Sid:  And I am getting so red hot for the Messiah as I’ve been interviewing this actually the second time that I’ve interviewed Dr. Maldonado.  And the thing that makes me excited about Dr. Maldonado is not that he moves in supernatural signs and wonders.  Not that so many people are being healed of blindness and deafness and the lame are walking and the dead are being raised.  It’s that he has a teaching anointing; as a matter of fact tell me about that again Dr. Maldonado.  You had a visitation from the Lord and what did He tell you were commissioned to do?

 Guillermo:  Well, you know this visitation it was in my house, I was praying for awhile, was fasting and seeking God’s face and He came into my room in an audible voice saying, “I have called you to bring My supernatural power to this generation.  And after that I have seen like you were saying, it has been the seal; the mark of our ministry has been the supernatural.  And one of the things Sid that the Lord commissioned me and there’s an anointing for is for cancer.

Sid:  And cancer is so rampant right now, why does it seem, it seems to me that there’s more cancer, more people having cancer than I’ve ever heard before.  Why do you think that is?

Guillermo:  You know I believe it’s that we’re living in the last and the end times and the enemy’s is trying to do the you know the whatever he can to kill so many people, especially Christians.  And I remember one day Sid, I was praying and the Lord said to me, he said “I am angry against the spirit of cancer, He called it a spirit.  He said, “I’m angry, he said, “He’s destroying some of my people.”  And then He said, “I anointed you to destroy cancer.”  And as a result I have seen after that, I have seen hundreds of hundreds of people that have been healed.  And not only of cancer by not only me but many people that I have trained, that I have taught; they have also have that anointing to administer of cancer.  And if you ask me, “What is cancer, cancer produced by any natural means?”  No it’s a spirit because God showed me there’s two spirits behind cancer; it’s the spirit of death and the spirit of sickness.  So we’re dealing with spiritual entities as we’re not dealing with natural things.

Sid:  Teach me, because I want to understand this.  If I’m praying for someone with cancer, tell me how I would pray?

Guillermo:  You know how you would pray, the Lord taught me one day exactly.  The question you asked me, I asked the Lord and then the Lord said to me, “I want you to curse the seed and curse the root of it and rebuke the spirit of death out of the person.”  Again, he said, “Curse the seed and curse the root because I noticed and then cast out the spirit of sickness, be the spirit of death behind it.  Did you know Sid that when I pray for many people many times they get back to sick again; they got back to sick again.  And that’s what the Lord said, “You need to curse the seed, because I have seen, not many cases but some few cases where I said, “Well, they were healed and medically they wrote to the doctor; the doctor signed the paper saying he’s completely healed and then seven years later the person got sick again.”

Sid:  Well, you know in my experience I’m seeing that happen a lot, people that get supernaturally healed by God and then the same condition comes back.  And in the case of cancer you know why, because you didn’t…what does that mean, you didn’t curse the root, explain.

Guillermo:  Okay, curse the root with your mouth.  For example, I said, “I rebuke, I curse with the mouth declaring from my mouth.  “Father in Jesus name, I curse the root of cancer and I curse the seed of cancer.”  In other words I’m not only removing just the branches, but I’m removing the seed that causes the end will force.  The seed and the root is a demon and I said, “I rebuke the spirit of cancer, go.”  But one of the reasons Sid is not only not cursing the seed and root.  Sometimes it’s the people going back to; I just got back one specific case, she use to sing in my choir here at church and she got cancer and I prayed for her, she was completely healed.  The doctor said, “Declare her well, we don’t understand but we declare you’re healed.  As a matter of fact the doctor signed the paper and two years later she got sick again of cancer.  I didn’t understand, and I didn’t have the experience and I said, “Lord, what happened, you know we prayed, the doctor said it, we don’t know, we don’t understand.”  Of course because you’re dealing with spiritual entities, and when she died, and she died again, and she died after the second time the cancer came.  And one of the things that I asked the Lord, I said, “Lord, I don’t understand why, but let me find out what’s going on because Jesus said, “Do not go back and sin again.”  And so I said, “Well, let me check and I start finding out, you know talking to the parents of the family.”  And actually the person closest to her said to me, “Pastor, you don’t understand she was healed, but she became so bitter against her ex-husband and unforgiveness hit her and to the point that it opened the legal right to the enemy to come to attack her body again.”  So sometimes it’s not just you know not praying right, but also people giving legal right to the enemy.  In other words, the enemy doesn’t have any authority he has power because he stole it from Adam.  But he has authority; the authority that he has is the one that we give him.  How? When we disobey God and God said, “If you do not forgive, I will not forgive you.”  Many people that are listening now have unforgiveness in their heart against their parents, the people in church.  You cannot harbor, you cannot maintain unforgiveness in your heart because it’s an open door for the enemy to come to attack your body, your finances.  And when we go to the scriptures Sid we have so many scriptures God said, “If you do not forgive, I will not forgive you.”  He said, “If you bring your offering, please get you know reconciled with your brother first and then.”  And then we ask ourself, why is it that we haven’t, we give our tithes and offering and we don’t receive any financial blessing.  Well, that’s the answer you know you can’t keep unforgiveness in your heart.  I have prayed Sid, a very specific testimony.  Theres a woman that came to me and she was full of arthritis, I mean her fingers twisted and her bones and her foot and feet and the whole thing.  And it was a mess, I mean and I said what’s wrong with you?  And when I was going to pray for her the Lord said, “No, she has to forgive first.”  I told her, I called one of my workers and I said, “Listen, lead her to forgive,” and she did and she forgave the person.  When I prayed for her she was completely healed in a moment.

Sid:  Just out of curiosity, when someone is dealing with deep unforgiveness such as pull something out of the air, a girl was raped by her father, repeatedly growing up.  She knows, she is now a Christian, she knows she’s supposed to forgive her father, but she still has the pain of the memory.  How do you get rid of that?

Guillermo:  Okay, humanly we do not have the power to do it but there’s something called supernatural grace.  What’s the definition of grace?  Want a definition of grace; it’s to do what we cannot do in our own ability.  A person that has suffered and has been raped and has been abused by her own father, she’s so heart that she needs supernatural grace to forgive.  And that’s what I’ve told the people, you have to get a hold of the grace and how you have access to grace, through faith.  We have access to that supernatural grace, we need the grace but it’s supernatural, something that we cannot do in our own abilities; we need the supernatural grace.

Sid Roth:  Alright, what would you say; would you say the same thing to a woman that had an abortion is now a believer and just regrets it and keeps mulling it over.  What would you advise that person?

Guillermo:   It’s the same thing Sid, it is the same principal.  First of all we need to forgive, that is the first step.  If you ask me the steps how to do it, we do this every day in our ministry, in our daughter churches, in thirty countries in the world that we have churches.  This is the bread of the church, deliverance.  And first we lead the people, see let me tell you this Sid, inner healing and deliverance is for two kinds of people; the people that are desperate to be free and the people that repent.  You cannot have, you cannot be free of guilt because you had an abortion and you keep that unforgiveness against a person.  You need to repent of unforgiveness.  Repent of what?  Well, you cannot keep it in you and repentance is the door for you, the first step for being delivered.  The second is desperation, you need to be desperate.  You need to say, “Well, I don’t want this in my life, I don’t want to feel guilty anymore, I want to be free.”  And third, cry out for His grace, He will release the grace for you to be free; something that you cannot do on your own ability.

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