Sid:  One of the greatest ways to release the miracle anointing of God is through worship and that’s why I have two worship leaders Nic & Rachael Billman.  They lead worship for Randy Clark who has a miracle ministry all over the world and they set the stage for all of these miracles because they’ve been worshipping the Lord as a team since age thirteen.  Nic what is your goal as a worship leader?

Nic:  Our goal always every time we are leading worship is to hear what it is what the Father wants to sing over His children, what the bridegroom wants to sing over the bride and then release that and get the congregation, the body of Christ the children to respond and sing back to the Father.  And the Bible says in Zephaniah that He sings over us with rejoicing and so we try to hear what is it that He’s singing over us today and how can we respond back to the Father in worship?

Sid:  And when this occurs what normally happens in a congregation?

Nic:  Well, you can feel the room just go to another level as oppose to just people looking at a screen and reading lyrics all of a sudden you can just see in people’s body language you can feel electricity in the atmosphere.  Often times we just feel wind coming through the atmosphere in the natural.  You can feel the love of God just touching feeling in your body whether it is through warmth or heat, whatever it is and it just changes the atmosphere from let’s just sing some songs because it is part of the service to we have entered in the Presence of God.

Sid:  Now this obviously was your goal for your brand new two cds in one album called “The Least of These” do you feel you hit it?

Nic:  Yeah, I do because it was live worship and we recorded it exactly like we would do in normal worship set. We did three worship nights and just decided just record all three nights and we will take the best of those three nights and put them on a CD and we actually ended up having enough for three disks and so we did a double disk and then we will hold on the rest maybe for another time.

Sid:   You know we were talking yesterday about how you two were married at seventeen had a child at seventeen and your son was a miracle child.  You had to make a decision do you want to take him off of life support or not and God performed a major miracle and your son lived.  Tell me about your daughter, Leila.

Rachael:  Well, of course with our first pregnancy bringing some reason for concern.

Sid:  Well, you almost bleed to death and I understand that you had one of things where you left your body, tell me about that.

Rachael:  I’m laying on the operating table and they were doing an emergency csection, Leila was completely fine she was four pounds, but she was fine.  And I don’t remember much about what was happening in the room at the time because I was coming in and out of consciousness and I had lost a dangerous amount of blood and they were not able to get it to stop.  And so while this is happening I’m laying on the table in and out of consciousness but after the whole ordeal I was amazed when I was talking to Nic about it how much I was able to recall from the situation, because I actually remember leaving my body; it was like I was just floating above the table itself and just watching the doctors, watching them talk to each other.  I had no pain, I wasn’t worried about anything; I didn’t have any concern whether I was going to come back into my body or if I was leaving my family; I wasn’t aware of any of that.  I just had an immense peace and I watched I actually watched the doctors walk out into the hallway holding Leila and walk out to Nic and say were trying everything we can do; we don’t know if we’re going to be able to stop the bleeding.

Sid:  And so what happened?

 Rachael:  Well, just as quickly as I left my body it was like boom back into my body just like that and the doctors miraculously…the bleeding just stopped, they have no medical explanation.

Sid:  But tell me about the fragrance!

 Rachael:  Yeah, it was later after they had moved me from this operating room and I was in recovery room they were still telling Nick they weren’t sure if I was going to make it and while we were in this intensive care section of the hospital I turned to Nic and I say, Nic did someone bring me flowers?  And he said no, no one brought you flowers you are not allowed to even bring flowers up here but this just immense fragrance of the Lord filled the room.  It was like the smell was like roses and cinnamon and vanilla and it was within a few days after that my body started working again; my kidneys, my liver, all my major organs…

Sid:  I understand that nurses kept coming in just to smell that aroma.

 Rachael:  Yeah, they did they would come in on their break and ask if they could just come in and read books in there and they would just come and sit in the room; there was just such an atmosphere of peace in the room that they’d never felt before.

Nic:  One cleaning lady was coming to clean the trash can out every ten minutes, so.

 Sid:  Oh, very briefly, Leila at age three started moving in Words of Knowledge and recently you were in a Catholic Church and Leila saw something, tell me about that.

Nic:  Yeah, we were ministering in a Catholic Church in Lockport, Illinois and Leila was walking around praying for people and one lady shared with me after the service that she was sitting there and Leila came up and she said, “You should probably move” and just like a little girl would say it, you should probably move and the lady said, “Well, okay why?”  She said, “Well there is an angel praying for that woman and she is about to fall where you are sitting.”  And the lady told me that she just kind of appeased Leila and said oh, okay so she moved and no sooner she moved and that lady went slam right on the ground where she was sitting.

Sid: …There is something so special about this worship music, it’s called “The Least of These” its two CD’s and it was done live.  It’s the type of music that they’ve been ministering with all over the world; and their seeing so many fabulous miracles.  Tell me the song we’re going to play a little of right now called “Come Surround Me and Surround Me with Your Love.”  I love that premise.

 Nic:  Yeah, it’s a song that we often sing, again it’s a chorus, something that people can grab on to and just asking God to surround us with your love so that nothing can touch us, that nothing could come in that no other lovers, no other idols, no other gods would come in but we would be so surrounded with Your love that we would live and move and have our being in you and for your love.

 Worship Excerpt of “Come Surround Me in Your Love, Come Surround Me in Your Love”

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