Sid:   I have a man that’s going to teach you and mentor you in those greater works that Jesus said were coming.  He said, “That you will do the same works that I have done and even greater.” And if there has ever been a time for the same works, if there has ever been a time for the greater works it’s now.  Mike guest, Dennis Walker and Dennis what a wonderful heritage you come from.  I was reading about your parents were both pastors and they were impacted by the latter rain movement and they knew some of the people involved in the Azusa Street Revival.  And as a matter of fact, I don’t know how old you are, but did you by any chance go to any of the meeting with Oral Roberts or A.A. Allen or Branham?

Dennis: No, I am just a little bit too young for that, I’m…

Sid:  To bad, I was hoping you did.  Ha ha.

Dennis:  Ha ha ha, I was right on the end of those things; so I was in meetings with Tommy Hicks and some other men of God that were part of that latter rain outpouring.

Sid:  Did your parents ever tell you something that they saw, oh boy at either Azusa Street or some of these great men of God?  Just one thing that comes to mind that impacted you.

Dennis:  Well, my Dad tells me the story of watching William Branham raise a man from the dead out in the parking lot.  He had been brought to the meeting in a car, a vehicle.  Dad was one of the ushers and sponsors of the meetings and ushered this man out and William Branham actually received the instructions from Heaven and raised this man from the dead.

Sid:  You know, that’s the way to do it, I’m reminded, in fact as I was looking at your book “Catching the Initiatives of Heaven” I was reminded of a scriptures where Jesus said, I only do what I see My Heavenly Father doing.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to only operate that way and the good news according to you and according to scripture is, we all can operate that way.

Dennis:  That’s exactly right.  We’re called to do that; we are going to do that. 

Sid:   Now, you had an experience at thirteen where you had a dream that almost became, it did become reality; tell me briefly about that.

Dennis:  Well I was, actually at that time we were living in the rear part of the church where my father was preaching and pastoring and one day laying in bed I had this dream that I was behind the platform of the pulpit in the church.  I was on the platform and I suddenly began to speak in tongues in the dream and my father was standing above me and he said, “My son has been baptized in the Holy Spirit;” and I woke up speaking in tongues.

Sid:  And just out of curiosity had you been praying for this or just this was one of those initiatives from Heaven?

Dennis:  It was one of those initiatives, I hadn’t really been praying for it, although I was always very sensitive to the presence of God.

Sid:  Now, you had a real encounter with God around 1985 when you attending a John Wimber meeting, tell me about that.

Dennis:  Well, in ’85 I got really activated in doing the works of Jesus by just simply getting quiet and listening to what God was saying to do.  Words of knowledge began to open up in my life, I saw healings, we saw cancers disappear.   I mean it was an amazing explosion of miracles in ’85 after being trained and taught not to move in the same old model that I had been moving in, but to calm down and listen and catch those initiatives.

Sid:  But what is the difference between the old model and the new model?

Dennis:  Ha ha, I use to move in the old model by kind of psyching up the Spirit, you know you’d have to speak in tongues for a little while and you get to feeling it and then you would begin to shout and shake the person a bit and just command healing or something along that line.

Sid:  Sounds pretty Pentecostal to me.

Dennis:  Yeah, powerful, but it wasn’t all that powerful because the results were not all that great.  I mean you would see some results, I think we accidentally did what God wanted to do at times, but…hahaha

Sid: That’s a good way at looking at it, maybe that kind of explains it. What’s the new model?

Dennis:  Yes.  The new model you get quiet and you do what Jesus said to do.  Jesus said the Son can do nothing of Himself, but what He sees the Father do; whatever the Father does the Son does just the same.  And that’s this new model of catching initiatives of Heaven by seeing and hearing what He’s doing in Heaven and then you do on earth what He’s doing in Heaven.

Sid:  Give me a real life experience of you hearing from God and doing it and what happened.

Dennis:  Okay, I’ve got so many, but the one I’ll choose is real simple; and I think that’s the key of this whole thing, the simplicity of it.  And we were actually in a meeting where we were invited to preach to a whole group of pastors that really did not believe.  They believed that these things had ceased when the Bible was completely finished; and so they were very very skeptical about my teaching.  But one of the pastors his wife had gull stones and she had been in pain for weeks and weeks.  She was also seven months pregnant and the doctors did not want to operate on the gull stones for fear of losing the child, so he came to me and said can you do anything for my wife?  Well, we went up to the room where she was staying, stood over her as she lay in bed in absolutely racked with pain; she was pallid and just very much in pain.  I got quiet, “Lord, what are you doing right now?”  And I suddenly saw in my mind a hand stretched out to her with a cup of water; in the cup was ¼ cup of hot water.  So I asked the husband to bring me this amount of water in a cup, he brought it to me, I gave it to her and I said, “Drink this and as you do the very life of Heaven is going to come on you, you are going to be healed.”  And so as she drank this water heat came over her body and instantly the pain was gone.  She stood up and actually began to press her abdomen trying to feel where the pain was and there was absolutely no pain, and this really opened up this whole network of pastors to really receiving the truth that God was still in the business of doing miracles.

