God with everything in them.  And in the midst of going after God will do great exploits for His Kingdom.  I believe we’re coming into a season where there’s a shift in the spiritual atmosphere and the Lord is inviting us higher.  And I believe that the scene’s is Revelation 4:1 where the Lord is saying “Come Up where I AM.”  Be sensitive to My Spirit, listen to My voice and move as I speak.

Sid:  Out of curiosity what do you do to achieve greater intimacy with God?

Andre:  I think I just try to stay dependent on Him and worship Him.  Like I feel if you don’t do it at home, you can’t do it in public you know and I’ve learned about abiding in the presence of God is not about what you do, it’s about whether you’re washing the dishes or raising the dead, you’re in the presence of God.  And learning to walk in His presence.

Sid:  Andre, can I push your gift?  Could you sing a little bit of a song of the Lord, a song that God’s going to give you right this second?

Andre:  Sure.  Song of the Lord “Be still and know that I AM God.”

Sid Roth:  My goodness the anointing just keeps getting stronger and stronger.  It reminds me of Jacobs’s dream where there was the ladder and he saw the angels coming up and down and I feel like we’re climbing up that ladder just a little closer, a little closer.  And that’s what I believe Andre what people listen to your music. “Before the Throne,” are you getting reports of people saying they are experiencing the presence of God when they listen to this CD?

Andre:  Oh definitely, actually someone told me I should put a disclaimer on the CD don’t listen to it while you’re driving, because the glory of God came and they almost went off the road.

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