Sid:  Joel, we were talking about that there seems to be almost a seeker sensitive element within the church that refuses to call God by the Name He says that He should be known as forever, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; not the god of Abraham and Ishmael.  It’s Abraham and Isaac.  And why is it so important within Islam to have the mantra if you will, god has no son?

Joel:  The religion of Islam Sid, more than any other religion that has ever come forth in the earth, is literally a direct polemic, a direct attack, a frontal assault against all of the essential doctrines that are laid out in the Bible regard to how God reveals Himself and with regard to those doctrines that are necessary for salvation.  So for instance, in 1 John 2:22, John the apostle lays out the doctrines, the belief systems of the antichrist.  It says that he denies the Father and the son, he denies the Fatherhood of God; the divine Sonship of Jesus and this idea Sid and again I say…

Sid:  But wait a second, does Islam deny the fatherhood of god, they pray to god?

Joel:  They pray to god, but never call him father, in fact Sid there are protestant translations of the Bible and they call them Muslim friendly translations.  They are removing any reference to the name of God as Father or any reference to the God of…

Sid:  That’s all part of the seeker sensitive movement of let’s all get along and everything will be taken care of with cheap grace.  Well, grace was not cheap!   It was extravagant; the Messiah died the most horric death that anyone could die, baring our sins, baring all of our diseases.  It is not a cheap grace, but tell me about this Chrislom which is where we are headed.

Joel:  Chrislom is one of the greatest horretical movement to have emerged on the scene in recent centuries.  And really it’s the extreme end of the spectrum which begins with something called the insider movement; and what the insider movement is it’s a methodology, it’s an approach to evangelizing or reaching Muslims with is absolutely sweeping the Christian Missionary movement.  And what these insiders will do is that they will say things like don’t ever call yourself a Christian, in fact they’ll say, I’m not a Christian because they want to separate themselves from Crusaders or Christian Televangelists, they’ll say I am in fact a Muslim; and they’ll say, well Muslim only means one who is submitted to God, in fact as a follower of Esah; they won’t say Jesus they’ll use the Koranic name; they’ll say I’m a follower of Esah and I’m a Muslim, they will encourage people to pray Muslim prayers.

Sid:  But Esah, based on the Koran is not the same Jesus based on the Bible, they’re different people.

Joel:   Absolutely the jesus of the Koran, the Esah of the Koran, he comes back to tell the Christians of the world that they’ve had it wrong all along, that he never claimed to be the Son of God, that he was not divine and Sid, he comes back to kill Jews, because according to Muslims Jews are the people of Satan.  They might use the name jesus for our sake to try to evangelize us, but they do not believe in the same Jesus that we believe in.  You have Christian missionaries that are actually using these, even one of the most widely known preachers in the United States at the inauguration recently he prayed in the name of Yeshua, Jesus and Esah.  The Esah of the Koran is blasphemous with regard to Biblical faith.

Sid:  So is this compromise, now the intent is honorable to win Muslims to the Lord, but this compromise, you indicate that they’re apt to even take the mark of the beast.

Joel:  Yeah Sid, and let me just let me back up and just a hair, what a lot of people will say because you know this issue comes up, and they’ll say but what about Messiah Judaism?  There is a vast difference between reaching the Jewish people who desire to maintain their ethnicity as Jews, okay that’s Messianic Judaism, they maintain their ethnicity as Jews and the fact of the matter is that the Christian faith its foundations are thoroughly absolutely completely wholeheartedly Jewish.  And so when someone you know begins to embrace their Jewish roots as a believer that’s completely, in fact that’s exactly what the Bible desires of Christian believers.  But when a Christian begins to embrace the rituals and the sayings and the doctrines of Islam this is something entirely entirely different.  So that needs to be clarified, you actually have Sid people that leave and are sent by missionary organization’s and when they come back they would say I’m not a Christian, I’m a Muslim.  Yes, I’m a follower of Esah and even some of them are leaving the faith, I have friends that are involved in these different groups and they get emails from wives saying what do I do my husband has converted to Islam?

