Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to be so red hot for the Messiah, you see the Messiah is coming sooner than any of us dare think and we’re getting ready for the greatest outpouring of the release of miracles to demonstrate the Kingdom of God.  And I want you to be prepared and that’s why we’ve come out with my new book, “Supernatural Healing.”  You see for over thirty years I’ve done investigative reporting of miracles and I’ve taken the best miracles over these thirty years put them into the book then my co-author Linda Josef has taken the keys of how these people got healed.  And God is such a unique wonderful God and we are such unique wonderful people that each one, they’ll be a nuisance from each healing that you are going to grab on to.  And I am believing in Yeshua’s Name that you will be healed as a result of going through this entire book.  Now one of my favorite healings, whose testimony is in this book, I have her on the telephone, Jan Aldridge and I’m speaking to her at her home in Mechanicsville, Virginia.  And Jan you were born with a deformity, tell us about it.

Jan:  Well Sid, in 1961 when I was born as a result of my Mom undergoing treatment to treat a thyroid condition she was receiving radiation treatment.  She conceived me and when I was born, as a result of that I had what doctors called an elongated tongue.  And that’s just a medical term that means I was born with a tongue twice as long as normal, twice as wide as normal and twice as thick.

Sid:  Now I researched that on the internet and that was not such a unique thing, it’s happened to many people;  it must have been a horrible horrible embarrassment as you got older.

Jan:  Oh, it was and the enemy made sure that even though I raised in a Christian home, a religious home, not understanding a relationship with the Lord, the enemy blinded my eyes to think that God had done this to me to punish me.  So even though I was raised in church I had a wall of separation between me and the Lord because I thought this was His punishment to me.

Sid:  And by the way, from an investigative viewpoint we have a picture of her with the elongated tongue as a baby.  When did you first realize that God could heal you?

Jan:  Well, it wasn’t until my senior year, I was seventeen years old and the doctors had approached my parents about doing seven to nine cosmetic surgeries that would entail cutting the tongue and reconstructing my face.  But the end result would be that I would never speak again.

Sid:  Well, how could you consider that?

Jan:  Well, my speech impediment was so poor at the time because the size of the tongue I couldn’t speak.  And I just…my desire for my life was to walk into a room and nobody notice me.  And had been made fun of and drooling all the time, I just out of desperation I just wanted anything that I could do to stop that ridicule.  And my best friend in high school got radically saved and as a result of that I was introduced to a Pentecostal Church and I began to hear the same word preached with a different measure of faith.  And I went to a service and the Lord used a man of God to give me a word of knowledge and the word of knowledge confirmed the written word that by his stripes I was healed at Calvary.  And the Lord just in prompted me to I feel like a gift of faith that I just knew at that moment, I knew that I knew that I knew that I was healed.

 Sid:  What about that surgery you had planned?

 Jan:  I went back and that’s why I say that it had to be a gift of faith because I was so young in the Lord to just recently born again.  I went and told the doctor that I didn’t need this surgery that the Lord was going to heal me.  And of course nothing against this doctor, but he gave me a stack full of medical facts of why it would be impossible.  But I kept…that measure of faith just rose up in me that nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible with God.  So I told the doctor thank you, but no thank you.  And so that began a journey from July 3rd of 1979 until December 4th of going around with a speech impediment going like this right here (slurring words) that Jesus was going to, that He had healed me.  And when you begin to declare that you are healed before the manifestation people can really look at you like you are an odd person.  But God honored His word and it was six months later on December 4th.  And like I said, it was July 3rd when I received the word of knowledge that confirmed the written word.  I went to a small Bible Study and they laid hands on me that night and I was supernaturally healed.

Sid:  Tell me because this is my favorite part, of your tongue literally felt like it was on fire?

Jan:  Yes, I went forward, now here I am you know with a birth defect that is evident and I can’t help but get amused about how God has to look at us and I’ve got someone with the Holy Spirit praying for me and they’re praying for my future and all.  And all of a sudden my tongue got just, I mean it got hot, I don’t want to say warm, it got so hot and I had it doubled up.  I could manipulate it with my hands to fit it in my mouth as long as I kept my lips closed.  And it began to get so hot I literally had to open my mouth to get some relief.  And when I opened my this tongue had been consistent all my life that from the size and the weight of it would just fall in place down to right above my chin.  But this night when I opened my mouth and she was praying for me my tongue just shot straight out and it was just vibrating or just shaking to the point that I would think the Lord is healing me.  But I was thinking everything but that I was actually receiving a miracle.

