Sid: That’s kind of an understatement for my guest Joan Hunter; she’s been a guest many times.  Most of you are familiar with her parents affectionately called the “Happy Hunters.”  And Joan I have to believe that one of the major impacts of your parents, and their in Heaven now; one of the major impacts is if they could do the miracles and the healings anyone could.  That was the feeling I had and I image a lot of people had when they watched them minister.

Joan: That is very very true and people not only where Mom and Dad were concerned, but also in my services “They’ll go it can’t be that easy, it really can’t be that easy.”  Well the word of God says that “We’re going to lay hands on the sick and they’re going to recover.”  And if mom and dad could do it I knew I could do it, I did it and if I do it I know that anybody that’s listening who is a believer can do it because that’s what the Word of God says.

Sid: And you know my logic, my spiritual logic says this whole thing should be easy, but it’s become so complex; and I look at what you teach and for instance you teach about erasing the pain of your past.  And I’m expecting some very complex things and years of intensive prayer and mediating on the word; and you show them instant ways of getting rid of the pain of the past; instant ways of closing the doors of stress and trauma.   And as a matter of fact I love your new book called “Healing Starts Now,” it’s a complete training manual; and the reason I love it is you not only take every major disease, but you tell us exactly how to pray for it.  And you not only tell us exactly to pray for that particular disease, you have pictures of you or other people exactly how they should pray.  Its, I have to tell you my thought as I was reading it is it’s too easy.

Joan: And man and theology has made healing hard; I believe that we need to get back to the basics; I believe in the kiss method.  You know, keep it simple saints, not the other way, saints, and as simple as it is people are going you “These, this you know, it can’t be real, it cannot be real.”  And like I’ll pray for somebody for new, I’ll put my hand around the neck area very lightly, of course not very tight and just say in the Name of Jesus I speak health and wholeness to all the vertebrae’s and disks in this back in Jesus Name.  I command the height to be restored because with osteoporosis and fusions of the back and deteriorated degenerative disc disease all these things people lose height.  And I’ll say in the Name of Jesus I command this body to be restored to the proper height and it just goes l-2-3-4 inches in a matter of seconds.  And congregation will just go, “Ahhhhh!” they’ll just start screaming.

Sid: Tell me about one person you did this for.

Joan: Oh, literally hundreds in the last month. Like a lady came in and she had osteoporosis; her bones were eaten up with just arthritis and everything not to mention the pain.  And had a dowager hump, completely humped over prayed; I commanded the dowager hump to go straight and her back to go straight and her vertebras to be restored and her discs.  And she just, I mean in a matter of oh maybe five seconds grew four inches, back is as a board, strong as can be, pain gone, new vertebras and disks because she could move her head up down, sideways not all the way around but most of the way.  And just total complete freedom that she hadn’t experienced in twenty years.

Sid: You told me that you recently got back from a trip to El Salvador.  Tell me about one of the meetings there.

Joan: It was so incredibly crowded, we couldn’t the people, they were anticipating 200, we had 450 people crammed in a room that holds about 250 and they couldn’t get to me, I couldn’t get to them.  I love praying for the sick and laying hands on the sick and so forth and it was just like, how can I do this God?  And He said, “This is when you click into the working of miracles.”  And so I said, “Anybody who’s got a knee problem stand up put your hands on your own knees and let’s pray.”  And I had them actually repeat the prayer, “Father right now in the Name of Jesus I curse any form of arthritis or anything like that, any form of trauma to the knees command all pain to go and I speak to knees, new knees in one-two whichever one they needed in the Name of Jesus.  And I said, “Thank you Jesus” and the go “Glory Adios.”  And I said now “Check your knees, how you feeling?”  Every single one of them were completely healed and we did that with shoulders, pain in the neck, pains in the back sciatic nerve.  There was literally thousands of different healings because some people had five or seven diseases and they were all healed.  The reports coming in of people getting healed in that meeting, some we cannot tell at the meeting like diabetes, but the reports that are coming back that they are free of diabetes and I never laid hands on one of them, and yet there was thousands of healings that night.

