Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here with Georgian Banov. Georgian, when I think about you, I think about a man that has great, great joy. But I also think about a man that has great, great compassion for the children around the world, for the people living in garbage dumps. I mean, most of you have never even been to a garbage dump. Tell me about one experience when you go to the lowest of the low of society.  

Georgian: We just returned from Nicaragua in a place called Blue Field. The garbage dump is like a ravine and the trucks come, and they just open their… 

Sid: Dumper. 

Georgian: …and they begin to dump it. And they don’t give opportunity for people to collect what they want first. So what people do, they have these poles, long poles, like 10-foot poles with a hook. So as the dumpster pushing stuff out they catch things. And they are big poles. And I just was there. It’s very dangerous because it can slip and you go down this very deep ravine. And what crushed my heart is like this child, nine years old, stepped in for her mother at this place. I don’t know what happened to the mother. But there’s this child with a pole three times bigger. It’s not made for children. And this brave child is trying to do what Mom just can’t do because of whatever happened to her. And I don’t know, I don’t have no words to describe how injustice that is. Because for a little child to do what even a mother shouldn’t be doing, but she’s doing that kind of help Mom, is the depth of injustice. And Jesus paid to eliminate the enemy of starvation and poverty, and degradation, and the dignity is so destroyed. And I think and that drives me to go, to say, no, we’re here. Jesus loves you and we bring food, and we bring water, and bring love. But mostly, we bring the House of Jesus and encourage the people. 

Sid: When you come, do you bring your music, play the violin? 

Georgian: Yes, absolutely and they like. 

Sid: You must make their, not their day, not their week, you must make their year to do something like that.

Georgian: Yes. One lady said to me, “I have heard of an instrument called violin, but I never seen it,” because she lives in the dumps. Someone told her about an instrument. So I was there and serenading. You serenade them and you feel like Jesus is playing a love song for them. 

Sid: You know, I think my notes here, it says you like to go to places like where the lowest of the low, these dumps because this is where Jesus lives. What do you mean by that? 

Georgian: Well he says, “You visited me when I was in prison and you fed me when I was hungry, and you put clothes on me when I was naked.” And they said, “When did we do that? Lord, we never saw you in prison or hungry.” He says, “When you went to the garbage dump and touched those that live there. You touched me. You clothed me. You loved me. You visited me.” Because Jesus is where the human being, where every human being is, Jesus is there. 

Sid: Georgian, I would very upset if you didn’t tell me some of the things that happened in Youngstown, Ohio. Especially, tell me about the person with the wrinkles. 

Georgian: Yeah. During the worship, this lady experienced tingling on her face. She felt the presence of God in many ways through the years, but she’s never felt this kind of a tingling, so she enjoyed it. 

Woman: This evening [laugh], this evening, I have two daughters. They’re turning 16 and 14 this summer. And I said, “Do you guys notice anything different about me?” I didn’t want to point anything out. “Did you notice anything differently?” And they’re like, “Mom, you don’t have any wrinkles. Where did they go?” 

Sid: There were so many miracles there. But this is the amazing thing. The name of the city is Youngstown, Ohio. Did you get that? I’ll tell you what, Georgian, I want you to play your violin over our people. How would you like Georgian to play his violin over you? Because when he does that miracles happen. He’s actually prophesying over you. Would you do that right now?

Georgian: I will. And I will just start playing for you and bless you, because God is keeping you younger. 

Sid: For sure. 

Georgian: And you expect to be younger and younger like Caleb and Joshua, and strong, to usher a whole new generation into the supernatural. Thank you so much for your boldness to be like the contemporary Joshua. So I’ll start with you and I will play. 

I feel like someone has lost hope for your marriage. I’ve been there. I know what it’s like. But God says, “Look to me. You’ve tried to love your wife on your own and you failed. But now look to me because I’m the source of love. Ask me, trust me and rely on me and I will give you love, supernatural love for your wife and for your family.” I also feel someone as a broken heart from a relationship experience. And God says, “I’m your healer. I’ve come to heal you and I’m your wholeness. I’m the Prince of Peace, Prince of Shalom. Shalom is wholeness.” So God is saying, “I’m releasing my wholeness to you supernaturally.” How do I get it? Just open your heart right now and just receive it. He’s right there in the room with you. He’s in the garbage dump in Managua, but He’s also right here with you, right in your home. And you maybe feel like there’s garbage in your heart. Well you know what? He’s here to take it out. 

Sid: And for the person that says, “God do you exist?” all you have to do is ask him. Play the violin.





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