Sid: We want everyone everywhere to have such intimacy with God it plain doesn’t matter what happens in the world because if God’s for you who can be against you.  And my guest is Dennis Jernigan and Dennis is a God ordained Psalmist.  His music, he calls himself God’s receiver rather than a writer in music; he receives his music from heaven.  And thousands have been set free, but I believe that because of what he has experienced the anointing of God is so strong on his spoken words and on his music that thousands have reported being set free, being healed, being delivered when they sit under an anointing that destroys every yoke.  On yesterday’s broadcast we find Dennis was exposed to circumstances that caused him to believe that he was homosexual; he was a strong Christian but he knew that was a taboo sin and therefore he hid it for many years.  He found a mentor in college that helped a little bit but then this mentor turned on him in a homosexual way.  And it really wasn’t until 1981 and you went to a concert by the Second Chapter of Acts and in this concert one of the members, as I understand it Dennis Jernigan stopped in the middle of a song with a prophetic word, tell me about that.

Dennis: Yeah, Annie Herring was the big sister, it was two sisters and a brother in this Christian Rock and Roll band and I got there early enough because I couldn’t afford the records and I wanted to get a; I brought my tape recorder because they seem so real to me and they didn’t write songs just for the radio.  And sure enough during the song they just stopped and I had never seen anything like this before; she began to prophecy.  And you have to understand there is 4500 people there but she was talking to me.  And she said that, “There is somebody here tonight and you’ve experienced things you never dreamed you would have to go through and you’ve got things hidden in your heart that you never would want anyone to know; you would be humiliated if they did but God want to tell you right now He sees the things you are hiding and he loves you anyway.”  And we are going to sing over you and as we do we want you to do something, we want you to make it like it’s Christmas tonight, we want you to reach into the hidden places of your heart and get honest with God, take those things out and give them to Him like a gift on Christmas morning which sounded like a terrible gift to me but I got what she was saying.  She said, “So you give those things to Him, see Jesus take them on the cross and then at the same time at Christmas you also received things, so what do you need from the Lord?”  So I just did what she said, I got honest with the Lord and for the first time, see I thought that homosexuality was too vial for Jesus to take on the cross because of what I’d seen Christians portray about that particular sin, but one sin is no different than the next, the all separate us from the Father.  So I did that, I gave my sin to Jesus and what I received from Him in return was just an amazing depth of love like wave after wave, after wave that I had absolutely honestly never experienced in my life.

Sid: And by the way, I think that that’s one of the things that people experience when they hear your music today; they call it liquid love.  Have you heard that report?

Dennis: Yeah, it often comes back to me like just waves of love rolling over people.

Sid: Okay, was this the first time you experienced that?

Dennis: Yeah, very much so because you have to understand I thought I was less than a man.  I thought I was something less than other guys, and I thought I was…and I was so ashamed of who I was that the Lord had to break through that shame with His love and He revealed to me that He bore my shame on the cross.  So I had nothing to be ashamed of, it was all taken from me and the fact, the reason I even shared my testimony publically for the first time was because of Psalm 107:1 & 2 was says “Oh give thanks to the Lord which says he is good for His loving kindness is everlasting let the redeemed of the Lord say so.”  And what He has told to me, Sid was that “Dennis I have redeemed you, it doesn’t matter what you were redeemed from as long as you were redeemed; and if you don’t say what you’ve been redeemed from how are those that are in the same bondage going to know that there is hope?  They are not, so you’ve got to tell not only that you are redeemed and what you were redeemed from.”  At least that was His word to me and I thought that my life would be over in that moment but the exact opposite has taken place.  The more I confess the Glory of the Lord more people are redeemed and set free in their own lives.  So I love to tell what God has done for me, I absolutely love it.

Sid: But you know something that really spoke to me Dennis as I reviewed your story before; this is the first time that I have met Dennis by way of telephone right now in this radio interview.  Is that there was a courageous Christian that stepped up at that vulnerable point where you began to believe you were free after living a homosexual lifestyle, but God knew that you needed a real Christians in your life as opposed to the mentor that you had that became a predator.  Tell me what this man said to you.

