Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here with Michael Kaylor. Michael was so hungry for God that he went all the way to Brazil and Randy Clark prayed for him, and he’s never been the same since. It was like a series of experiences, night after night, getting stronger and stronger. And the most wonderful thing is he knows how you can do the same thing. Now Michael, you were taken to a room in the Spirit and tell me about this.

Michael: Well the first time this had happened, again, we were ministering to some leaders down there, like 2500 leaders on the stage. And Randy was speaking, and Randy was mentioning, you know, the testimonial of [unintelligible] and he said, “There’s a pastor with me that consumed the fire of God.” And when he did this, he pointed at me. I felt this presence, literally, a tangible presence come on me. I began to shake so hard. I was bent over in a chair and I began to uncontrollably laugh, and I was a little embarrassed because Randy is trying to teach. There are 2500 people there and I’m going, oh no.

Sid: And they wouldn’t understand. You see, this has nothing to do with a joke or something being funny. This is the Spirit of God coming on him to laugh. And I have to tell you, even in the natural realm, that when you laugh, doctors have found that you release endorphins that even people that have cancer, they watch comedy shows and start laughing, and they get healed. How much more if God causes that laughter? So could you stop?

Michael: I could not.

Sid: I mean, you know, everyone is going to look at you and they did.

Michael: Oh yeah. They did. I didn’t care. Again, I was at that place and mind was saying, stop this. You need this. In fact, somebody from the audience jumped up on stage, jumped on my back.

Sid: Why?

Michael: I asked my translator and she said, “He wants what you’ve got.” I’m like, okay, but he needs to get it himself. And so he got off. And then as I’m laying there and I’m laughing uncontrollably, suddenly, it’s like I’m being taken to this place, and it had never happened to me before. And this place is we were ushered in. It’s like an angel takes me to this room and I’m ushered into the doorway and there’s angels in there and they all come, and they begin just to line up. And at that point, I hear this voice, it said, “These are for you.” It’s like ministering spirit said to [unintelligible]. These are for you. You know, basically, you’ll never be alone again and understand this.

Sid: Had you seen angels to that degree before Brazil?

Michael: Not like that, except, no, not before Brazil. Not at all. So we saw these, and I honestly believe that it was a, it has to do with the destiny that was unfolding in my life, that these ministry spirits would be there assigned to carry on that destiny, that mantle of God had put on my life that was suddenly awakened, even though I didn’t totally understand it before, when it comes to the ministry of impartation that healing angels, this kind of thing. I had an angel walk in, in one meeting I was doing, holding a platter of body parts. I had never seen that before. So I’m like, okay, this is different. And they walk in and those two body parts I asked, “Who here needs healing in these areas?” And sure enough, some people raised their hands. So we had the team pray for them and they were healed.

Sid: Now I see a common denominator with you and with many people that I interview, and that is when they’re so desperate, when they’re so hungry, it’s almost like that’s the moment that God fills them. But what about someone that says, “Yes, I’m hungry. Yes, I want all of this. Of course I do. But I’m not desperate.” How can someone, tell me how I can get hungrier for God than I am?

Michael: Well for me, simply, of course you asked. God made me hungry because He can do that. But for me…

Sid: I’m going to do that right. I suggest you do that right now. Repeat after me. God, in Jesus’ name, make me as hungry as Michael Kaylor was when he went to Brazil. Say that out loud to God right now, and He’s hearing you. Okay. I just did that.

Michael: Good. Because God always answers the cry of the hunger. I believe that. And but, one of the things we can do to stir that to co-labor with God in that, is I think it’s vital that you surround yourself, like for example, testimonies of the miraculous, testimonies of those things that you desire to have in your life. I wish this was happening to me. Start listening. Watch DVDs. Read books.

Sid: Do you know what I’m getting more and more reports of? People are turning to our web page and get on the web page for six, eight hours a day. We have all our back archives there. That’s what Michael is talking about. Could you picture seeing shows like this one right now back to back, as many as you want at your convenience?

Michael: Right. You can’t be in the presence and it not affect you. And when you’re drawing on those testimonies, the presence of God begins to stir. And I think it’s important, too, that if you’re hungry and you’re willing for it to happen, that you give yourself permission to let God do whatever He wants to do.

Sid: Oh, that’s a bold prayer. You ready? I’m ready. Repeat after me. Lord, I give you permission to do anything you want to do with me. Say it out loud and mean it. I mean it. Okay. I just did those two things. What’s going to happen to me?

Michael: Who knows? It’s good. It’s always good. We know that. It’s always good with God. And so when you’re reading and looking at all this, the focus then of your heart becomes focused on the very thing you desire. And the thing you desire draws in a reality into your life that begins to create, not only the inside of you, but your external, your experiences come out of that aspiration and that desperation in your heart. And so the focus then begins to come from just hoping to your anticipation. You’re expecting something to happen. Then when you begin go sense an encounter, I mean it may be you begin to feel heat in your hands or trembling, or whatever it is, just go with it. Allow God to do what He wants to do, whether you cry, you laugh, you shake, or you get real solemn. You know, it doesn’t matter. There is pattern here. There is no like, you know, you got to do this, this and that.

Sid: The teenagers say something like this: You go with the flow. Is that what you’re saying?

Michael: Yes, that’s good. It’s very true. [laugh]. And teenagers, you know, they’re so hungry.

Sid: Well you have to become like a little child.

Michael: You do. You do. That’s exactly right. And you know, when all this began to happen in my life, I know my own family was so transformed by it.

Sid: How did your family change? I’ll tell you what. Hold that thought. Because what you’re about ready to hear it’s what’s going to happen to your family. Don’t go away. Be right back

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