Sid: Getting ready to praise the Lord with the greatest worship because my guest is pointing out and everything he’s saying that the key to have the presence of God come on earth is worship.  His name is Tony Kemp and Tony in 2003 you had an experience where you went to the Throne Room of God and it seems as though when this occurs you get teaching to bring back to earth.  What did God show you?

Tony: Well, let me say this to people because the Throne of God is as big as a mountain and the experience was very overwhelming and all I did was look at the Lord’s feet and He told me to pray for the United States.  And there are some things that I want to share and one is that everything that can be shaken will be shaken.

Sid: But this was back in 2003 do you feel that this has happened or will happen?

Tony: It has happened and is going to happen, because one of the things that He told me was that third world conditions are coming to the US.

Sid: How can we handle that as such a fat prosperous society?

Tony: Well, the other thing that He told me, that it was going to take a third world faith to be an overcomer.  And He told me certain things were going to happen, He told me that there would be changes in policy, changes in laws, that there would be natural disasters and that there would be persecution that would effect, you know, there would be financial crisis, that there would be storms, hurricanes, earthquakes, that nature would appear as if it went wild and that institutions, organizations, churches, church organizations were all literally going to be affected.  And He said current structures will be affected and…

Sid: Now, how far off are we from this happening?  Do you have any insight?

Tony: Oh, it’s in the process of happening now, but you are going to see it in the next five years, next ten years, next fifteen years it’s going to proceed, because the four things are changes in policies, laws and natural disasters and the fourth was persecution.  And I’m going to quote God on this, because here’s what He said, He said, “Persecution is coming to America shortly.”  And he let me know that most of the present church was not ready for the hostility or the harvest and that we needed to position ourselves in the way that we think and do ministry to handle what’s coming.

Sid: What did that mean to you?

Tony: Well, here’s I’ll give one part because it is real important for those of us that are in ministry.  We are going to have to shift from the mindset of the Senior Pastor doing the work to the Senior Pastor being a facilitator and a Father and that even though God will move in whatever situations that we give Him to move in, there will come a day when we will not be able to do church like we’re doing it and we will end up with home meetings, home churches, and that the leaders…

Sid: This will be because the shift in the laws probably.

Tony: Yes, in policy and laws and even in also the disasters that are coming.  You know because I almost hate to say this Sid, but because of some of the disasters that are coming they are going to affect church buildings.  And so people need to have strong enough relationships that they can meet in homes and leaders are going to have to be developed.  Because see what’s going to happen is we are going to move from leadership focus ministry to what God called the manifestation and the ministry of the saint.

Sid: In other words God’s calling for a new middle man in between us and God.  And that new middle man is Jesus.

Tony: That’s exactly right.  And you know God’s going to change the form of the church.  He is going to change how we do church.  Now we can either flow with Him or we can adjust to what’s going to happen in the future.  But it’s going to change.

Sid: Did He give you any insight on those that are doing about what you’ve been talking about over the last week or so and that is worshippers that know how to get into His presence?  Did He tell you what affect it would have on that group of people?

Tony: Well, the worshippers, the ones that are able to listen to God will in some cases not be at the place where the disaster occurs and in other cases, when the disaster occurs they will be supernaturally protected or trans-relocated. They’ll be supernaturally taken care of; when the gas shortages come they’ll have gas.  When they have difficulty having heat in their homes, they’ll have heat, food will be multiplied.  I mean there are going to be signs and wonders and if I can say this not only will you have ministers doing signs and wonders, but you’re going to have the saints doing signs and wonders; the Sons and Daughters of God.

Sid: Will there be new signs and wonders that we’ll be seeing?

Tony: I believe so, but He didn’t specially tell me what those were, He just told me that the signs that were in the Bible we would see them again and again.  And He told me that there would be new signs and wonders but He hasn’t told me what they would be.

Sid: Okay, well when times are tough we are going to have extraordinary miracles.  Tell me about the time that you were ministering in 2007 in a church in Arkansas.

Tony: Yes, this was one of those full gospel churches that some people really didn’t like, but of course some of those people that didn’t like the church when they really got in trouble they sort of snuck into the church in a night service to get saved and get delivered.  But then there was others that didn’t like the church and so the meter, the electrical function was literally removed and they had no electrical ability.  And so the Pastor had been in California.

Sid: It was removed because certain people didn’t like their style of worship.

Tony: Yes, yes and so the Pastor was coming from California there and the Pastor had invited me there.  Now the meters removed, but when we walk in the church we have light, the sound system works, all the electricity that we needed was on and was on during the entire service and then we finished the service and we had fellowship at 8:00 the power was on.  In fact Sid, I remember eating at this table looking at this lamp that’s on with no electricity and of course later on, of course they got the problem fixed, they got the meter back in, but during that time we saw the miracle of God.

Sid: Well, isn’t this an illustration of what’s going to happen when times get pretty bad in the United States as to what God will do?  He’ll just have electricity when there isn’t any.

Tony: I believe so, and I believe that if we worship and I believe that worship equals faith and obedience and patience, intimacy with Christ.  I believe God’s going to take care of His Sons and His Daughters and we are going to just see the goodness and the kindness of God.  And I think another thing that is going to happen Sid, is that that when people see these miracles they are going to be converted to Christ.

Sid: Now, tell me about the area that was having a draught and what God did.

Tony: Yes, this was I use to do this home meeting in Illinois, very small home meeting; usually we had eight to maybe twenty people.  And we did it regularly, we met once a week because you know there are times in our church when we have home meetings and we still do different kinds of meetings like that.  But this one was probably about an hour away from the church and a draught hit.  This woman was a farmer; she had given several thousands of dollars to our ministry.  When I say our ministry I’m not meaning to me, I’m meaning to our church.  And of course our church is paid for and we are really blessed financially.  But she gave it in secret because she loved the Lord and she loved the work of God and she loved God’s people.  And that’s again that’s worship.  But when the draught came she called me out and said hey listen, let’s start praying for rain.  And so that’s what we would do.  Well, what happened is because of our worship our portal was open and it literally would; the cloud would come, the clouds would rain on her property and nobody else’s.  And the clouds would come regularly rain on her property regularly and she financially prospered, she did well.  And it happened so often Sid that the neighbors began to ask her, why does it rain on your property and not on ours?  These are the kinds of miracles that I think that we are going to see in the future.

Sid: Well, to me God’s showing you the demonstrating and actually you know it’s going to be the best of times and the worst of times all in one depending on whether you really not know God, but know God and hear His voice and be obedient to His voice.

Tony:  That’s exactly correct.

Sid: Woops, we’re out of time.

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