Sid: My guest Joan hunter, has been in the healing ministry for over forty years, and she’s a second generation, the Happy Hunters, Charles and Francis Hunter, but she has, but she’s gone way beyond them, which is the way she is suppose to do it.  We build on the shoulders of giants, and I asked her because the last time she was on my radio and television show, we had more testimonies of miracles than any other guest we’ve ever had.  I asked her to pray for miracles for those that are listening, would you do that now Joan Hunter?

Joan: I will be more than happy to that.  And what I want you to do everybody that is listening, to put your hand on wherever you hurt, now you may have a heart problem, a knee problem a shoulder problem, so as I’m saying that, if that applies to you place on that part your body and I will be laying my hand on that part of my body also.  I have had so many sets of lungs given out this week in the meetings, new hearts; people that came in people that couldn’t breathe or they had pain in their heart if they walked a few feet and they’re getting new body parts, they are getting new thyroid’s and so forth and so on.  And I want you to expect right now that you’re going to receive the area of healing whatever it is that you yourself are going to be completely healed and set free and you’re going to email Sid and let him know your healing that has happened this day, because of Jesus Christ, Yeshua.  Father, right now in the Name of Jesus I send the Word of healing in Jesus Name into every single heart every single home, every person that is listening right now in the Name of Jesus.  Father, right now in the Name of Jesus I am going to start with the head.  Father in Jesus Name I curse any form of brain tumors in Jesus Name; any form of scaring in the brain like from MS or from stokes.   I command all new brains; those that have been diagnosed with ADD, ADHD Father I speak a new wiring of their brain; any form of just mental memory loss; any king of memory problems Father in the Name of Jesus I speak health and wholeness.  And Father right now those that have been dealing with chronic headaches, and migraines, Father in the Name of Jesus I curse any spirit of migraine, I command it to be gone in Jesus Name, in Jesus Name.  And Father right now in Jesus Name I speak health and wholeness to the ears, I command hearing, to be restored; I curse any form of deafness in Jesus Name and Father there’s some people here that are dealing with infections in their ears that goes down like into their throat also into the lymph nodes.  Father, I send the word of healing for all that to be open up; any form of infection to go in Jesus Name, in Jesus Name.  Father in Jesus Name I speak new thyroid’s in, I speak new thyroid’s in, I command any thyroid cancer to go in Jesus Name and Father in Jesus name I speak new thyroid’s I command those goiters to those that have had chronic coughs and sore throats I command health and wholeness in Jesus Name.  Father I just speak new esophagus; every bit of situations dealing with the digestive system, from going in the mouth to the exiting out, Father in Jesus Name new esophagus, thin tour muscles around the stomachs, new stomachs, upper intestines, lower intestines.  Father health and wholeness, diverticulitis is commanded it to go in Jesus Name; every bit of chromes disease, all polyps are commanded to leave and any form of growths are commanded to go and all cancer is cursed throughout the body where it might be in Jesus Name.  And I curse any prion in the bodies Jesus Name I speak health and wholeness to brand new hearts physically and emotional hearts in Jesus Name.  I speak new lungs, I command every bit of emphysemas, COPD cancer to leave those lungs in Jesus Name any form of neck problem, all the way down to the tip of the spine I speak new vertebras to come in new disks to come in; the back to come into perfect alignment in Jesus Name.  I curse any form of degenerative disk disease or osteoporosis in Jesus Name.  I command to height to be restored to those bodies that have been shrunken because of osteoporosis and the lessening of the disks in the vertebrae’s.  I speak height restored in Jesus Name, I command pelvic areas to come into alignment; female organs and prostrates to function properly in Jesus Name.  New livers, new stomachs, new kidneys in Jesus Name; every single joint; he says that He’s going to store and I speak health and wholeness to the knees to the elbows to the wrist to the shoulders; all rotator cuffs that need to be repaired and replaced I speak them in.  And I speak health and wholeness into the ankles and even into the knuckles of the toes in Jesus Name, in Jesus Name I curse any form of plantar fasciitis and all that inflammation to go Achilles Tendons to be completely healed and restored and every bit of pain whether it be physical pain or spirit of pain; it’s commanded to leave this body in Jesus Name and Father we give You the glory for healing these people from the top of their heads to soles of their feet and say thank You Jesus, thank You Jesus, thank You Jesus for healing me.

Sid: Thank You Jesus

Joan: Thank you Jesus for healing me, Father we give you the glory for this in Jesus Name.  Hallelujah!

Sid: Well, the presence of God is so strong, but I’ve been thinking about a prayer that you prayed earlier this week where you commanded things like trauma and fear to go.  Would you pray right now for all fear to leave even generationally, right now?

Joan: Yes, Father in the Name of Jesus I curse any form of trauma that has attacked any of these people in Jesus Name and the spirit of fear because fear can gripe us even from before we were born and I command every bit of that fear and rejection and fear of rejection to go in Jesus Name, in Jesus Name, Amen.

Sid: You know Joan, you talk about things in your two books that I’ve never seen people talk about; one in particular has to do with people that have had blood transfusions or even body part transplants; explain that.

Joan: I have had several stories let’s say of people that have received like, a new heart and like one lady and I share this in my book, “Power to Heal,” she had, she received a new heart, young lady; sweet lady and all of a sudden she got the heart and she had nightmares of being bludgeoned to death.  Same person night after night, after night, after night and so the police came in and a composite sketch of who the person was.  It turned out that whose heart that she had received was bludgeoned to death and because of the police the composite sketch and a few other little things you know, whatever they call that, I forget what they call it; but that it incremented the man who killed the first person.  They were able to identify him as to he was the one that actually killed the woman and even though it didn’t happen to the woman who received the heart the trauma from the death of the first person got transferred into the second one.  On the other side of the story there was a lady who she works at my office, a volunteer and her friend received a kidney the other day from a man who was horrifically murdered.  Well the kidney was removed from the man, they prayed over it and commanded every bit of trauma to leave that kidney then at that point the kidney went into the kidney went into the woman and had no nightmares, no nothing, received a pure kidney and it normally takes about a week or so for the kidney to work.  It started working immediately within less than a day, it was fully functional, no reaction, no antibodies, no nothing and it was an absolutely text book perfect transplant.

Sid: … Power to Heal” and your previous book, “Healing the Whole Man Handbook” …it is almost like going to one of your healing schools; what is your belief that would occur from someone that reads these books and does what you say?

Joan: Well, I believe that these two books work hand in hand together, and they fit perfectly together like if you were to put your two hands together and they basically put your two hands together in a motion of praying.  And when you get these books; get the information in your heart, in your mind then you yourself will walk out any healing that you need.  And the root causes and anything that is deep within your soul that hasn’t been dealt with before God’s going to take it all out so that we’re healed and whole, not just healed, but completely completely whole.  And then in addition to that the information that is there is going to equip you to pray for your family.  How awesome is that, to be able to pray for your family and see your family healed, but to be able to pray for your boss, the people that work with, where you shop, where you go to Church.


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