Sid: My guest, Mark Virkler challenges you, you’ll spend a third of your life sleeping, how would you like that third of your life redeemed by the Lord where he will literally speak to you; give you warnings of perhaps destruction or disaster that’s coming your way; telling you what to invest in give you solutions to problems; redirect your life.  Doesn’t that sound a whole lot better, well I gave you a challenge yesterday, I told you to put a little piece of paper and a pencil next to the lamp stand by your bed and write down your dreams.  Now assuming that someone did it or they will do that tonight; Mark Virkler now they have they’re dream.  The key is for the Holy Spirit of explain to them that dream.  For starters how are they going to hear the Spirit of God to give them this revelation?

Mark: All right so what does God’s voice sound like?  I’m going to suggest that God’s voice sounds like spontaneous thoughts that light up on your mind while your eyes are fixed on Jesus, while your heart is fixed on His Son Jesus.  So I’ve written down this summary of the dreams, I’ve got these images here and then I start asking some key questions and I tune to flowing thoughts and flowing pictures, believing that they’re going to bubble up from the River of God within me and they will.  And I jot down what’s coming to me and I jot down the summary of it; I like to work together.  One can put a thousand to flight, two can put ten thousand, I hate learning stuff alone, I like to get my spouse in with it, my kids in with it, my home group with it, just learn together and we share what we found and people offer other pieces in and we get a bigger picture; a more complete picture and my heart bares witness and finally leaps and says, “Bingo, that’s it.”  And no one should ever except an interpretation to their heart does not leap to and say yes, yes, yes!

Sid: And that’s what happened to me off the air when I shared the dream that I had and you told me, what it meant and I said, “That’s what I believed it meant!”  You were just confirming what the Holy Spirit had shown me, but I didn’t have enough confidence to believe it.

Mark: Yeah, and that’s the value of a couple people sharing together because they help spur ideas, but the final analysis is when your heart leaps and says yes.  And if your heart doesn’t leap you should not accept any interpretation to your dream that your heart does not leap to and say yes, yes, yes!

Sid: Mark, I want you to give me some of your real life experiences; I want you to tell me certain dreams that you recall and the process that occurred for you to understand your own dream.

Mark: Alright Sid, let me just share a couple dreams; dreams come out of the day that you just lived in.  Alright that’s a Biblical principal and Paul had that, he was wondering where to go on his missionary journey and the Spirit forbid him to go to Bithynia and Asia and then he had a dream at night, that night of a Macedonia man saying, “Come on over.”  And so he woke up in the morning, acted on his dream and said, “God told me to go to Macedonia.”  So I’m going to assume that my dream is answering the question I went to sleep with.  So this night I went to sleep having just began a brand new endeavor in my life, I had learned how to hear God’s voice for the first time, I had learned the four keys: Quiet yourself down, fix your eyes on Jesus, tuned to spontaneity and to write.  And I journaled for five hours and wrote out five hours of God talking to me which was a life changing experience.  Now that night I put a piece of paper next to my bed and even though I had not recalled a dream for nine months, I recalled three dreams that first night; and the first time, it is simple again, you just ask for a dream and you expect it and you put paper there.  The first dream I have a new job, I’m a care taker of a house, I’m going up the stairs into the bathroom getting cleaning supplies; getting back down the stairs and I’m riding a horse.  And that’s pretty awkward and so I journaled about it, I said, “Lord, what is this?” Well, you know the questions you want to ask are, “What are the key symbols?”  Well the first symbol is I have a new job.  Well okay what might that symbolize in light of the day I just lived,?” Well, hey I did get a new job yesterday, I got a job of hearing God’s voice, learned to use four keys.  Quiet myself down, fix my eyes on Jesus, tune to flow and write.  And so my dream said, “Okay you did something new yesterday,” I said, “Yep, how comfortable does this dream indicate I feel about this new job?”  “I feel like a horse on the stairway, I feel like a bull in the china closet.” I said, “God, I’m a theologian, I’m not into visions and dreams and flow and I feel really awkward.”  But the next symbol of the dream said “Yeah, but if you stay with this even if you feel awkward, it’s going to take you up a flight of stairs.”  Well, a flight of stairs a higher plain, yeah, so it’s going to take me to higher place in God, and when we get there we are going to go into the bathroom, get some cleaning supplies out and were going to clean some things up and you know that’s true too.  If I hear God’s voice, He’s going to clean up some areas of my life, He’s going to say, “Mark, love your wife; don’t be so judgmental.”  Trust me those are things He said, over and over, fifty times a piece during that first year of journaling.  And those are cleaning supplies, so this dream is a message from God, saying, “Mark I know you feel awkward about what you’ve began today, stick with it, it’s going to take you to a great place in me and clean up the marriage of your life.”  And the second dream I had that night, I pulled my car into a parking lot, turned it off and it won’t turn off and it won’t turn off.  So hear is another kind of question you can ask, you can ask, “In what way am I experiencing that symbol in my life right now?”  So if I paraphrase that question I say, “Fine, so what is in my life yesterday that I tried to turn off that it wouldn’t turn off?”  And I tuned to flow and it pops into my mind just like that, and I said, “I know what it was, I tried to turn off my left brain logic and reason and say “Look, I’m going to go with heart flow here for a little bit and picture in my left brain reason said, “Your not shuting me off.  Ha-ha, you can try to turn me off but I’m not turning off because I rule in your life.  I’m the god you worship.  And I had to dethrone it and say, “No, rationalism is not the God I worship.”  Christianity is heart to heart, not head to head.”  And so those dreams were examples of me having to battle through and show the issues in my heart when I went to sleep and learned how to process and properly so I can move forward a step in God.  So here’s what Proverbs chapter 20 verse 5 says, “Counsel in the heart of a man is like deep water, but a man of understanding will draw it out.”  And of course when God says, “When I give you a dream, I’m the Wonderful Counselor giving you counsel in your heart.”  So the Bible says okay great, how do you get it out?  So you have counsel in your heart, how do you get it?  Do you yank it out, do you demand it to come, He says, “No, I’m a man of understanding will draw it out.”  You ask the right question, you tune to flow and you let the Holy Spirit, draw out the understanding of that which your heart was communicating to you.  So that’s the process we use in Christian Dream Interpretation.