Sid:  Now, just one of these Sid curiosity questions.

Dennis: Okay.

Sid: Can and I know God is the initiator, but when you’re in the Spirit in that level if you were to lay hands on everyone that came forward that was sick, how many of them would you have really knowing knowledge what was wrong with them or that they were going to be healed?

Dennis:  Well, do you know what, I believe God wants to heal people, I believe that He wants to show his power, He wants to demonstrate the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven through these kind of things and I believe that we can see all or many healed.  Sometimes there may be something that a person is holding on to that could block their healing.  I believe that there are things…

Sid:  And that is the greatest thing in the world for someone like you to have the key of what’s holding up the healing.

Dennis:  Right, I can give you an example of that too, it is wonderful experience.

Sid:  Please.

Dennis:  It was right when I first began to learn the initiative of Heaven, I caught the initiative of Heaven for a woman who had severe cataracts.  Her eyes were so cloudy from the cataracts that you know I could hardly tell what color her eyes were.  I got quiet and then I saw the Lord’s thumb just wiping eyes, well, I did that and instantly her eyes were absolutely cleansed of all cataracts.  Well there was lady standing right behind her that saw this and she started shouting, me me, I’m next.  And so she said that I’ve had tremendous pain in my neck and back for years and as she said that, immediately the Lord spoke to my heart and said she needs to forgive her husband.  And so I asked her, what did you husband do that you have to forgive.  And when I asked that question a demonic pain came on her, I mean the pain is not only on her neck now her head, she threw her hands over her face and began to scream, my head, my head and finally I just had to pull her hands off her face and say.  “Work with me or I have to leave you like you are.  What did your husband do?”  And she began to tell the story of how her husband had abandoned her family when her children were small.  And that she had raised her kids all alone for many years.  And I asked, “Can you forgive your husband, and she said, “No, I’ll never forgive him.”  And I said, “Then you will never be free of this pain, you have to release your husband to the hands of the just judge; there’s one that will judge and you are required to give everyone into His hands.”  And then the woman understood that forgiveness was not about releasing somebody from responsibility it was advocating the rule of judgment.  And so she gave the husband into God’s hand and the moment she did the pain popped off; all the pain was gone.  She came running back the very next day and saying her whole jaw had been realigned the next morning, the next morning she had got up her whole jaw had been realigned and the pain from her neck, her shoulders, her back it was all gone.

Sid:  Well, you know what I find interesting?  Many times when a man or woman of God prays for someone they don’t see any results and then the next day and the next morning the person reports they had results.  It’s almost as if they have to keep their plug of faith plugged in whether they see it or not.

Dennis:  Yep, that’s true.  And many times healings are progressive, they’ll feel something or test something or sometimes they will feel nothing at the moment.  But it’s a progressive work that’s already begun and so I tell people, “Go home test this, go home and test it, I don’t need you to proclaim that you are healed right now, but you go test it and when you understand you are healed tell everybody you know.”  Ha ha   

Sid: Now, on the other hand it really builds the faith when someone has that instant miracle and others are watching.

Dennis:  That’s right and often times God wants that to build the faith and release faith in the group.

Sid:  Now, let me ask you about your book, I’m so excited about it “Catching the Initiatives of Heaven,” subtitled “The key to Accessing the Power of Heaven for Every Need on Earth.”  How did you happen to write this?

Dennis: Well these, all the things that we teach, including what’s in the book, came out of an encounter I had with the Lord where He told me to buy a tent, to get into the tent and that He would meet with me in this tent and that He was going to restore to me the Feast of Tabernacles.  And so I bought a tent, I went to Wal-Mart and bought a small pup tent, got home and I began to move my furniture in my living room around.  My wife came out and saw that I was putting a tent up in her living room. 

Sid:  Ah, she must have loved that.  Ha Ha.

Dennis:  She said, “Doesn’t that go up outside?”  And I said, “Honey…

Sid:  Oh I hate to say it, we’ve just run out of time, but we will pick up right here on tomorrows broadcast Mishpochah.

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