Sid: My guest Rabbi Jonathan Bernis has a book that is a must if you don’t understand what Jonathan has outlined in this book I don’t believe that you can understand the New Testament.  I don’t believe that you can totally grasp what Paul is talking about, what the apostles are talking about.  For instance, give me an example Jonathan, you talk in your book in the Garden of Eden and you talk about the ancient Jewish understanding from the Targum about the Hebrew word Memra, explain that.

Jonathan: Yeah, it’s translated voice in the Targum’s voice, but it’s literally word. The Word of God and that is connected to the Garden where the voice of the Lord, but literally the Word of the Lord is walking in the Garden.  And I spend…

Sid: So it’s not saying as much as the Lord is walking in the Garden, it’s saying the Word of the Lord is walking all the way back in the Garden of Eden.  Why is this so significant?

Jonathan: Because Sid, throughout the Jewish scriptures, throughout the Torah and the Prophets and the Writings what Christians refer to as the Old Testament, you have Devine visitations, not of an angel, although there’s many angel’s of the Lord that appear but a very special angel Sid.  And I believe that these are visitations of the preincarnate Messiah.  Abraham for example when he paid tithes to Melchizedek, Melchizedek comes from two Hebrew words, Melch and Zedik it means the King of Righteousness.  Who is the King of Righteousness that Abraham the Father of the Jewish people is paying tithes to. It’s Jesus; it’s Yeshua in our own Jewish scriptures, hundreds of years if not thousands before he ever came to this earth.  And that’s a picture of I think of the Garden, the preincarnate Messiah is walking in the Garden and is known by Adam and Eve.

Sid: And then we can look at the New Covenant as actually a commentary of what was going on in the Garden of Eden as you explain in the Gospel of John about the Word was with God.

Jonathan: And was God.  And is God and all things created through Him.  Sid this is what’s so amazing, it was such an enlightening experience to go back to my own scriptures that I claim to believe in but never read and found hundreds, literally hundreds of prophecies, written hundreds of years before Jesus was ever born that told us where the Messiah would be born, when He would be born, that He would be rejected by His people, I’m talking about minute detail that clearly places the coming of the Messiah before the destruction of the temple that says in Daniel 9, “That He’ll be cut off.”  In other words die but not for himself, not for his own transgressions.  Sid the whole gospel, the whole New Testament is in fact in the Old Testament concealed in the Old and if have eyes to see it begins to open up into this incredible supernatural world where you see Jesus continuously throughout the pages of the Torah.

Sid: I will never forget what my wife said, after she began to see what most Christians take for granted because they’ve been taught since their little kids that Jesus is the Messiah, when she saw through Jewish eyes looking at the scriptures what those first Jewish believers in Jesus must have seen to become so convinced they would go to the lions then die a horrible death rather than deny the Lord.

Jonathan: They knew that that they knew Sid.  Remember these games we use to play as kids where there was a secret code and you know what I’m talking about and you unravel the code and you get the message.

Sid: Right.

Jonathan: Well, there is a Bible code and the Bible code is having eyes to see what the scriptures really teach through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit and when that happens Sid, it brings complete and total transformation.

Sid: Well, I’m very concerned because you mentioned in your CD we’re making available
“How to Have End Time Favor with God”  that there is a teaching that is the most insidious dangerous teaching to the Kingdom of God and to the very lives of the people that are buying this teaching and so many Christians are.  Explain.

Jonathan: That’s right, well first of all Genesis 12:3 is very clear, I will bless those that bless you Abraham and your offspring and I will curse the one that curses you.  Sid, this is not just for an ancient period of time, this is a Biblical principal that’s just as real and powerful and enforced today as when it was written thousands of years ago.  If you want the blessings of God, the outpouring of God’s blessings, you have to be a blessing to the Jewish people.  Sid, what’s the greatest blessing that you can give the Jewish people?  It’s the revelation of their Messiah of their God, a relationship with Him.

Sid: I have to interrupt you right now for a word from our sponsor, God spoke to me and He said, “Someone has just been healed and someone has, just even talking about Genesis 12:3 brought that word of knowledge to surface.”  That is so amazing.

Jonathan: Thank you Lord.

Sid: I heard that God said that there’s someone listening to me right now that has a pain in their neck and if you will move your neck you will see that the pain is gone, and there’s someone else, it could be the same person or it could be someone else, and I happen to know that when one word is given it is given for whosoever, that’s you.  Say, “That’s me,” and someone’s back has just been healed and in the head area, sinus are gone, ears are popping open, the ringing in the ears is gone, even in your teeth some of you are getting new gums.  I’m sorry, go back.

