SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest, when she plays the violin, people have face-to-face encounters with God. She literally prophesies over people when she plays her violin. You’ll see what I mean. At age 9, she started playing, and she studied in Paris. She also played for the Toronto Symphony. And Ruth Fazal, it seems to me a turning point in your life was when you went to the Toronto Airport Church and there was a time in which you were presented a bow of a violin. Tell me about that.

RUTH: That was a very special evening. It was in the early days…

SID: For a violinist, I can’t think of anything more special.

RUTH: It was the early days of the Renewal. And I had been there at the meeting, and it was the end of the meeting. Now the meetings tended to go on really long, right. Well the ministry time went on really long. Well I was right at the back of the church and I had been prayed for. I was out on the floor just kind of enjoying God’s presence. And I’m laying there, and I have my eyes closed, and I felt like I saw Jesus walking towards me in the room. And he was holding something. And I’m looking at him to see what it was, and it was a bow, and he was just holding it like this. And he walked up to me and he said, “Ruth, this one’s for you.” I knew that he was giving me something new, but I didn’t understand it, like lots of things, I suppose, when God does something. But it definitely was, in amidst all that was going on in the Renewal anyway, there was so much that was new.

SID: But then a couple of years later, he explained.

RUTH: Yeah. I was home. It was just a regular, normal morning. I had just taken my daughter to school. I came home and I just felt like the Lord said to me, “Ruth, it’s time for a new bow.” And I’m thinking, you just gave me a bow, you know. So anyway, then He said, “Reach out and take it.” So I put my hands up to take this bow and it’s like I received it. It was the weight of it, like a good kind of a weight, not a bad weight, like the Glory, the weight of Glory.

SID: It was an anointing. It was the Glory. But I think there was a responsibility also handed to you with this mantle. Did He speak to you and what did He say?

RUTH: Yes, He did. He said, “Ruth, this bow is a bow of healing, righteousness, and forgiveness.” And like most things, you know, for me anyway, when God first speaks to me I always have to try to figure out what’s He say. Healing, I can sort of understand that because I was already seeing those kinds of things happening when I was playing. Righteousness? What’s that all about? Forgiveness? Yeah. I’m starting to understand those other two – much better now.

SID: When we come back, you’re going to find out when she plays over Holocaust survivors what happens. But Ruth, I’d like you to go up to the music stand and I’d like you to, you see, she plays spontaneous music. She’s going to play a selection called “Dawn”.

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