Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here with Georgian Banov. And Georgian is raised in a communist country. He’s an atheist. He comes to America. He loves the free food by the Christians. For three months, he gets free food and he gets some love, too. So he says, “God, I have to know for sure, do you exist? Are you real?” And he had an encounter with God. But then shortly thereafter, the fire of God came upon him. Tell me about that.

Georgian: I was, they say there’s more, there’s a Holy Spirit. And I said, “What is that?” And they said, “Just ask and you see.” And I began to ask. And suddenly I hear this sound experience. I hear the thousands of voices shouting and screaming, and enjoying ecstasy, and then, voom, the heavens opened just like this. And here I am in the throne room and thousands of angels, millions are swirling around the throne. And you couldn’t even see God because He was covered with them, and they will all over Him and going “woo!” like that. And they were like so ecstatic. And fire was coming out. And before you know it, a ball of fire. Voom! And it hits me and fire comes inside me and burns everything. It was like good, but almost too much, and it was very unbearable. The presence of God was unbearable. And I remember Him, you know, showing me the future. My future was the Glory of the Lord filling the stadium, and I was actually transported. I cannot explain how. I just saw myself in the future. I wasn’t old, but I wasn’t young like I was then.

Sid: I can tell you how. Because there’s no time in eternity. So you see everything when you’re in that realm. So you saw your future. What did God show you?

Georgian: In the future, I was in this large stadium and the Glory of God like some flock of fog or something, like a cloud was beginning to cover the bleachers. And they disappeared as the Glory of God comes, they disappear. And there was..

Sid: The people disappeared because the Glory was so thick?

Georgian: Yeah. They were covered. They were completely engulfed. But I saw, the moment just before they got covered, their eyes, they’re seeing the Lord. I saw their eyes see God.

Sid: Were there a lot of people in the stadium?

Georgian: Oh, it was like, I would say 50, 60, or one of those largest venues, 80,000 people

Sid: Like a football stadium.

Georgian: Like a large football stadium, yeah. And from the bleachers down it came down and down. And when it covered the stage and I collapsed, I went back to my present. It was just amazing.

Sid: Is that far off with stadiums? Can you picture this? Stadiums will be filled with such a tangible presence of the Glory of God that it will be like a fog. You won’t even be able to see the people. See, but can you imagine, Georgian, being immersed in that tangible presence of God? You thought that fire was something. Can you imagine what that’s going to be like?

Georgian: Yes because it’s coming on Earth and it’s coming to the largest facilities they build for like sports are going to be filled with Jesus.

Sid: Now believe it or not, after this experience, some 3-1/2 million records were sold and God launched his ministry. But he got to the point where, let’s face it, you deal with people, you’re going to get disappointed. And he had disappointments. His wife had disappointments. Their marriage was a shambles. On the outside, he looked great. But when the door was closed he and his wife knew it wasn’t so great. But he has the solution to all marriage problems. How did God solve your solution?

Georgian: It happened in the presence of the Lord. It became so thick and so real, and my wife began to weep. It was just a meeting, a glorious meeting. And she began to weep. And she had on normal mascara because she didn’t expect that she would cry, and she had not felt anything in meetings for years.

Sid: So she goes to this meeting and the same mist that we’re talking about, that same glory came on her. But how does this solve your marital problems?

Georgian: Well at first, she cried. Then she began to laugh and began to rejoice. Even I didn’t know what to do, and I had never seen my wife like this. And the Lord said, “Support it. Support her joy. Support her intoxication.” I had never seen that in her. And the Lord said, “Support it.” And so that has been the key.

Sid: But the thing I want to know is I have experienced what you’re describing. Some of you have, some of you have not. But it disappears after a while. Does it disappear with her?

Georgian: Well two things. The Lord says support that manifestation. Don’t let anybody mock her, and if they do just separate yourself from them. In other words, protect that experience on your wife, number one. And number two, take time everyday. That’s what I never did before as a married man. I never had devotion together with my wife. She had hers and I have my devotion. But now we’re being to spend time together with the Word and with the presence of the Lord and discuss together.

Sid: So how’s your marriage now?

Georgian: Now, here we are 16 years later. We’ve taken a month and we go on vacation together. We enjoy each other. We actually love and enjoy each other.

Sid: That is so wonderful

Georgian: Thirty-two years marriage.

Sid: There are so many miracles going on with Georgian. I don’t know where to begin. Tell me very quickly about the chicken that multiplied.

Georgian: Well because I got saved through food evangelism, I use that everywhere, and I feed the nation, feed the poorest of the poor. In Punta, the southern base, I had two chicken miracles. Which one shall I share, the multiplication?

Sid: The multiplication.

Georgian: Okay. So we’re preparing food for 1200 people, 1200 chickens we bought, chicken dinners. We fried it all night and the smoke comes out. And the next day the neighbors are coming, another 1200. And so we had no chicken for more than 1200. So we prayed and began to feed our children and our guests for a conference. And when everybody had their pieces, 1200 people, there was still more chicken in the pots.

Sid: You had enough food for how many people?

Georgian: 1200.

Sid: And how many people were there?

Georgian: 1200 people were there. Outside was another 1200 and I didn’t know what to do with it. So we began to just feed our own people, the one we prepared for.

Sid: You’re telling me the food for 1200 fed 2400?

Georgian: 2400 people.

Sid: And were they well fed or just a tiny bit each?

Georgian: No. Just a chicken. We didn’t cut nothing, just a full piece of chicken with rice and everything. And we had rice, but we had no chicken. Chicken doubled.

Sid: You had enough for everyone?

Georgian: We had enough for 1200.

Sid: How did that happen?

Georgian: Just like Jesus, they multiplied the food, that’s exactly how it happened, as simple as it is.

Sid: Listen, I am sure the people there, I am positive the people there gave God glory. I want Georgian to play, “I will give him glory.”

Beauty from ashes. Beauty from ashes. Diamonds from… I have a new heart. He has my trust… Tell me story. How about you? Yes I will. I will give him glory. I will give him praises… I just want to pray glory to… Jump in the river of glory, jump in the river. Come on and jump in the river of glory. The Lord is lifting somebody from their wheelchair. Whoever you are just jump and dance with me. Just step out and God will do the rest. Here we go!

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