Sid: My guest, Michael Kaylor was in Brazil in 2004, and for the first time he saw angels, he saw many angels, since that point Michael, are you seeing angels?

Michael: Yeah, we still continue to see them especially during ministry times, it’s pretty exciting, or actually to be honest with you we were at lunch the other day and there was one that appeared so, it’s like, okay, we’re not really sure when they’re going to appear, but they just appear.

Sid: Now, do you know why they appear, why did it appear at lunch?

Michael: Well, at this particular issue I was talking to someone about their life and it was they, I think that it was a sustaining confirmation for them, because when I told them that, they of course was sort of couldn’t believe it they were sort of overwhelmed.  But I think a lot of times it is just for me and for other people it’s a confirmation of an encounter that helps to just solidify the truth and a destiny that’s on your life, because sometimes we just need an encounter from God.  Sometimes we just don’t need another sermon, we need some kind of affirmation and when the angels show up like that it’s wonderful to affirm us in that way.

Sid: Well, in Brazil in 2004 when you had that amazing encounter; you ministered to 200 youth, what happened?  What happened that doesn’t normally happen to you?

Michael: Well, it was like night and day, I’ll be honest with you I was asked to speak to this 200 youth in a youth conference and so as I walk in the room they’re already ministering and the band is playing and right before I walk in though I’m told “I just want you to know, that most of these kids do not want to be here tonight, their parent’s made them come.”  And I’m thinking, “Oh, great!”  So, I walk in and I sit in the back and as I did the Lord spoke to me and says, “I do not want you to teach, I do not want you to preach tonight,” and that was it.  And I thought okay, well I can do that.  And so when it came to my time to minister to them I got up and I introduced myself and said where I was from and a little bit about my family and I said, “Look, I’m not going to preach tonight.” I said, “I just want us all to experience what it’s like to have a Father come and really love us and touch us and affirm us.”  And so what I did I just asked if everyone would stand up.  And so I had all the kids stand up and when at that point I just said, “I asked the Holy Spirit would you come, Holy Spirit come into this room?”  And I asked them if you like hold your hands out like someone’s going to give you a gift and close your eyes and if you begin to feel something or experience something, let it happen, don’t be afraid of it; we’re safe we’re all family, just let it happen.  And so while we’re doing this I just wait, you know I just stood there and waited and in a few minutes nothing was going on and suddenly in the front section these girls begin to laugh; two, three and suddenly there’s like fifteen or twenty girls that are uncontrollably laughing similar to some of the experiences that I had and I’m looking over here and oh my goodness this is amazing.  And they just sort of fall on the floor laughing and then when I looked to my left there is a guy, a young man sobbing, I mean he is crying desperately and I’m thinking, oh my goodness this is different.  And then after a few more minutes, because I’m just waiting, the Holy Spirit knows what He’s doing, so I’m just waiting and then in the back there’s these screams and these girls started jumping up and down and their crying and their smiling and I’m thinking what’s going on here, this is really good.  And so “I asked for testimony, just tell us what’s going on.”  And so the young man I had him come forward and I said, “What happened?”  And he’s terrified, he has this look of terror in his eyes, and you could really tell because he’s young and he said, “Do you think I’m healed?”  And I said, “Well, I’m not sure what happened?”  And he said, “Well, I was just standing there and angel come and he took me away and he laid me on this bed and there was this gold dust fallen on me and he stuck his hand into my side,” and he said, “What happened?”  I said, “I just smiled and I said, what’s your disease?”  And he said, “I have, he is a diabetic.”  And the angel stuck his hand into this young man’s pancreas and I said, “Well, I think God’s done something here, why don’t you go to your doctor and let him tell you what happened.”  After that I had these girls that were crying and laughing at the back come up and tell me what had happened and the girl came forward and she said, “I was a ballerina, I have been a ballerina my whole life and six weeks ago I was in a terrible car accident and I crushed both of my ankles and I’m not able to really walk on them, and any time I put pressure on the heels of my feet bad pain, just shoots up through my legs because of my ankles.”  And she said, “While you were standing there praying it’s like someone poured honey, and she used the word warm honey down on my head and it poured down my body and when it got to my ankles all the pain that was in my ankles disappear and when I put my feet down, my heels on the floor there was no more pain I could jump and you know I feel I can dance again.  And she was 100% healed from that tragic car accident that she had been in six weeks earlier.  And we had one other guy walk in the room and he’s one of these, you know how you tell when someone sort of thinks they’re a player for lack of a better word, I don’t know what word to use, but he walks in and takes three steps and he looks around and he falls on the floor.

