Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. I just love breathing in the rarified air of Heaven. Now my guest’s grandfather was mentored by Liam Branham. As far as I’m concerned, Branham had some of the greatest miracles of anyone I had ever heard of short of Jesus. Now your grandfather was no slouch either. I mean, how old was he when a milk truck literally hit him?

Michael: Yeah. He was 96 and got run over by a milk truck.

Sid: Now a man 96, if he’s run over by a milk truck he’s never going to have any milk again. He’s never going to get it up. What happened to your grandfather?

Michael: Well after he had been hit, it was anticipated he would die. But within two weeks, he had totally recovered, totally healed and back out ministering, preaching and weddings, just like it had never happened. It’s amazing.

Sid: The Messiah said about you, he’s talking about you, “You will do the same things I have done and even greater.” Well Michael, you saw some healings and miracles, but you were kind of a burned out pastor before you went to Brazil.

Michael: Yeah. That’s almost an understatement. I was just ready to quit and hang it up.

Sid: Just go into secular life?

Michael: Yeah. I was a musician and so I thought, well I’ll just play some music and make some money, and take care of my family. But deep inside I knew I couldn’t do that. The Holy Spirit just was always there and said no, no, no.

Sid: Okay. Okay. One of our guests, Randy Clark, went to Brazil and he invited Michael. Michael, why would you go to Brazil?

Michael: Well I had heard the amazing things that the Lord was doing down there and I was hungry. I mean, I would sit in my backyard and read these autobiographies of these great healing revivalists and I’d cry, and I’d say, “God, where is this? This is what I want. I can’t do this without this.” And I knew that the stories Randy was telling me, and we were friends from the movement we were in, that that’s what I wanted. And people would say, “Well you don’t need to go to Brazil. God will do it here.” I said, “He’s not. I’m going to Brazil. I need this.” So I went and was with Randy.

Sid: Do you realize if you had not gone to Brazil I believe you would have missed your destiny?

Michael: I agree.

Sid: And I believe that when you’re prompted by the Holy Spirit, don’t let the devil lie to you and say, “Well, I can get it right here.” You do what the Spirit of God tells you to do. He knows better. So you went to Brazil and that first night, Randy prayed for you. What happened?

Michael: Well he gave me a wonderful thing. Randy prayed for the team he was with. So he came and I was thinking, Lord, what if I get nothing? What if nothing happens to me? But as he came by I began to feel the strength of the Spirit and he laid his hands on me, which Randy has an amazing gift of the impartation. And as he did, the fire of God came on me, something I had never experienced in my life. I literally felt like someone had put me like in an oven, and I was so on fire. There was like a pool of perspiration.

Sid: You know, I’m a curious kind of guy. When they prayed for you, did it happen immediately? Did he pray for like five minutes and then it happened?

Michael: No. This was pretty quick.

Sid: Okay. Now when you say “the fire of God”, you know, that’s a word that most people can’t relate to. What did it really, what was going on inside of you?

Michael: Well inside and outside I had literally, physically I felt like I maybe had a 120-degree temperature.

Sid: Seriously?

Michael: Seriously. It was hot, very hot.


Sid: Were you really sweating?

Michael: Oh big time. We have a picture someone took that I keep hidden away. I look like I’m in a swimming pool. I mean, I was covered because the heat was so strong. But as this began to unfold, there became an awakening is the best word I can use, where suddenly for the first time in my life I can see into the angelic realm. That was new for me. And I saw one of the angels in front of me, stand in front of me, take his finger and actually move it into my forehead three different times.

Sid: Now every time that he, say, touched your forehead, what happened to you?

Michael: I felt, tangibly felt like a tingling burning sensation every time that the finger would pass into my forehead it was like, I don’t know if it was a impartation at that time or a healing. I was wondering what was going on. Because in my mind I’m thinking, what are you doing? Because I was not just hot. I was like shaking. I was on my knees. And I’m trying to talk myself out of it. But I thought, you know, what? I’m so hungry. I don’t care any more. You know, if this is you, God, I just want more of this. And it began to come and I saw an angel I had with me. I saw this angel like replace with a bigger angel, is the best I can describe it to you. And this went on and on, and on until I just realized I was ruined in a good way on the floor there. And the deposit that began to happen there, I began to linger to where like the next city we would go in some more encounters were in store for me at the time.

Sid: This is what you were praying for. Between you and me, did you really think this was going to happen to you? Between the two of us?

Michael: I had hoped. I didn’t care any more. I had really, I didn’t really care. I had hoped that something would happen. You know, I didn’t care what it was. You know, I’m a reserved guy. But I came to a place, I was so hungry for this that whatever it would take, I didn’t care what it would look like. I didn’t care how it sounded. I just needed Him. I needed his presence.

Sid: How about you? Are you that hungry for God? Do you need His presence? I want to find out about these experiences because after them, so many miracles have broken out that he became normal. I want you to be normal. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back.

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