Sid: Mark, as you do in your course, give me some examples of dreams that changed destinies of people, even destinies of country.

Mark: All right, well you know we all remember Joseph’s dreams, alright and “Sun, moon and stars bowing down, it was showing him his future; that there was going to come a time in his future where he was going to rule and even his parents and brothers and sisters would bow down to him.  He believed it; he ended up living that out.  Pharaoh was given dreams of seven fat cows and seven skinny cows.  The next fourteen years saying look, you’re going to have seven years of plenty, stock up because there is going to be seven years of famine after that and if you’re not stocked up your going to be hurting.  So he stocked up.  Nebuchadnezzar, he has a dream, you know he goes to bed saying, “I’m the greatest King whose ever lived you know and my kingdom will go on as an everlasting kingdom.  And he has a dream that night of a tree being chopped off at the roots.  Well knowing what was on his heart that night, that he was full of pride that dream says, “You’re an arrogant fool and if you don’t repent you’re going to be cut down.  And he took his dream to Daniel.  Daniel interpreteted it and Daniel said to him, “You know what?  The dream is saying that if you do not recognize that the most high is Ruler over all mankind and you do not repent, God’s going to cut you down; you’re going to be like a wild beast in the field.  And then Daniel pled with him, he said, “Please, please repent so that this calamity does not befall you.  And the next verse says, twelve months later he didn’t repent for twelve months, twelve months later, the king does lose his mind and he goes out for seven years and eats grass.”  God is pleading with us to repent; he’s showing us things in our dreams.

Sid: So, that kind of brings the next question that I have, and that is, let’s suppose someone has a dream that they are going to die of cancer, what would you do?  Or what should they do if they had such a dream, is it totally fatalistic, is it going to happen?

Mark: No, dreams are not fatalistic there just warnings, just like Herman Riffle had a dream you know, if you stay on this path it’ll take you down, but the dream the Bible says, is very clear, that the dream is a warning encouraging us to get off that path.  Job 33:14 and following says God speaks once or twice in a dream and a vision of the night and He says, the purpose of this is to keep his life from perishing.  So God isn’t saying this is fatalism, he says look, I’m warning you, all right.  And if you can heed this warning, you don’t have to perish.  So I would never accept the dream as fatalism, I would say hey, here’s a warning, it’s a mid course correction, change your step so that you do not fall into this calamity and instead you walk into the blessing that the Lord has for your life.

Sid: I’m thinking, what would happen if the President of the United States was to have a dream from God of which God would redirect his thinking from political thinking to God thinking?  That would change the destiny of America.

Mark: Let’s pray for that to happen, we’re to pray for our…

Sid: I agree in Yeshua’s Name right now, that President Obama will have and you agree with me…

Mark: Yes.

Sid: Will have a dream from Heaven about Israel, about the United States, about the economy, about the morality of this nation and would become radical in his steps for You.

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