Sid: My guest is red hot for the Messiah, the presence of God is so strong in this studio right now because he is giving revelation knowledge for the last of the last days of the understanding of what will happen in the world and it’s totally different than what most Christians have been taught.  As a matter of fact a great deal of what Islam teaches is the opposite of what the Bible has to say which makes someone from that background a very good candidate to be the antichrist different than what most Christians think.  That the anti-Christ will come out of the Roman Empire which is Europe or the EU, which is throwing a lot of people off.  But Joel I have to ask you a question, I have been to Israel many times; in fact I’m an Israeli citizen as well as an American citizen.  And all tour groups go to the Mosque of Omar on the temple mount, and they see things written on it in Arabic, but they don’t have a clue what it says, what does it say?

Joel: That’s an excellent question, surrounding the inside of the Dome of the Rock that sits on the temple mount are the passages from the Koran; and what they say are “Far be it from Allah, that he should have a son; it is unbefitting of the majesty of God that he should have a son great blasphemies do you utter.  It is a rebuke to Christians literally who believe that Jesus is the son of God circling this monument, this this…Try to put this in context Sid; this is the temple that for thousands of years it was the yearning of the Jewish people to see the Messiah come.  Where Anna and Simeon fasted and waited and longed to see the coming of the Messiah.  Where Jesus one say will sit and rule the earth, will rule the earth on the Davidic throne from the Temple Mount.  Today there is a literal monument of defiance to that future reality that sits there and says that God has no son.

Sid: It’s amazing that its probably one of the more popular places for Christians to go and just out of curiosity, why do you believe that Israel allows that mosque to be on that holy place and do you think that it will stay there?

Joel: Well, as far as will it stay there?  Certainly not for ever, but at least for the time being.  The difficulty with the Jewish people today is that what I see is that they’ve tended to embrace a bit of a Stockholm, syndrome if you will.  They have internalized the hatred of the surrounding nation and they live in fear.  They want to have a place where they can raise their children where they’re not worried about their children being killed or blown up and largely they’re willing to give away their right arm if they can have that peace.  And so they don’t want to stir the pot, they don’t want to remove this blasphemies dome.  Now, I’ll tell you Sid I was recently I’d been in dialogue with a few of the rabbi’s from the reformed Israeli Sanhedrin recently and this really surprised me.  One of the rabbis told me that he is convinced that the dome of the rock sits on the Holy of Holies and I was discussing with him the issue of rebuilding a Jewish temple because it’s the yearning of all the religious Jews to sacrifice on the temple mount.  And what this Sanhedrin Rabbi is calling for and what he said to me via email is that he believes that the Dome of the Rock actually built by the Calife Omar as a House of Prayer for Jews.  Whereas the Alexon Mosque, is a bit off, but also on the Temple Mount.  That that was a mosque from Muslims for literally this Israeli Sanhedrin Rabbi wants to see the Dome of the Rock to become a House of Prayer for all nations where Jews can begin sacrificing and then the Alexon Mosque could be for Muslims.  So that’s a scenario that I had never considered that perhaps…

Sid: Well, when we talk about a one world religion isn’t that the ground work for it?

Joel: Well, exactly, when you talk about a house of prayer for all nations where everyone can come in unity, worship; and what they always say, “Well we all worship the same God.”  You know we can all come as Christians, as Muslims and Jews.

Sid: Well we have that dynamic occurring and at the same time, we have a dynamic of a great deal of the church is becoming what they call anti-Zionism.    They say we are not anti-Semitic were just anti-Zionism.  And they don’t know the two words are synonymous Zionism and Jewish.

Joel: There are absolutely synonymous and this is the reality Sid, the spirit of the age is increasingly embracing and an anti-Zionism.  Two years ago there was a statement put out by evangelic leaders to President Bush where they called on President Bush to push for a two state solution.  And the reason that they gave in the letter and these are deans of major evangelical seminaries prominent Christian leaders’ names that you would recognize.  And the reasons that they gave saying that we should establish a two state solution they said, “If we don’t we fear the more terrorism will come to the United States and to Israel.”  And throughout the Bible God is clear where He stands on this political issue.  In Joel 3 He says that “He will literally come back and judge the nations because they take my people captive to the nations and because they divide up my land.”  This is a specific reason that He gives for His coming back, “For His judgment.” And the question that we have to ask is “Are these Evangelical Leaders giving themselves over to the spirit of the age or the Spirit of the word?”  “Are they giving themselves over to the fear of the Lord or are they giving themselves over to the fear of terrorism?”

