Sid: My guest Tony Kemp and as I said on yesterday’s broadcast, I want to learn how Tony worships God, because if I can worship God and if you can worship God, and I can you can the same way that he does, then those Heavens are going to open for us.  Tony would you just worship God and let us learn by what you’re doing?

Tony: Yes, yes.  Father, through the wonderful person of Jesus I enter Your presence and Father You are good and your mercy endures forever.  Father You are so merciful, you are so gracious, You are so lovely and You are the lover of my soul.  Father You’re the one who has always been there for me; Father You have been better to me than I have been to myself.  Father, you’re always looking out for me.  Father, You’re always speaking to my heart.

And Father even though sometimes I don’t hear You, You keep speaking until my ear is opened so I can know what You’re saying.  Father, You take every bit of fear away.  You take every bit of anxiety away.  Father, you turn my worry into worship.  Father, you grant me Your peace.  Father You cause Your peace to rule in my heart, so I do not fret about anything.  I thank You Father that the peace of Your Son Jesus, which passes my intellectual understanding, literally guards and keeps and umpires my mind and my heart through Christ Jesus.  I thank You Father that You use whatever means necessary to bring me into state of peace.  Father, you are my peace.

Father You are my rest, and I literally rest in Your kindness, I rest in Your goodness.  I rest in Your Glory light, I rest in Your presence.  You are my Sabbath rest and Father You just love me completely.  You accept me just the way I am, and Father You look beyond my faults.  Father You look beyond my weaknesses, Father You look beyond my struggles, You know just where I am and in spite of my flaws, You love me because Father You know that You have begun a good work in me, and Father You have brought me too far to leave me, I am so confident Father that You’re never, never, never going to leave me. I am so confident that You are never, never, never going to forsake me.  And Father I trust You even though sometimes I can’t trace You.

Sometimes Father, even when I can’t see You, I don’t need to see You, because I walk by what You have said, and Father, I know that You’re completely reliable, Father I know that You are absolutely dependable, Father I know that You are ever faithful, I know Father that You have released Angels who are working in my behalf to bring what You have promised me to pass, and so Father I just worship You.  Jesus, You are wonderful, Jesus You are powerful, Jesus You are glorious, Jesus You lift me up into the presence of the Father.  Holy Spirit You are my helper, You are my strengthener, You are my comforter.  And Father, I do not concern myself with what’s going on in my life, because I know Father that regardless of what is happening, You’re going to take care of it because You are always bringing Your word to pass.  You are always putting pressure on the enemy, I thank you Father that no obstacle can stand in my way.

That Father every hindrance is being removed; every plot of the enemy is being reduced to zero.  Every trap of the enemy is literally being destroyed, Father You‘re releasing the Spirit of Wisdom into me.  You’re releasing the Spirit of Revelation into me.  Father I am coming into the intimate knowledge of Your Son Jesus, I’m growing in Your grace, I’m growing in the recognition and consciousness of Your presence.  I thank You Father that You have made me more than a conqueror, I thank You Father that what You have planed must come to pass and I rejoice Father in Your presence.  And I’m asking Father that You release Your presence on every single person who is participating with me in this prayer.   And Father every person who is hurting begin to release healing, every person who is hurting from rejection, suffering from inferiority, Lord I’m asking that You release Your healing hand right now.

Every person who’s suffering from rejection in the form in the form of inadequacy, Father they feel like they just can’t seem to make it.  I thank You Father that You have ripped that inadequacy right now, that You have ripped that inferiority right now, that Father I claim for them visions one, six and seven, where it says Father that You have accepted them in the beloved Jesus.  Father I pray for every person who’s suffering from rejection in terms of insecurity and Father I thank You that You knew where they were before they got there and that Father You have begun a good work in them and You are going to finish it.  I thank You Father that You are uprooting rejection, You are up rooting fear, You are uprooting anxiety, and Your literally taking it away.

I thank You Father that right now that You are uprooting depression, and that Father, You’re giving hope, You’re giving consolation that the glorious light of Jesus is shining upon the person hearing this prayer and that Your glorious light is shining in them and Father that you have called them to know You as a way maker.  That Lord You make a way out of no way, and I thank You right now that darkness is being dispelled.  That darkness is being destroyed, that darkness dissipates, and my dear brother and my dear sister I go into the realm of your existence right now and I disfellowship the enemy from you.  I put the chains of God upon your enemy and I set you free from your enemy right now that heaviness departs from you.  That bondage is destroyed, it departs, you are released into freedom.  You are coming into liberty, I bind dark powers, I speak to the king of pain and I command you to release the person who is hearing this message right now.

I command pain to depart from that person’s heart, I command pain to depart from that persons mind and body, I bind the king of pain I release healing and peace, miracles peace transforming peace.  My dear friend I speak supernatural peace into your spirit, into your soul, into your body.  You are released; the pressure of the enemy is now being rendered in affective and powerless against you.  You will never be the same, Jesus is healing your soul and Jesus is healing your body right now His precious.

Sid: Boy, I’m just basking, Father God, thank You for Your presence that’s all over that prayer.  And Tony as you were just praying and I expecting you to be singing, but you were praying and that’s what God wanted you to do, as you were praying I had like a vision of someone’s intestines and I believe those intestines are being healed right now in Jesus name.

Tony: And there is a deaf ear being opened right now, and somebody with blurred vision, that vision is clearing right now.  Oh my goodness somebody is being healed of arthritis.  Arthritis in the spine is being healed; a degenerative spine is being healed.  Right now arthritis in different parts of the body are literally being healed right now.  Somebody with a bone disease is being healed.  Somebody with a blood disease, leukemia, cancer it’s being healed right now in the Name of Jesus.  You are feeling that tingling, you are feeling warmth literally go through your body.Somebody here has been suffering from clinical depression; you have literally been depressed for years.  You are feeling it literally lift off of you and now you’re feeling lighter and your feeling brighter.  Somebody right now, you’ve had anxiety disorder heart palpitations.  Sometimes you’ve had headaches; you have aches and pains through your body.  That spirit of fear and anxiety it departs from you right now in the precious Name of Jesus.

Sid: Thank you Tony Kemp, some of the miracles that are going on as Tony Kemp shares these revelations he’s got from Heaven, especially when He moves in words of knowledge.  For instance someone actually lost twenty plus pounds instantly.  One woman went to a meeting and when she came home her pajamas fell off.

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