Sid:   My guest, Dr. Renny McLean was telling me the most amazing miracle; this man came to his service he had been involved in a fight, he had both eyeballs were removed, what happened next Renny.

Renny:   What happened was that I’m standing before this young man and I have no reference point, I didn’t know what to do and the Spirit of the Lord said to me, “Put your hands on his eyes.”  And I said, “But Lord there are none,” you know because we are seeing it from earth.  And He said to me, “Put your hands on his eyes” and I got into a debate with God, “But there are none.”  And this is what I say to people, this is why I put this teaching in my book “Eternity Invading Time.”  The supernatural has a rhythm to it and there is a law called a law of response.  When you don’t respond to the word, the manifestation either lessons or leaves and I knew the longer I was debating I was going to miss it.  And the Lord said to me, “Go ahead, put your hands there.” Enough to say I reached my hands out to touch his, what I saw as sockets but to God were eyes.  And I put my hands on his sockets that were eyes.  God someone going to get an eye miracle, hallelujah.

Sid: There’s such an anointing on the testimony that as Renny is sharing this you’re going to be healed.  Go ahead.

Renny:  Yeah, I put my hand on his eyes and in a split second Sid I saw heaven open and close in a split second and I knew I could tell you before God, this came from a vault.  It came from a treasure chest; I could remember I could tell you that accurately.  It came from a treasure chest, it came from a vault of body parts, it came from it.  And instantly I felt something between my hands.  You know the Lord said to me, “Keep it there,” because you know, you’re in that spirit of now, you’re in the spirit of that’s right it’s the spirit of now, you know something is happening and I felt something between my hands and his sockets and the Lord said to me, “Keep it there until you know that it is no longer in your hand but it’s in his eyes.”  I mean after, literally after two minutes it was literally around two minutes I removed my hands.  And Sid, this was the first time I saw a miracles of that magnitude when I removed my hand there was a full grown eyeball staring me back in the face.  Now I’m going to tell you the truth, I had never seen that before and I have seen all kinds of things before, I had never seen that before.  Okay, that brother’s church started with thirty people you know that the following Sunday there was more than thirty people there.

Sid:  If I had known about it I would have been there.  Ha-ha-ha.

Renny:  Ha-ha-ha.

Sid:  You know this happens to be Passover week and you have found that there are doorways so to speak into the spirit world portals or windows that occur on these feasts.  Well, why do they occur on the Jewish feasts?

Renny:  I tell you why I believe them Sid, and I believe in them more than anything else.  One the feast days of the Lord they are 100% accurate; they do not miss at all.  For example, I give this as an illustration Sid, and I really think that it will help people who don’t fully understand it to really grasp it.  If I was to ask you your birth date you could tell me.

Sid:  Absolutely.

Renny:  Because your birth date doesn’t change but your birth day does. Ha-ha-ha so this is why discerning to set timings of God discerning those times.

Sid:  You have to be at the right place at the right time for an eyeball to materialize.

Renny:  Oh, you best believe it, and I believe that that’s why some of the greatest things Jesus did, I am almost certain there were times you could tell it was because it was because of the anointing that was on His life but then there were times you knew that they were portals that had opened.  And we knew it and we know that simply because the times when some of those significant miracles happened.  So those portals are accurate and also Sid this is what I really believe we can touch on this.  Number one when the Red Sea opened, what time of the year was it?  It was around Passover, so the opening of the Red Sea was really the manifestation of a portal opening.  So you’re talking set times, that’s why it didn’t happen any other, it wasn’t just say any day of the week.  It was a set time and there are times in God when God will do certain things by faith.  But then I believe in the set timings of God I believe that manifestations are magnified.  I believe that that’s even where our financial breakthroughs are tied too is those portals and those feasts.  I have, Sid I have watched the Lord do this.  Can I just drop something in the Spirit Sid that is really going to speak to your heart?

Sid:  Please.

Renny:  When you check out the book of Malachi do you not find it strange that when you read Malachi 3 it says something very interesting.  He calls, he calls Malachi, he calls he addresses the churches of Israel and the church Oh you Sons of Jacob.  Now you and I know what Jacob means, now why did He call them sons of Jacob?

Sid:   I don’t know.

Renny:   Oh, you do know because you’re in the Spirit because were being interviewed. The reason why he called it Jacob is the name of when Jacob was no longer…so the name of Jacob was Israel’s name before he had an encounter.