Dennis: Well, he just confronted me one day; he said Dennis I know what you’re struggling with and instead of facing him, I ran out of the house.  It was one of those moments where I just ran and ran and ran and all of a sudden I thought, “Where am I running to?”  And I said, “Lord if you’re real I need to hear you now; I need you to speak to me.”  This is the truth, call me crazy but I looked in to the sky and it was a moonlit night and there were only two clouds.  There was one that looked like an old man and one that looked like a little sheep and the big old man cloud, which was a Father to me, a picture of God as Father, He engulfed the little lamb and that gave me the grace to go back and embrace my friend.  And here’s what my friend said to me, he said “Dennis, I don’t know all that it’s going to take to get you free but I know the answer and the answer, and the answer‘s Jesus.”  And I said, “Well, I have heard that this my whole life.” He said, “Not like this you haven’t, he said, “Jesus is the answer let’s walk towards Him together; I am going to walk with you however long it takes, whatever it takes.  If you fall down, I am going to help you up; I am not going to kick you while you are down; if you need someone to yell at, yell at me because we’re going together on this journey.”  And he has been faithfully walking with me since 1981.

Sid: Now, what you don’t know, but what I know about Dennis is that Dennis got married in 1983 and how many children do you have Dennis?

Dennis: With laughter he says, “We have nine children!”

Sid: And look how, and as a matter of fact you gave me another insight, because God built you to be so sensitive to His Spirit and sensitive to the needs of other people that before you understood this this gift that God gave you it was translated by other people like weakness like a woman.

Dennis: Exactly, yeah in fact I remember it even being in grade school and I could already play the piano or another way it manifested itself was if somebody cried I would probably cry with them if you were hurting I would hurt with you.  It was just a gift of mercy and I didn’t realize that it was a gift of the Lord and the other guys just thought it was very feminine; it was just what girls do.  You act like a girl, you respond like a girl and so I carried that long perspective with me until I got to the point where I realized that you know what?  My whole life I’m been looking from the wrong point of view; we’re to seek first the Kingdom and we seek first the Kingdom of God by seeking first the King, and if I seek the King and I find Him then I’m going to start seeing life not from my point of view but from the Kings point of view.  And that’s why Jesus taught His disciples to pray “Your Kingdom come.”  Disciples began to ask Him, Lord would  you invade my marriage with Your Kingdom?  Would you just invade the way that I view myself from Your point of view, I just want to see what You see in me, I only see hopeless but you see hope.  I see vile wickedness but you see holy and righteous by virtue of the blood of Jesus.  All of a sudden my life became revolutionized so much so that I took what the enemy had meant for evil and I began to use it for good in my own life and for the Glory of God.  And that’s what I see my life is becoming this wonderful paradox of where I thought my life was messed up and unusable the Lord said, “No, just the opposite, Son.”

Sid: Tell me briefly about the song we’re going to play a little bit of.  But the anointing is so strong on your music; it’s called “Beautiful” what is that about?

Dennis: Well, the Lord, if we get into His presence and like I said in the earlier interview, I never believe I leave God’s presence, but when I recognize that He’s here and I begin to acknowledge that presence, all I can see is from His point of view.  And when I see Him I see righteousness, when I see Him I see the Lion of the Tribe of Judah who cannot be defeated.  When I see Him I see power and grace to overcome any difficulties in this life, I even see the grace to just tell the enemy where to go, ha-ha and so that’s song is all wrapped up in the song of intimate worship.

Sid: Listen, I have never seen the reaction at my prayer meeting of anyone’s music as I saw when your music was played.  Let’s hear just a tiny bit of “Beautiful”

Dennis Jernigan’s excerpt of “Beautiful.”

Sid: That was Dennis Jernigan’s music and let me tell you something, the word that describes the anointing on his music is freedom, freedom in every area of your life.  What music to soak under.

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