SID: Hello, Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. I wouldn’t want it any other way. I love breathing the rarified air of Heaven. Here, take a little. I mean, I feel like it’s radiating out of me, and it has to for what you’re about ready to hear, because my guest, Gary Kah, has information that the secular media has intentionally blocked from the American public, because he is an expert in End Times. He’s been literally called by God from a youth to study the economic, the political, the religious system and the forerunners of what the Antichrist is doing, and it’s like a really behind-the-scenes interview. Gary, I’m very intrigued. Your father was involved in running, fleeing from Nazism and Communism. And as a young boy, there was something you couldn’t understand. What was it?

GARY: That’s right. When my parents shared with me what they went through in World War II, my father fleeing from the Nazis and Communists and becoming a refugee; my mother growing up under Hitler in Germany and her father, my grandfather, being so outspoken against Hitler that the mayor of his village had to intervene on his behalf so the Gestapo wouldn’t haul him away. And growing up and hearing about these stories I thought, how could that have happened in Germany and surrounding areas where there were so many Christians at one time?

SID: You know, I’ve often wondered that. But you know, there really is a spiritual blindness that can come on people.

GARY: Definitely. And being aware of that and understanding that by sixth grade, I remember making a commitment in my public schoolroom in Kettering, Ohio, that if anything were to ever happen in this country like what happened in Europe during Hitler’s day that I would take a stand for what is right regardless of the cost. And I remember very clearly praying that prayer, and it was during a world history session in sixth grade, and I never thought that the Lord would take me up on that some day.

SID: But that was a very, it was literally a vow that you made. And I think if you knew what you were in to right now, you may not have made that vow. Your training was really very, very interesting. After college you were the European-Middle East trade specialist for the state of Indiana. You went to, how many was it, 30 different countries, including Israel. And this was preparing you for what you were called to do. But the thing that is so fascinating to me is there was an election in Kenya, and one of the men that was running in this election to be the head of Kenya, he has a very famous cousin. Tell me about him.

GARY: Well the name of this gentleman, this was a few years ago and he was running for President of Kenya, and his name was Raila Odinga. And in an interview with the BBC in, I believe it was early 2008, he revealed that he is the cousin of Barak Obama. In fact, his exact words were that, at that time Senator Obama’s father was Odinga’s maternal uncle. In other words, Odinga’s mother and Obama’s father were sister and brother.

SID: So they’re pretty close biologically.

GARY: They are pretty close biologically, according to Odinga, yes.

SID: Now tell me about this Odinga that was running for president.

GARY: Well at the time he was arguably the most radical Muslim leader in Kenya and had a group of other Muslim leaders under him at that time.

SID: Now when he did not win, what happened? What did his followers do?

GARY: Well they went out on a rampage. And approximately 800 churches in Kenya were torched and about a thousand Christians lost their lives. And over here in the secular media, it was presented as being civil unrest. But really it was a lot of persecution against Christians. Things got so bad that the government of Kenya stepped in and said, okay, in order to have peace, we’ll make you, Raila Odinga, we’ll make you our Prime Minister. And so he’s now Prime Minister of Kenya along with a president from a different party whose last name is Kibaki. So the two of them are ruling jointly. You could argue that Odinga has the upper hand. And in order to try to get elected when he was running during his campaign, he promised his followers that he would try to institute Sharia Law if he got into power.

SID: But the thing that is so amazing to me is a group gave $1 million for this man that literally his followers murdered over a thousand Christians, torched hundreds of churches, and the money that came in, a million dollars, according to, I’ve examined the sources. Who did this come from?

GARY: It came from an organization called Friends of Senator B.O. In other words, friends of Senator Barak Obama. So apparently, people who are close to Barak Obama, they donated 66 million Kenyan shillings, which translates into about $950,000 toward Odinga’s election campaign.

SID: I don’t understand why the media is not concerned. Do you understand that? I don’t understand why the secular media is not shouting it from a rooftop. But you know, you’ve gotten into trouble because of this vow that you’ve made many times. For instance, you found there was a new currency system being set up in the early ’80s for the United States of America, and you were warned not to talk about this sort of thing. Explain.

GARY: Well back in February of 1984, I was invited, I worked under the Lieutenant Governor of Indiana at the time. I was invited along with some people from the major’s office of Indianapolis and also some people from Senator Richard Lugar’s office to tour a manufacturing facility in Indianapolis that was planning a major expansion. And after taking the tour, we discovered the reason they were planning to expand was because they were to print the new printing presses that would be printing the new U.S. currency. So of course, our natural question was, what U.S. currency? We all worked for the government and we didn’t know anything about it. And so I began doing some digging into it at that time. And of course, that new currency began to come out in 1996. So we found out about this some 12 years before it actually happened. And the ultimate goal was to change a lot of the major currencies of the world, giving them common features to eventually merge everything into a single global currency system down the road.

SID: But I understand this cost you your job. Why?

GARY: Well that and a number of things that happened, as well, that I began to take a stand on, and I spoke out against some of these things as tactfully as I could for about 10 months or so. And then in April of 1985, I was given an ultimatum by a superior telling me that I needed to keep quiet about this or else risk losing my job.

SID: And so what did you do?

GARY: Well I took one more trip overseas that was already planned. I traveled with the Indiana Secretary of State to Russia and China. And on the trip home, in San Francisco as I was praying, the Lord gave me the words to write for a letter of resignation. And so after coming back from that trip, I submitted that letter. That was in late April, early May of 1985, and three weeks later, I did leave my job

SID ROTH: Wait until you find out. You see, Gary was given an invitation to join the World Parliament Association. Most people have never even heard of this organization. But he has documents and the types of people that are members that will amaze you. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back.

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