Sid:  You even, as it began to get smaller you began to think, oh God, it’s going to get too small.

Jan:  I did, because I never felt a normal tongue and I thought that I was going to swallow it.  I mean instead of saying make it smaller, I was saying, “That’s enough God, that’s enough.”

Sid:  Now could you feel it just shrinking?

Jan:  Well in a time period I want to say of about ten minutes that I just stood there after I was prayed for with my hands raised, I could feel a little movement, but I think I was so…I think we set ourselves up sometimes.  We know God can do anything, but we set out selves up that if He doesn’t were not going to be devastated.  So when I began to feel the movement I was trying to reason myself, maybe I shifted my weight to another foot, maybe I did this.  But Sid when it went over my bottom lip I knew that I knew, that I knew that God was faithful and I was healed.

Sid:   Now tell me, when you got home what happened?

Jan:  To me that was precious because growing up with a birth defect I was always conscious of how it affected me and I guess with maturity and age I began to realize that the enemy I’m sure used it to accuse and condemn my Mom that maybe she should have intervened and done something.  But that night the whole way home, you have to understand I had a speech impediment because the tongue was too big and just because it got healed it was so small I literally had to learn how to speak with it being that size.  But with the Lord’s help that night when I got home my parents had already gone to bed and when I went through the front door I said for the first time with clarity, Momma.  And my Mom came down the hall with tears in her eyes and she said, “He’s done gone and healed you, hadn’t He.”  So we had a great time of rejoicing.

Sid:  Out of curiosity, did you ever go back to that specialist that wanted to cut your tongue up?

Jan:  I did, I did my Dad is a very wise man and my Dad has always instilled integrity and so we went back to the doctor and I thought the doctor was going to be, you know rejoice and we were going to have revival because of what God had accomplished.  And when I first walked in I didn’t assume, but he thought that I had gone to another surgeon for surgery.  And so he said, “If I would allow him to do some testing and searching that he could expose that I had surgery.  And so after two hours of him investigating he had to declare that it was a miracle.

Sid:  I’ll tell you, every time I hear your story, I get excited and my faith just soars.  You told me before we started this interview that God is showing you that there is a division coming in reference to faith, explain.

Jan:  Well, I believe that I was called to administer before I was in my Mother’s womb and I believe the reason the enemy attacked my tongue was that was the part of the body that God had set apart from the womb He had called me to preach.  I believe that the way the enemy is attacking you is really where He’s the most threatened.  And so when I come to the knowledge of not only my calling of preaching, but the prophetic I could see where the enemy was try to stop the voice of God.  And I think he’s using that same tactic now by trying to lull the church to sleep because in Matthew, in the book of Matthew it said that we have eyes to see but see not, ears to hear not because this nation’s heart has been calloused.  And I believe that faith has become a by word and to me the definition of faith is I believe that God can do anything.  But to believe is to say, I believe He will do it for me.  And I believe that there is a separation of those who are to the point where God is God; He’s not just a relic that church is not just a museum of what He use to do; but He is active, He’s alive and I believe that this is going to usher in the greatest revival and outpouring of the Holy Spirit that has ever been seen.

Sid:  Just out of curiosity and by the way someone’s neck was just healed just as Jan is speaking there’s such a presence of God moving, in fact Jan I believe that if you pray right now very quickly they’ll be an outbreak of miracles.

Jan:  Father God, I thank you that you are the miracle working God and Lord you have not lost any of your creative or healing power.  And Lord your Word, I send Your Word forth right now right now Father God that is such a powerful Word that Lord it will go to every need, every disease, every sickness, I speak life in the name of Jesus.  And I speak that the power of death, the power of disease is broken and Lord I just thank you for miracles, I thank you that what doctors and man has deemed impossible is still possible with you.  So Lord, right now we just thank you for the healing of the body, the soul, and the spirit.  And Lord we will hear many testimonies that will only bring You glory in Your Kingdom in Jesus Name.

Sid:  I love it when the healing anointing gets released and that’s what’s going on right now, its pouring out of your radio or computer, just like a river, it’s a river of healing  and wherever that river goes, people are healed.

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