Sid: He was full of himself, is what I think your saying.

Michael: Ha, ha, he falls in the middle of the floor and so people rush to get him, they take him out and minister to him; so he was demonized.

Sid: So he was full of something more than himself then.  Ha, ha.

Michael: That’s right, so he walked into a room filled with the presence of the Lord, and you know when those two kingdoms collide we know who wins, so they just brought deliverance to him and when he walked back into the room, everybody kept saying “Who is this guy, this guy does not even look the same at all.”  Now this kind of ministry I just described, had not happened before, and you know I’ve been in the ministry my whole life and been in the charismatic movement, but this was different.  And I think it was just a direct result of being really activated into the realm of the supernatural; which is God’s normal, but for me at that time it sure wasn’t normal.

Sid: Well, speaking about God’s normal, tell me about the time that you were transported to a supernatural room.

Michael: Oh, my goodness that was another encounter I had; we were in a meeting in was coming close to ministering time and again I’m sitting on a stage and Holy Spirit comes on me again, but this time I knew what it was, it had happened enough I again I was ignited with the fire of God.  This happened again to me, this fire of whatever oven of God came on me and I was on my knees and I was shaking and I was so on fire and as this continued to happen I felt like someone took the back of my neck, now this is weird, but someone took the back of my neck and almost was slamming me face down on the floor and pulling me back up and this would go on, on and on.

Sid: Now, there’s someone saying, “Why would God do that, what do you say to that person?”

Michael: Well, I would say “I’m not sure why, but He’s definitely getting my attention and you just have to look at the fruit to see that it was God ha-ha.”  But this happened for awhile until my stomach was hurting and my neck was sort of, okay I said “This is enough,” and I sort of felt like there was angelic involvement involved and I said, “Okay, that’s enough, stop.”  And do you know what it stopped, but once it stopped it was like someone injected me with anesthesia and I was gone; I was no longer in that church building.  And when I look up I’m on my knees and I am right before the Lord; and again I see the angels on my left and on my right and there is the Lord and I hear Him say, very clearly, “Son I want to get something straight with you, and I looked up and He said, I am Your Father and that meant a lot to me.  I mean that was huge and the next thing I knew I am sort of laying my head on His chest and He begins to speak to me some other things and I had such an overwhelming of just affirmation of being a son.  It’s sort of hard to describe and as I’m there I begin to here this tone; and I’m a musician and I’m use to tones and sounds and stuff, but I never Sid, never in my life heard anything like this before.  It was the most purest resident, clearest, cleanest tone I think that I’ve ever heard in my life and I hear this and it’s like permeating this whole room this area that I’m in.  And suddenly I’m just aware that this tone is joy, that there’s a sound of joy and that sound permeates Heaven.  And about at this point, when I’m kind of getting this understanding that the next thing I knew it’s like you’re being taken out and I vaguely remember seeing before I’m back in the church, I remember seeing crystal buildings that looked crystal.  And the next think I know I’m back in the church and my really good friends, Gary and Kathy Oates and my wife are just standing there waiting on me to come back, I guess.  And I look up and I’m just out of it and they start laughing and I say, “Okay, I guess we need to go back to the hotels.  So they helped me walk to a cab and we get in a cab and we get back to a hotel.  And the next thing I know is that the bellman and Gary are carrying me up to my hotel room and they put me in my room and put me on the bed, and I’m gone.  I mean I’m just I’m not myself and Sherry my wife get’s my journal out and she just begins to record as I begin to talk I wanted to remember everything that happened and then this encounter really lasted for a couple of days, because I remember the next morning, I go down stairs and I’m having breakfast and Kathy, Kathy Oates is there and we’re talking and as soon as I start talking about the Kingdom, that fire lights up on me again.  It was crazy.

Sid: And you’re saying to yourself, “Boy, I wish that would happen to me, and your saying to yourself, I’m hungry for that, why is that not happening to me?”  That’s why God raised up teachers that have an impartation anointing.

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