Sid: It was an atmospheric anointing, that’s what you’re describing.

Joan: Yes.  And the day before that particular meeting that I was describing I had two people that came in that were paralyzed; one had fallen five, out of a five story building I think on construction; the other man was shot in his back.  And so I said “Okay I’m going to pray, curse a spirit of death and death assignment, command the spinal cord to go back together etc.”  And I’ve got long fingernails and not too long, but anyway I said, “I’m going to go down the side of your body; you tell me when you can feel it.”  And you know he said, “Yes, yes, yes” and I got to like the rib cages and he said, “Whoa I’m ticklish and I didn’t even know I was ticklish,” because he had paralyzed for fifteen years and went down all the way to his toes and his toes were tickling you know he could feel it; he had complete feeling restored to his lower body.  The other guy the same also; one is completely walking with, he’s just strengthening in his legs; the other one is starting to walk now.  And it’s just awesome getting the reports back you know from when I was there with all this supernatural healings that God does.

Sid: You know, I love to interview you Joan because your anointing jumps on me as I’m listening to you, and as I’m listening to you I see someone getting an entire new hip, whole pelvic area and hip bone.  It’s just I normally don’t get a word that specific, but I got it as I was talking with you and I found the same thing was true with your Mom when I would interview her.  Tell me briefly about the time with your own eyes you saw your parents ministering in Columbia with all those wheelchairs, tell me about it.

Joan: It was so incredible this was one of the high lights of Mom’s life of going down there and I had the privilege of there, being with her when this happened.  And she just goes “Oh God there is so many people here that need healing and Father just touch all of them are in their wheel chairs, heal them in the Name of Jesus.” And all of a sudden these people just started popping up all over this room or actually it was a soccer stadium that had somewhere between 50 and 75,000 added.  And they were just getting up out of wheel chairs, getting out of wheel chairs and they didn’t know what to do so they took their wheel chairs and their going “ Woo, woo , woo” raising them up and down and up and down.  And then they just started, they didn’t know what to do with them because they didn’t need them anymore so they started passing them forward and we had over fifty wheel chairs that had been sent up to the front because the people didn’t need them anymore.   I’m not aware of any body going home in a wheelchair that night.

Sid: Has the Spirit of God spoken to you about something that Kathryn Kulman prophesied?  She prophesied, “A day is coming in which Christians will go into hospitals and clear out everyone that is sick.  And I believe that we’re living in that day right now.

Joan: I totally agree with you on that; part of my teaching is “Close the Door to Stress and Trauma” which I do the prayers in the book.

Sid: Well, why is it so important to close the door to stress and trauma?

Joan: Well, trauma is what’s bringing on so many of these problems that people are having and you know you may have prayed for people and they we’re healed.  I had a lady come in recently and she was in a wheel chair and she had arthritis, she had a problem with her rotator cuff, she had a slew of things, so much pain, digestion and she said, “I prayed, I use to pray with your Mom and Dad on the Healing Team all of this kind of stuff and I can’t get myself healed.”   And I said, “Have you prayed for trauma?”  She goes I never heard of that until tonight.  And I said okay, “Father right now in the Name of Jesus I curse the spirit of trauma, I command it to be gone from this body in Jesus Name.”  She started crying, she started getting free of the trauma that had happened to her.  I said, “I curse the rejection, the abandonment, the this the that and the trauma from falling on the shoulder”, and I just went through a whole list of things, and then at that point she just went; I never prayed for her healing, I never had time to because she was already healed because the trauma and the cellular memory; which is, you can goggle that and find out the truth about cellular memory and it remembers the trauma.

Sid: It stays in your body, what about someone who’s mind has blocked the trauma and they don’t even remember it to ask for prayer?

Joan: Well, I make sure everybody I pray for that I cover the spirit of trauma no matter what it is.  People come in with fibromyalgia, they have forgotten about the trauma of fibromyalgia the root cause is trauma.  So I have had literally I’ve seen thousands of people healed in the last three years of fibromyalgia.

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