Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here with Michael Kaylor. And how would you like to be burned out, not much going on supernaturally with you, and receive an impartation like Michael Kaylor did, because he’s going to pray for you in a moment, and have your life change and have your family’s life transform? What happened in your case?

Michael: Well when we came back from these trips in Brazil, one of the things that was amazing was my family was transformed because of the presence and the impartation that had happened. Because you know, a Christian life, it’s natural to be supernatural. You know, we were created to reflect our Father, and He’s nothing but supernatural. In fact, Jesus made mention of that. So anyway, we came home and one of the things that happened, there was an awakening in my whole family. I mean, my wife got such a huge baptism of love and her giftings were like activated. My kids, we have three kids, Mike, Tiffany and Stephanie, they became activated. They were seeing, began to see into the angelic, began to move in the prophetic, which was new to them. They had actually, my son, at the time, brought some friends at home and he went to the denomination Christian school and would, you know how that goes sometimes. Anyway, he said, “Dad, can we do a Bible study in the house?” And I said, sure. He said, “You know what I mean.” I said, “Yeah, I know what you mean.” So he brought his friends over and during the Bible study, it wasn’t really a Bible study, because sometimes they only need a sermon, and we did worship. And then I just asked the Holy Spirit to come with the impartation. Well for example, there was one of his friends who was really not a believer in the sense of what we referred to, and she was so overwhelmed with the presence of God she began to laugh. That sounds familiar. Well she laughed so hard that she fell back on the floor, and as she sat up, she began to pray in the Holy Spirit. This was not her at all. And I had another young man who was crying on the couch so hard, crying for like 30 minutes. I finally walked over to him and I said, “What’s going on? What’s happening?” He said, “I love Jesus so much.” He said, “When I leave here I’m going to go to the beach. I’m going to throw all my drugs into the ocean. I love Jesus.” I didn’t pray for him. I just asked the Holy Spirit to come.

Sid: Now your teaching is so transforming that, I mean, he literally makes it easy to walk in the supernatural. For instance, when you teach in some cities and places whole cities are transformed. Give me a couple of quick examples.

Michael: Right. We had one city that we were asked to come in. We were there for about four or five weeks and fortunately we were able to impart and co-labor with them. One of the things we taught on though was this impartation, receiving the power of the Holy Spirit, because the church without the power is dead, sort of. Anyway, this church, this denominational group, we were there and we went back two years later, and they actually got it. You know, they acted there. They picked us up and said two years later, “We’re doing this stuff. We just did this conference and there were 3000, and all this healing happened. We can’t believe it.” And their church had grown. Their denomination had grown. They planted new churches. One church doubled. And it was just the presence of God. We had some friends that were missionaries in the Amazon River, or Amazon area. They had been for 27 years, had six converts. We just ministered to them, taught them, did an impartation to them, Holy Spirit, let your fire come. We came back two years later. They went from six converts to 250 converts. Now there was something that changed. They had labored all that time and got hardly anything. And what it was, it was that impartation of the Holy Spirit, because we have to live a life of impartation.

Sid: It’s not just the impartation. It’s also your teaching. For instance, you teach on refocus. What do you mean by that?

Michael: Well I believe that what you focus on you become. The reality that’s on the inside of you is a result of what you allow yourself to focus on in life. And that reality then is reflected by your external circumstances. And I think one of the most vital things that we need to do is sometimes slow down and just slow our lives down, and begin to refocus on what it is that we desire, which for example, I desired the supernatural big time. And so as I began to focus on that, I really believe it is a principle. What you focus on you will become. And that is what I desired. It’s like what Jesus said, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he,” or in Proverbs. And I think that refocusing means you’ve got to refocus and allow the Holy Spirit then to recreate that picture of what it’s like to walk in the supernatural.

Sid: Give me an example.

Michael: Well for example, if you see people, again, going back to the power of the testimony, it’s huge. I think, now don’t take this the wrong way, but I tell people sometimes, you need to picture yourself, for example, laying hands on the sick and you need to picture those people getting up out of the wheelchair. You need to see this. You need to picture yourself with an open hand and you need to imagine what it is like to live in a supernatural realm, or maybe, you know, no guarantees. Maybe an angel will converse with you. Maybe your hands will be so dripping with oil that when you pray for people they’re totally transformed. Because we’ve seen tumors disappear, cancer leave.

Sid: Do you see many people with cancer healed?

Michael: Oh we’ve seen, it’s been a pretty amazing thing to us.

Sid: Give me one example.

Michael: Well we had one man in a wheelchair. He was an elderly man and he had 30 days to live. He had prostate cancer and they asked if we’d pray for him. And we said, sure, we’ll pray for him. So we prayed for this man in the wheelchair. Thirty days later, bad cancer. And we came back to this church two years later and they said, “Remember that guy you guys prayed for?” I said, “Yeah.” He says, “You know, after you left I want you to know what happened. That’s the guy and he was running around the church during worship praising God because he was totally healed. His cancer is gone and you notice he’s out of the wheelchair.”

Sid: I find that, I hate to say this, because cancer is such a horrible, horrible disease. But Michael, I think it’s easy with the anointing and the Word of God. Would you pray for whatever, I mean, the presence of God is strong right now in the studio. I want Michael to pray for you right now whatever God wants him to pray for you. Are you ready? Get ready to receive. It’s like, have you ever seen these beach balls that you blow up like balloons, and if I was to throw it to you, what would you do? Just have your hands like this? No. You take your hands and you catch it and pull it into yourself. That’s what I want you to do when Michael prays for you. Do that, Michael.

Michael: Alright. I want you to just to hold your hands like you’re going to receive a gift. Two things are going to happen. We’re going to do it for healing, because yesterday when I got here I felt the healing presence and His presence is so here. Holy Spirit, I’m asking now that you would release the fire of healing, that your fire would come. And I speak to disease, and I command you to leave their bodies. I command cancer to go. Holy Spirit, let your fire now comfort healing. But Lord, I ask that you release now an impartation of your power and your presence to where these wonderful people will never be the same again. Holy Spirit, let your fire come. Let your presence come, Lord. Let the supernatural experience of who you are come, Lord, as if I was there. Lord, I lay my hands and I release a transference of what you’ve given to me. Lord, I ask you give them more. Lord, give them more than what you’ve given to me. Lord, give them more than they’ve even asked for, more than they’re hungry for. Overwhelm them, Lord, with your goodness and never, ever let them be the same, Lord, from this moment forward. I ask you to do this, Lord in Jesus’ name. Thank you, Father. Amen.

Sid: I believe that you are going to have, I mean, Michael has the ability that when he speaks you have, and when he prays, you have no more struggle with faith. Michael, I believe that as they watch you do something right now, they’re going to have an explosion of the Holy Spirit on the inside. I want you to come right over here and put your hand, and pray for an impartation. I want that Brazilian impartation. Would you pray for me right now?

Michael: Yes. Holy Spirit, I ask you to release to you an impartation of fire. Holy Spirit, I ask your presence would come now. I ask that there be a transference of fire to come to Sid. Lord, I ask that his hands would burn with healing fire. Lord, I speak revelation, an impartation of revelation to Sid right now, Lord, that he will be overwhelmed with your power come. Lord, I thank you for that transference of your supernatural power into Sid and I release a fresh activation of all of these wonderful gifts, an unfolded destiny like he’s only dreamed about, from this moment, Lord. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Amen.

Sid: Wow. I don’t know about you, but I sure feel that. Freely, I receive and freely I give. You receive now everything that I have received, in Yeshua’s name.

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