Sid: Well, President Bush had a petition from 80 prominent evangelical leaders saying we are in favor of the two state solution and that’s probably why he pushed for it.

Joel: Exactly, I believe that this is the desire of the church and yet it’s brazenly unbiblical.  It’s the very antithesis of what the Bible teaches and when discussing the coming of the antichrist we need to understand that the Bible is clear that the anti-Christ as we are trying to identify what will be system look like.  The Bible tells us not just geography, not just some of the things that He will do, the Bible tells us about his theology, it tells us about His belief system; certainly anti-Semitism; certainly anti-Zionism is a staple aspect of the Anti-Christ theology.  But even beyond that and this is essential; It says in 1st John 2:22 that “The Anti-Christ would deny the Father and the Son,” he would deny the Father and the Son.

Sid: And that’s basic Islam theology!

Joel: The very creed of Islam the Shahadah as they call it.   Arabic language first then (There is no God other than Allah) not Yahweh; not the God of Israel.  And Muhammad, not Jesus is the final messenger in a perfect perfect creedal statement Islam has enshrined anti-Christ theology.  These are the words that are whispered into the ear of every new born Muslim child by the father.  These are the words that are recited when someone wants to convert to Islam; it is the greatest anti-Christ, the perfect definition of an anti-Christ creed that the world has ever seen.

Sid: And you know according to what I’ve read since 9/11 a number of Americans are converting to Islam; why, why is that?

Joel: Well, you know there’s many many different reasons and some of them are depressing to get into, but yes strangely we have anywhere from 20-60,000 Americans every year are converting to Islam.  Many of them in prisons, but I’ll tell you Sid, Islam is one of the only systems of religion.  You know Paul the Apostle, he said “That in the last days men will be and he gives this big list; they would be lovers of self, they would be undisciplined, unruly, all these real carnal descriptions.” and then it finishes it off it says, “They will have a form of godliness.”  So here you have a people that have a form of religiosity but yet there living carnal lives.  Islam allows, for instance for a man in prison; it allows him to maintain his hatred of all things American, it allows him to maintain a racism, it allows him to maintain sort of a macho male pride and you know Muslims can have four wives and so on and so forth.  They can have all of these things, but then fast and experience the demonic rush of false religiosity and they can wear the religious uniform and the pride and the self-righteousness believing that their holy, but still embracing anti-Semitism; anti-Americanism; hatred of the infidels; hatred of the Jews; hatred of the Christian; belittling of women.  They can embrace all of these things you know, temporary marriages; all of these things that the Bible clearly speak about as sin.  And they can practice these things and still believe themselves to be religious and have a form of godliness.

Sid: Well, you know your paradigm that you’re building on is the opposite of what most end-time Bible teachers teach.  And the foundation is that the anti-Christ will emerge from the Middle East and from Islam rather than from Europe.  And just what your explaining what Islam teaches is what the anti-Christ would teach.

Joel: Precisely, you know it says in Psalm 2 the famous Psalm when it speaks about, “The gathering of the nation,” this gathering that’s spoken of throughout the prophets, the gathering of the coalition of the anti-Christ at the end of the age.  Who do they gather against?  It says, “They gather against the Lord, against Yahweh and against His Messiah, against the Son.  And then the rest of the Psalm, I believe is literally a declaration and a call to these Islamic leaders of the world and it rebukes the Islamic theology.  It says, “Kiss the Son lest He become angry and you perish in His way.”  It is the clarion call to submit to acknowledge and to do reference to the Son, but the armies of the anti-Christ will come specifically against the Father and the Son.  It’s the same thing that we see described as the doctrine…

Sid: Oops we’re out of time.

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