Jonathan: No, I’m sorry, don’t apologize and as you said I immediately heard neck and then you said, Neck, which also confirms that there is someone who has severe eye pressure, it might me glaucoma or something that’s caused great pressure from behind the eyes.  Almost feeling like your eyes are going to pop out and God’s healing you right now of this eye problem.  Sid, this is just proof positive, Genesis 12:3 God’s waiting to pour out this blessings of Genesis 12:3, this revelation of blessing Israel.

Sid: Okay, we’ve got to get to what this teaching is when you do the opposite, what does God say if you curse Israel?

Jonathan: Well, you’ll be cursed, this is a diabolical plan of the enemy to choke off the blessings of God from the Church and the enemy has been highly successful over the centuries but I believe it’s changing now Sid.  As the blindness is coming off of the eyes of the Jewish people, and their recognizing Jesus in greater numbers than ever before, guess what Sid?  The blindness is coming off the eyes of Christians and their understanding that the church has not replaced Israel.  That the idea that God is irrevocably cut off the Jewish people because he rejected Jesus, which is a 2,000 year old lie is not true, as Paul wrote in Romans 10, God has not forsaken His people.  Why is this happening Sid, why has there been this effort of the enemy to keep the church from understanding this truth, that they are to provoke the Jews to jealousy?  Because when the Jews come back it will release life from the dead.  I’m talking about the outpouring of blessings, the outpouring of miracles upon the Church and the nations.  And that’s why it’s so important that the walls of replacement theology are torn down.

Sid: Okay, briefly explain what is Replacement Theology?

Jonathan: It’s a lie Sid; it’s a lie that began in the beginning of the second century, Paul talks about it in Roman’s 11, “Boast not against the natural branches.”  It’s the lie because the Jews rejected Jesus as their Messiah, and were responsible for Him going on the cross, blaming Jews for killing Jesus.  That God has irrevocably cut them off, that He’s finished with the Jewish people and replaced them with the new people the church.  And it’s a lie, it’s a deception and it’s cutting off the blessings for the church that God wants to pour out.

Sid: Okay, Paul really deals with it so strong, you know it’s as strong as the scriptures prove Jesus is the Messiah from the Prophecies, it’s that strong to Christians that God is not finished with the Jewish people, or the nation Israel.  What does it mean to you where it says in Roman’s “That the gifts and callings of God are without repentance,” in reference to the Jewish people, he’s speaking?

Jonathan: I understand it clearly to be saying that regardless of what is Israel has done, yes they rejected the Prophets, yes as a people they rejected Jesus as the Messiah.  But don’t forget Sid, that it was also Jews in the first century that took the gospel around the world, they were all Jewish believers.

Sid: Salvation is of the Jew.

Jonathan: Salvation is of the Jew, that’s absolute right and everyone that’s listening today that’s not from a Jewish background, if you trance your heritage back you came to faith through a testimony of a Jewish Believer.  All, everyone so it’s the commitment that God has to keep the Jewish people to preserve them and ultimately to bring them into their destiny of knowing Jesus as Messiah, of Yeshua.

Sid: Why, if it’s so clear, so clear in scripture that the gifts and calling of God are without repentance, in other words, He doesn’t change His mind with his promises for the Jewish people and perhaps they were disobedient.  Just as he doesn’t throw out the promises to Christians if perhaps they were disobedient.  The gifts and calling of God are without repentance, so how could a Christian believe that God is finished with the Jew.  That Israel is no different than any other nation.

Jonathan: I’m not exactly sure Sid, other than this blindness.  That the enemy at all costs is trying to keep Christians from understanding this truth because he knows what happens when they come into this truth and that is life from the dead.  And ultimately salvation of Israel and the return of Jesus, the Yeshua to this earth.  It’s 2,000 years; it’s a 2,000 year history of lies, of wrong teaching, of indoctrination into something that’s clearly, clearly, clearly opposed to what the scriptures teach.

Sid: Well, I have a vision and it’s almost like Martin Luther King had a vision; I see Jews and Gentiles worshiping God as one new man, He has a name; in Hebrew Yeshua, in English Jesus and Paul goes on to say that, “When that middle wall of separation comes down and we become, not Jews and Gentiles but one new man in the Spirit that we will then see the full manifestation of the presence of God by His Spirit.  And get the job done.

Jonathan: It’s time to get the job done Sid and it’s only going to be done when Christians begin to understand these Biblical truths which I talk about in detail in my book.  And the Jewish people in greater numbers than ever before come into the Kingdom of God and truly we experience one new man worshiping God together.  We’re going to see amazing things happening.

Sid: I can picture stadiums packed with Jews and Gentiles sold out to the worship of Jesus on major Biblical Feasts, entire stadiums, football stadiums, baseball stadiums, soccer stadiums filled with worship and the tangible glory that went over the Tabernacle that caused the priests to not even be able to stand.  That glory is going to be even greater.  Oh, our time is up.

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