Sid: I’ve got two friends, two Jewish believers in the Messiah, Alyosha and Jody Ryabinov on the telephone.  Their calling me from their home in Florida; and for those that are not familiar with the Ryabinov’s Alyosha is a World Class Pianist.  And he has produced music that we literally have had on the air and we’ve gotten so much feedback of people being healed of emotional problems; deep, deep emotional problems.  Physical problems, we’ve even had someone blind get their eye sight back.  Jody tell me about that.

Jody: Yes, Sid this was a woman from Alabama named Cleo and Cleo wrote in and she said, she actually wrote in to your station and she said, “Last Thursday night I was watching it’s Supernatural with Alyosha playing and she said her blind son was on the phone and she called him up immediately, or she had called him up and said, “Put the phone to the TV set and listen to what is about to take place.”  Alyosha was sent to the piano and to play and minister the Father’s Heart.  So the son listened and this son was blind by the way and the doctor’s had told him there is no hope his sight will never come back.  The son listen’s and then as soon as Alyosha’s finished playing on this set that day on your set, the mother said, “What do you see now?”  And the son looked up and said, “I see a light, I see a light coming in the hallway.”  And then it didn’t stop there, he continued to tell her, “Oh, I’m beginning to see this, that and the other.  He could actually see objects and recognize objects.”  Well, she wrote in and said; “Now he is driving, his sight is completely back, he’s given up his dark glasses, no longer blind and this was a miracle of God.”  She says, “What was impossible with man is only possible with God.”

Sid: And you have a lot of reports of people that are using your music just to soak in the presence of God and they’re having Heavenly experiences.

Jody: That’s right; it’s really amazing actually we get all kinds of emails from all over the world. Even this one young woman, Emily from Japan and she wrote back and told us, “It not only healed her physically, but she got such a deep emotional release, such a deep emotional healing from her childhood that literally all the bitterness, all the anger, whatever was in her toward her; whatever she went through her childhood was totally released.”  She said, “Like little bubbles coming up and exploding it all came up and out and she’s set free.”  She still writing to us a year later, a year later and she’s still writing to us this day.

Sid: Well, Alyosha, for those that aren’t familiar with you, you were born in Kiev and you come from a long line of musicians.  And how old were you when they started training in the piano?

Alyosha: I was about five years old.

Sid: And did you really practice six to eight hours a day?

Alyosha: Well, not right away, it’s impossible for a five year old to that, but when I got to be twelve, thirteen, fourteen years old.

Sid: Sounds impossible to me at that age, but okay.

Alyosha: It was very difficult because all my friends were playing soccer outside and I had to play piano.

Sid: But, you did win many competitions, however when you got older and you wanted to go to college it’s not so easy for a Jew to get in at that time in the former Soviet Union.  How did you get into the University?

Alyosha: Actually I was accepted into like you know the “A” Bachelor Degree School of Music and I had to go through tough examinations.  And I guess because I was in the company of some of the best ones they accepted me.  But after I wanted to continue my education after graduating at the college then the door were closed simply because I was Jewish.

Sid: Well, one of the courses you took actually helped you realize that even though you were Jewish you were taught to be an atheist, but it had the opposite effect on you.

Alyosha: That’s correct, in those days everyone has to study Atheism in school, in college and it was really forbid to practice any religion including Judaism.  So, me being Jewish was more ethnic background then religious, but the truth is Atheists have to teach you about God in order to prove that He doesn’t exist.  They have to tell you who doesn’t exist.  So I got a lot of information about God from Atheists.

Sid: So that was the beginning and then you really wanted to leave the former Soviet Union at that time, it was almost impossible for Jews to get out.  And you went through persecution just because you wanted to leave and you decided to pray.  Why did you as a Jewish man go to a Christian church to pray?

Alyosha: Well, first of all I knew that nobody could help me my situation was desperate and I just decided to try God.  What if He exists, I want to pray to Him.  I did not know much about Judaism but I knew that it was safer for me to go to a Christian church then to synagogue because of persecution.  And so I knew what a church was and as a matter of fact I couldn’t find synagogues.  I went to the church and I prayed there to God.

Sid: Now there were lots of images and pictures, tell me who you chose to pray to.

Alyosha: Yeah, that was Russian Orthodox Church was a lot of pictures, a lot of images and I walked around and I saw Yeshua, Jesus on the cross.  And I just had some knowledge that He was called God.  And I said, “I don’t know really who God is, but I’m going to pray to Jesus and see what happens.”  So I prayed to Him and I said, “Jesus if you’re God make it possible for us to leave this country,” and then I walked away.

Sid: And then what happened?

Alyosha: And then I would say about a week or two passed and we were called to the immigration office and no questions asked we were all given our exist Visa, the whole family.

Sid: Did you realize that it had anything to do with that prayer?

Alyosha: I had a few thoughts, but still a lot of doubts because you know of my Atheist background and I wondered whether it was a coincidence, was it God?  But one thing that I prayed, it made me begin to think at least.

Sid: And then you got to America and you started to investigate Judaism and you found out the one thing all Jews agree on accept those that know the truth, and that is the Jewish people don’t believe in Jesus.  Was that the first time you’d heard that?

Alyosha: Yes, that’s when I heard it, but myself I wanted to learn to be Jewish.  It’s amazing because somebody I talked to said, “You know, I know a really good book on the Jewish History; if you start reading it you’ll learn you know about your history and your background and that book is called the Bible.”  And so I began to read the Bible and the scripture and then was New Testament scriptures in that Bible, you know New Covenant Scriptures and suddenly I felt, even though I was told that that’s not for the Jews I wanted to read that.  And the reason I was in the free country I could read what I wanted to read.  And so I read through the Bible and when I got to the New Testament scriptures I discovered Jesus, Yeshua and to my own surprise He happened to be Jewish.

Sid: And then your sister became a believer in Yeshua and you decided now this is getting a little too much. I’ve got to know for sure, “God, show me a sign.”  And what happened?

Alyosha: Yeah, my sister actually became a believer before I did and she bought different books, literature home which I read as well and I started to wonder, “Is Yeshua, is He really the Messiah?  Is He really the Savior of the Jewish people?  And so one day, early early in the morning before the sun rose I was awake and I prayed to God and I said, “God, show me, you have to give me a sign that I would know, “Is Jesus really, who He is or am I mistaken?”  A I didn’t know the scripture, “The Jew will ask for a sign, but that’s exactly what I did.  And suddenly …

Sid: I’ll tell you what, hold that thought, I want you to hear Alyosha playing music in the Spirit and then an Israeli speaks Hebrew and there’s something so supernatural about the Hebrew language.  This is from His CD “Fear Not,” which helps you overcome fear.

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