Sid:  You know all you have to do is remove the understanding of Jesus, remove the fact that God has no son and you are going to have unity.  I’m wondering if this is not a forerunner of the One World Religion this thing you’ve uncovered?

Joel:  I believe, I believe in many ways it is Sid, and again this is essential revelation, the idea that God Himself would condescend and take on flesh and suffering and embrace the cross; that is the full revelation of who the God of the Bible is.  He is the Self revealing man befriending God; there is no depth and no degree that He wouldn’t go for us to reach us.  The God of Israel is an insecure, distant God, he is not a Father, he is not the one that comes down and draws near to us; that is an issue that is worth standing on.  The spirit of the age, the ecumenical spirit of the age, the religious pluralism is really the religion that’s being pushed that says that we all worship the same god, you even have Christian missionaries that are agreeing with that, you have orthodox rabbis’ that are agreeing with that, they’re desiring to turn the Temple Mount into a house of prayer for all nations, saying that we will all come together and worship the one true god there.  Sid, this is a forerunner of the coming one world antichrist religion.

Sid:  Okay, what in your opinion is the mark of the beast and where will the beast come from by the way?  And who is the beast?

Joel:  Sid, the beast is both the antichrist as well as his empire.  So what we will have is the coming together of an economic system, a religious system, the mark of the beast, the number of the beast, the name of the beast, even the image of the beast.  These are all realities that are pointing to the coming of, there will be a demand on the peoples of the earth to submit to this coming religious economic system that will be the system of the beast.  And in fact Islam has something within it’s…

Sid:  Wait a second; I’ve been trying to figure out why so many moves by out administration are weakening our economic system.  Could this be part of an overall strategy to level the playing field so that that Islamic idea will come into being?

Joel:  Well, it certainly putting us in a very vulnerable place Sid, the weaker we are economically the more we are beholding to these emerging regional economic blocs; such as what could come to be the Middle Eastern Union.  So certainly in the days to come we probably will see ourselves giving ourselves over to that type of system.  Now, let me just say within Islamic theology there is something that is called the Baja, this is the pledge of allegiance so if there is revived Caliphate and a Caliph which again is the Pope, President, and General of the Islamic world, every Moslem will be obligated to make the Baja; the pledge of allegiance to the caliph the Islamic theology says if someone does not do that they will be beheaded.  Now, let me just add this about the mark of the beast Sid, we’ve talked about how Islamic eschatology is a perfect mirror of Christian in Biblical eschatology end time views.  When we talk about the mark of the beast, Muslims also have a teaching about this.  They say at the end of the age there will be a literal beast, a real beast sort of a monster of some sorts that will come up out of the earth from the city of Mecca.  Now again the Bible says in Revelation 13 the beast comes up out of the earth, again that’s an empire; Muslim’s take this literally, they say the beast comes out of the earth at Mecca and he marks the foreheads of all true Muslim believer’s.  So Sid, from an Islamic perspective, Muslim’s want to receive the mark of the beast, this is stunning.

Sid:  And they can’t buy or sell unless they have the mark of the beast?

Joel:  Islamic Sherrill law again, which would clearly be in place under an Islamic Caliphate would hold that if you are not a Moslem, if you are a Christian or a Jew or anything else then you would obviously not make the pledge of allegiance to the Caliph and thus you would be chased down, hunted or beheaded.  Sherrill law is an economic system that will be coming against the non Muslims of the world in the days to come.

Sid:  When all of your years of study in revelation came together and you began to see the prophetic hand of God wrapping everything up and it’s making so much sense when we listen to your teaching.  What did you think?  Did you think that we’re really in the last of the last days?

Joel:   Sid, I do.  I legitimately believe that we are closer than we have and you know to be honest I get excited by that, because what we need to remember is that the end times from a Biblical perspective it’s not the end of the world; it’s not the end of humanity Sid.  The end  the end that is coming is the end corrupt political leaders, it’s the end of disease, it is the end of death, it’s the end of the gross human trafficking…

Sid:  Yeah I know, but I look at it even a different way, I look at it as the greatest time of the harvest of souls in the history of the world.  And I want you to talk about all of these Moslems coming to faith; it’s amazing in what’s happening in Iran right now.

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