SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Mark Virkler. And Mark, you have a way that people can understand. People are being healed even as we’re speaking. Someone that has a pain in your neck, if you’ll move your head you’ll see that the pain is gone and your back has just been healed in the Messiah’s name, in Yeshua’s name. Oh, a hip has just been healed, too. Now Mark, what does the Bible say about dreams?

MARK: Okay Psalm 16:7, the Bible says, God says, “I will bless the Lord who has counseled me for indeed my heart instructs me in the night.” So David the psalmist said, I’m getting instruction in my heart from God, at night through my dreams. And God does amazing stuff in dreams. Genesis 15 is an Abrahamic covenant. God meets Abraham in a dream, puts him to sleep, and Abraham says, “Terror came into the dream,” which you know some people would suggest, well if there’s a fear there it’s not God. Well this had fear and it was God, and God established a covenant with Abraham in the dream. And it clearly says, “God established a covenant” and it’s the Abrahamic covenant. It’s the Old Testament established in a dream. And I said, “A dream?” I said, I thought dreams were left over pizza. And God says, “No. I speak through the dream.” He says it both Old and New Testaments. In Acts 2:17, He says, “In the last days I’ll pour my spirit. A young man will see visions. Old men will dream dreams.” He clearly says, “I speak through the dream” in both Old and New Testaments.

SID: Now when people sit through your teaching, you make certain guarantees, if you will. What are they?

MARK: I will guarantee that if you will do several very simple things you will have dreams every single week of your life that you can recall, and you can begin to work with those dreams, ask God what is the symbolism of those dreams. He will show you the message and you can receive Divine counsel from God through those dreams.

SID: Okay. I want you to teach me now. I want him to teach you, too. Give me some simple steps.

MARK: Okay. Really simple steps. First up is you need to say, “I believe God speaks through the dream. I believe in dreams. I believe they’re important.” Because those are signals to your heart saying, “Look, if you wake me up, I’ll pay attention.” And your heart needs to hear you say that. And another way you can signal your heart is you put paper and pencil next to your bed and say, “Look, you give me a dream. I’ll write it down when you wake me up.” And your heart says, okay, I’ll wake you up. Because it, your heart needs to wake you up within five minutes of the dream ending or you won’t recall it. So all these first three things that you’ve just done signal your heart saying, wake me up. So now it’s going to wake you up. You got dreams…

SID: Mark, you really mean that if I get so serious that I put a pencil and paper by my nightstand that’s really telling God and telling myself that I’m expecting. That’s faith.

MARK: Yes. It’s faith and God rewards faith. You know that. Everyone knows that, right? According to your faith be unto you. So if I say, my faith is dreams are pizza. My heart says, fine. Sleep through the whole thing and you won’t get my counsel. If my faith says, hey, God speaks in the dream; my heart says okay, you honor me. I’m going to wake you up and give you the revelation I’ve been trying to offer you.

SID: Okay. So you have the pad. You go to sleep. You proclaim that you believe that the Bible is true, that God speaks to us in the night seasons, like he spoke to David. And you have the dream. You write it down. Then what?

MARK: Okay. It’s mostly symbolic. In the dream…in the Bible

SID: That’s been my problem.

MARK: I know. And like you said, instead of going to a dream dictionary book, the symbols come out of my heart, because my heart is writing the script, and my heart has pictures. It’s going to communicate to me through pictures. So is yours. So when Joseph dreams, his dreams pick up symbols that surround him. He’s a shepherd boy. He lives in the open field. So his symbols are sheaves bowing down, the sun and the stars bowing down. These are symbols that surround him. When Nebuchadnezzar dreams, he dreams of a statue of gold. Nebuchadnezzar had made a statute of gold and told people to bow down and worship it. So that’s the symbols that surround him. So your heart picks individual symbols that mean something to you. So you ask the question, okay, what’s that symbol mean to me? And then you tune to flow.

SID: Tell me some other questions that would be good for me to ask from this dream I just happened.

MARK: Alright. I would ask: what’s the key action of the dream and what’s the key emotion of the dream? The key action is I’m falling. Then I would say, okay, where in my life do I feel like I’m falling as of yesterday? I say, I know my faith got shattered. I believe God was going to do something. He didn’t do it. I feel like I’ve lost my footing. Okay, so the dream is talking about the shattered faith. Alright, so the key action, I look for that key action in the dream and where in my experience in that key action in my own life.

SID: That is such a key element. I mean, to me, this opened up for me, my dream. That’s the affect it had on me.

MARK: Exactly. And then the other question is the key emotion. What’s the key emotion you have? And if the key motion is, I’m feeling really frustrated. Then I’d ask: where in my life am I feeling really frustrated right now? And I think, oh yes. And when I ask the question I tune to flow. I don’t wrinkle my brow and think.

SID: Now what do you mean you tune to flow?

MARK: Tune to flow. The Bible says, “Out of my innermost being shall flow rivers of living water.” So when my heart wants to talk, it talks through flowing thoughts. So I tune to flowing thoughts, not analytical thoughts. I don’t scratch my head and say, think it up. I put a smile on my face, lean back and say, hmm, what’s that mean to me? I tune to flow with it and it pops into my attention.

SID: Do you write it down when you tune to flow?

MARK: Yes. Once I tune to flow and the ideas begin to come I begin to write because if I start writing I’m writing in faith and the flow will continue, and I can get a paragraph of interpretation.

SID: Okay. For a man that was like me, that your dreams were pizza dreams, you couldn’t figure them out, so you didn’t even bother. You’re so pragmatic.

MARK: Right.

SID ROTH : Let me put you on the spot. Give me an example of someone that did what you have just taught and their dream, and what happened.

MARK: Alright. So here’s a young lady, Suzanne. She’s been through the dreams material and she’s in nursing school training to be a nurse. And God gives her a dream that night saying, no. All her classmates are in nursing uniforms and she’s in a dance leotard. Well she misses the message of that dream, which was you’re supposed to be a dancer. So God gives her a second dream a month later, and he lowers a dance banner down from Heaven. She climbs all the way up it. She gets in His presence. He pours gold down from her head all the way down her body and says, “Now you’re prepared and ready.” And she still doesn’t get the message. So He gives her a third dream. He says, “Go to your journal and in the journal, ‘Dance Academy.’ Start a dance academy.” She started one. That’s about eight or 10 years of age now. Last week she had 200 graduating students in her dance recital and 1000 people came to watch that dance recital. So it opened up a whole new avenue of life for her. She was on the wrong track. God got her on the right track and He has blessed and prospered her through her dreams.

SID ROTH: Imagine how her life would have been changed if she had not had that dream, understood it and then did it. That’s what’s about ready to happen to you. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back.

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