Sid: Right, I no that.

Renny: In other words you’re talking about…

Sid:  Oh, I see now, I got ya now.

Renny:  Yeah, it’s when you go back to your past you’re regarded as a Jacob.  Isn’t that interesting, he said you walked away from the ordinances like your fathers before.  And isn’t that interesting that he begins to talk about a tithe and an offerings, but I don’t believe that it is an ordinary tithe and offering; because when you break it down and you look at Malachi 3 it speaks about opening the windows, well we just spoke about one of the definitions of a portal is a window.  Oh, my God.

Sid:  So on this week that portal, that window is open for what God promises in Malachi about the offering.

Renny:  Totally, it is open then, it is open then, its open Passover and its open Tabernacles; it never missed.  And if you look at our Jewish brethren today Sid you know as well as I do, Sid you know they’re not believers in Yeshua as you and I are.  But one thing you know, they keep those days holy and if you check look at the people that are walking in the financial abundance and I’m wondering if they even realize that it’s actually a portal that there giving into during those times.  I wondering if they even realize that the significance of it because everybody in the church is tithing, but the increase promise like what Malachi says where the blessing will overtake you.  If you notice not many people are experiencing the overtaking blessing because it is tied to the tithe and the offerings of those portal times.

Sid:  You know someone could go their whole life and not know what you just explained in the last couple of minutes.  Let me take you to when the glory came like it is right now in Philadelphia and how many people got new ear drums?

Renny:  Oh my goodness gracious me; in Philadelphia, oh this is interesting; Philadelphia sixty people grew ear drums, grew ear drums sixty, sixty, sixty.

Sid:  Were people healed of other things?

Renny:  Oh my goodness yeah, we had over twelve wheelchairs emptied of all kinds of crippleness and that’s just wheelchairs that’s not even sticks or crutches and eyeballs were opened and a woman came there with no teeth and left with teeth.  And then the following day her husband came, not her husband, her dentist came to the meeting following day and said, “Which one of you is Dr. Renny McLean?  I said, “What?” They didn’t know who they were speaking to obviously and I said, “Well what would you like to speak to him for?”  I said, “He is a very busy man you know, I am busy you know ha-ha and so he said, “Well that woman who you see shouting over there on the front?”  I said, “Yeah, tell me about her.”  He said, “I know her.  I said, “How do you know her,” he said, “I’m her dentist.”  I said, “How can I help you?”  “I’m just here to tell you something.”  He said “I was her dentist and I’m here to testify that until yesterday night when whatever happened happened, that woman had no teeth in her head.  I know it because I removed them.” And he was atheist he said, until he looked in her mouth and saw teeth forming.

Sid:  He didn’t stay an atheist.  But I had a revelation as you were speaking that people are going to be healed in the hearing and ear drum area if you’ll pray right now.

Renny:  (Praying in tongues) The Lord right now in the Name of Jesus the living Christ I speak to the infirmity that has lodged itself in every ear come out, be recreated now in Jesus Name.  Hear, hear now in Jesus name.

Sid: Well, you know Renny, it’s kind of hard for me to do this interview because the presence of God is so strong that all I want to do is kind of soak in this presence of God.  But I did hear that someone’s back was healed and there’s major miracles going on in peoples backs right now and hips too.

Renny:   Yes.

Sid: What else are you hearing Renny?

Renny:   Yeah, I’ll tell you what I’m hearing Sid, that I’m hearing this in the Spirit; I’m still seeing hip conditions being healed.  I’m seeing hip conditions being healed.  I’m seeing leg braces now, there is just faith coming alive right now all over this broadcast.  Whatever was wrong with you, just start to do it.  Just start to do it you are at liberty in the presence of His glory, receive oh my God, Sid there is just so much happening right now.

Sid:  I know I see someone with their fingers with arthritis if they’ll just bend their fingers they will see the arthritis it doesn’t exist there anymore.

Renny:  It’s all gone, it’s all gone, it’s all gone, I see a neck brace being healed right now, take off the neck brace by faith.  Oh my God, Lord of mercy there is so much going on oh, HIV I see you, I see you I see you right now people are being healed of HIV.  You know, Brother Sid I think this testimony is in the book “Eternity Invading Time” I was in Patterson, New Jersey several years ago and we had seventy-eight, no we had sixty to seventy people healed of HIV and aides in one night.

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