Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to be red hot for the Messiah, and how can you be red hot for the Messiah unless you fix the money thing?  Gary Keesee, what do you mean by “Fix the Money Thing,” which is the title of the book that were making available.

Gary:  Yes, well quite frankly in a nut shell, fixing the money thing means having more than enough.  It means you have more than enough, you’re not just living pay check to pay check; you are not running day by day just hoping to survive.

Sid:  Wait, wait do you know what concerns me?  And I said this on yesterday’s broadcast I believe that there are people that have some money tucked away and they think they’re in good shape but some of the experts on the shift of the US perhaps not being the form of currency accepted worldwide and the inflation that’s going to be coming; unless they shift kingdoms in dealing with money that savings is going to disappear.

Gary:   Sid that is a very very good topic to talk about because I think that a lot of believer’s just live day to day, every things the same and they don’t have a basic understanding of what’s actually happening in the global economy and what you’ve just mentioned was that the US dollar is the reserve currency in the world.  You see back when gold was no long the standard, where gold did not back up the money the dollar, the US dollar, the strongest economy in the world became the standard; it replaced gold.  So all foreign transactions in the world today are done in US dollars and the only reason the US can print like 1 point something trillion dollars in deficit this year; we actually can, you know people would want our dollars, they are going to borrow it like China does and Japan does or we print the money, or we actually just buy our own debt back.  The only way it works is because the US is the reserve currency in the world.  But as you’ve heard and I’ve heard, we’ve seen America’s financial status sheet is not that good and the dollar has been declining in the world today in value. 

Sid:  It’s just a matter of time before a country like China would become the standard.

Gary:  That’s correct.  As other economies grow and the US declines because there’s 2.5 trillion dollars and US dollars held in these central banks around the world which backs up their currency which gives legitimate value to their currency.  And so as the US dollar declines, their reserves are declining, so they’re slowly wanting to get rid of some of these US dollars and buy other currencies that are going up.  Which is a dangerous situation for us to be in because if we ever have or lose the ability to have the US dollar as a reserve, then we are going to have some very serious serious economic problems here.

Sid:  Well, I absolutely understand the person that’s just lost their job, the person that had a horrible sickness and they have no savings left, the person living from pay check to pay check wanting your book and using it almost as a text book.  And you know what’s so wonderful about it, it’s not a bunch of budgets, it’s a bunch of spiritual principles that will get so deep in your spirit…Give me one example.

Gary: You know the thing with the kingdom of God is that is that it is not a kingdom of poverty.  We quote Luke 6:38 in most of our churches across the land, “Give and it shall be given unto you, good measure, pressed down shaken together and running over.”  God’s kingdom is not bankrupt, God is blessed, it’s a covenant of blessing.  Ray and Teresa met me at a meeting, in fact I went to a conference I was doing and they ran up and hugged me like I had known them for thirty years.  I didn’t know who they were and they apologized, we are sorry, but we’ve listened to your TV so often that we feel like we know you and you changed our life.  In fact behind Teresa she came in that meeting was a group of other people that she said that came with me.  She said, “What happened was, she said Gary, my kids were all sick, my husband Ray was unemployed, we were just a month away from eviction, we had nothing and no hope yet I was a strong believer.  I had been to conferences, I had studied but something was missing and she said I got your material, I began to learn about the kingdom of God and it changed our entire life.  Paid off all of our credit cards, forty-five thousand and something in credit cards;  they started a business; the business prospered; they bought a house paid cash for it.  I mean their whole life changed, so her family saw that and behind her at this meeting were all her friends and family that came along.  She said, this lady here, she had a $100,000, she got $100,000 to pay for her daughters college she didn’t know how to get; this lady here, she was about to…her house was so old that it was falling apart around her; she has a brand new house today because of the kingdom principals.  And she went through this group of people there and began to tell me there stories, and when they saw what happened to Ray and Teresa they began to ask questions and Ray and Teresa began to tell them about this kingdom that literally changed their life and now it’s changing everyone’s lives that they knew; it was amazing.

Sid:  There are so many people that have applied these principals, I imagine that you just have an absolute passion when you see people hurting like you were and you know there is a way out.

Gary:  Absolutely, I know what it’s like to have no hope yeah we lived hand to mouth, pone shops, judgments, liens, tax liens; you name it I know what it’s like to feel that way.  In fact I was in such stress and fear at the time that I was having panic attacks, paralysis in my limbs, hospitals couldn’t tell what was wrong with me.  I was just a basket case and this went on for years this wasn’t just an overnight thing, but we were desperate.  We loved God but we didn’t know how to tap into the kingdom of God, religion is not your answer.  The kingdom’s your answer; the Kingdom of God has within it everything that pertains to life.  You know, I always look at the Bible and think wouldn’t it be great if the stories could happen today.  I mean you look at James, Peter and John they had a fishing business.  They were going basically broke they fished all night and caught nothing, Jesus comes along, he borrowed there boat, preached from it, came back in told them to go back out and catch fish I the deep water and they caught some nice fish, their nets about broke, their boat about sank.  Wouldn’t it be something if this kingdom could reproduce that kind of result?  And I began to study the kingdom when God began to deal with me about it and I found that the kingdom of God produces those kind of results with people that will operate by kingdom law, follow the leading of Holy Spirit and capture opportunities and have phenomenal stories just like the stories I tell.

Sid:  Now, you talk about we should have a reward mentality.  What do you mean by that?

Gary:   Well, a survival mentality works for Friday.  You know a survival mentality works till the bills are paid; it’s not vision funded, its survival funded.  You know vision pulls us, desire pulls us, where as pressure pushes us.  Most people work till Friday to have the weekend off, but a person of passion, a person that knows that he can’t fail looks to Monday and he despises Friday night because he want to keep on his passion he wants to keep on working.  When we realize that God has given us success that He has given us the ability that He’s given us the wisdom, the favor the tools that we need to absolutely provide success in our lives all of a sudden vision springs up.  All of a sudden ideas spring up our whole life is transformed as we see everything differently.  Interesting David, when he went to that front line there that day and Goliath was standing there the whole army was quaking in fear but David was the only man there that asked three times to those standing there “What will be the reward to the man that rids Israel of this disgrace?”  See David was a reward conscious person, he understood with God he could not fail, that he had a covenant and so when he came across that situation he didn’t run from it, he thanked God for it.  That was the greatest opportunity that he had ever had in his life.  And so when people began to realize that success, God with them could provide solution for problems and the world pays for problem solving.  They began to thank God for the pressure for God or the kingdom in them produces the solutions that propels them, brings promotion to their life and wealth to their life.  And that is exactly how the kingdom provides.

Sid:  You know our country is rapidly becoming a welfare nation and what would happen if rather than welfare they got a hold of your teaching?  Could you see how our country could have its greatest hour?


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