Sid:  Hank Kunneman is red hot for the Messiah, I love interviewing prophets, especially prophets that have a track record.  Hank we want to go into all these new things that God’s showing you for the next decade that’s about ready to hit the United States and Israel and even the White House.  But again to have people really appreciate your gift I remember you prophesying about the housing market, tell me about that.

Hank:  Yes, actually Sid and again it is good to be with the listeners today.  Actually back in around 2006 and really the latter part of 2005 the Lord began to really give me visions and I was seeing the United states and I was beginning to be very concerned because in these visions and dreams I was looking at houses and I kept seeing literal houses in these dreams and visions and they were being shaken and some of them were falling.  And the Spirit of the Lord began to give a prophetic utterance and really a warning as I was traveling and the Lord kept saying to people you know to get off of those arms, you know those mortgage arms that people are on.

Sid:  Right, then increase in five years or something.

Hank:  Yes, and he began to talk about how there was going to come a shaking among the mortgage and the housing industry and he called it being on sand and it was going to be shaking for some that they would lose their homes.  And in fact Sid, I was so determined when I heard that I even told I’m a good pastor I went to my church congregation and I said listen there is going to come a shaking to the housing market and it’s really important to get your house in order to get your finances in order, to refinance to get something that is affordable right now because there was coming a major shaking to the housing market of the United States; and of course we began to tell this around the nation and many people you know picked up on that prophetic word and were able to save their homes as a result.

Sid:  Just out of curiosity, unfortunately that was a true word in the housing market stinks right now and seems to be getting even worse.  Do you see any light at the end of the tunnel?

Hank:  You know one of the things that the Lord, said to me and every year I put out what I call prophetic perspectives where I get you know not necessary prophecy some of them are prophecies, but they’re my perspectives in what I consider my prophetic viewpoints in things that the Lord is saying.  And one of the things that God said regarding the economy, He used kind of an interesting Word, He said that there are coming a couple more hiccups and sometimes hiccups can be unpredictable, they can be irritating and sometimes they can cause you to lose your breath for a moment.  But he said that were going to come a couple more hiccups before there would be a stability and really a settling that would begin to come over the nation, but we are going to have to weather through some more what He called hiccups to get to that place that I ultimately see and that is a recovery of the economy.  And of course it doesn’t help when the government is spending like crazy.  But there is going to come, you know a stabilizing of the economy where we are going to have to work through what He said was these couple hiccups.

Sid:  Now God showed you some very very specific things for the future.  For instance he showed you some of the things that are going on right now in the Middle East.  Tell me about that.

Hank:  In fact in 2006, it was August of 2006 one of the things that the Lord began to speak about was Egypt and Iran and I just want the listeners to hear this to be encouraged you know.  There are some good things that are getting ready to happen as far as different leaders you know being removed, but there’s also a very crucial window that we need to seize right now and begin to pray so the wrong leadership doesn’t get in there and become an enemy of Israel and even the United States you know.  What God calls a sheep nation, we want what God calls the sheep nation we want but not a goat nation which are nations that you know resist God, they resist the things of the Lord.  But Egypt right now and I’ll share the prophecy right now in just a minute it really represents a separation, a separation like in the days when there was a separation between Israel and Egypt and what it represents is that it represents something that’s taking place in this new decade that were in that the youth are going to begin to arise and it’s a trend that’s going to continue.

Sid:  That’s what we’re seeing in the Middle East even in a life threatening situation they’re standing up with such courage.

Hank:  Yes, now listen what was in 2006 the prophecy says this, this is just a portion of the transcript I’ll just read a portion, it says “Do you see what is taking place? For watch for what will begin to take place for there will be a change of leaders, listen to the times and discern the time in which you are in.  You said, even Iran has puffed out their chest and they will say in the days to come and the years to come, we will test out missiles and we will send our missiles here and we I will send there.”  This was in 2006, but God says watch now because there will be a change of leadership that will begin to take place and God says that there will not only be a change of leadership but there will be a regime change and God says I will do this as you will see even in Iran and other nations in the Middle East there will be a civil dispute, a disruption that will break out and He says this, I have placed though my foot upon America and I have placed my foot upon Israel and very soon I will shake the very soils of the Middle East and there will be a shaking upon shaking and I will shake it beginning in Egypt and then I will shake it in Iran and I what’s interesting …

Sid:  You can’t get any more specific than that Hank!

Hank:  Yeah, well you know what’s happening in the news right now look at what’s happening with Egypt, there was a shaking.  And you know what’s so weird, sometimes when you prophecy something, you don’t really realize you know because God speaks up in riddles, I didn’t realize when this was coming that this was going to be five years later that we are starting to see the manifestation of this thing.  And lately even in the news right now there is a shaking beginning to happen in Iran and even on the previous broadcasts that I have been with you, Sid you and I have talked about this regime change that is getting ready to take place in Iran.

Sid:  But what about the United States, I mean I do know from the Bible, I got insight, I don’t have to be a prophet I have the best prophecy in the world about the future of Israel but I don’t see anything that tells me for sure about the future of the United States.  Let’s start at the White house, the President of the United States what did God show you?

Hank:  Well, there’s is a lot that’s there; I’ll tell you this right now, sometimes things in the natural are what I call prophetic indicators in other words not everything that happens in the natural is always a prophetic indicator but there is things that we have to look at when they happen.  Let me give you an example, there was a recent speech that President Obama was giving in a place, I don’t know where but it was a major women’s like conference and as he got up to speak all of a sudden the Presidential seal fell off and it landed on the bottom. 

Sid:  Right, I think everyone was aware of that the news made a big deal out of it.

Hank:  And here’s what I believe and after this happened I heard the Lord say to me that his presidency weighs in the balance.  And God says it’s contingent upon many things but one of the things that the Lord really stressed was the treatment of Israel that were certain things that this President would be held to a place of accountability by the Spirit of the Lord in regards to Israel.  And if it wasn’t handled correctly God would bring a removal and…

Sid:  Did he indicate how the removal would be?

Hank:  That I don’t know, I do know this, I had a warning in the latter part of 2010 I really began to get different prayer groups across the nation to pray because the word of the Lord was very clearly that we needed to pray for the protection of our leaders and we needed to pray against the same spirits that were coiled like in the days of you know, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, and President Kennedy.  And the Lord said, this thing would try to hit the nation first and would try to really attack our leaders and shortly after this word was released, in fact I issued a call out on my face book page saying listen, we really need to pray something is happening and we need to really cover our nation and our leaders and even over Christmas alone you could see all the different attacks around the world.  And I really believe that God was sparing the United States from something but shortly after that, there was that incident that took place in Arizona where that man tried to you know take out that congresswoman.  And I think the Lord is really saying we need to pray right now because there is a window of vulnerability that is open towards our leaders but there is also, we need to really pray because I had a dream.  Let me say this, recently where I saw Israel and I’ve had it more than once where they were being forced so it would look like to sign some papers and God wasn’t happy about it and all of a sudden I saw the leaders of Israel push themselves away from the chair that they were seated at and they said no, we are not going to do this.  And immediately they were chastised in this dream, and I had it more than once by the Secretary of State because of something that they refused to sign, something they wouldn’t do and a decision that they are really going to have to make where it would appear that they are going to half to stand on their own.  And so this presidency and this current administration it is very important for them that they handle Israel correctly.  And one of the things that the Lord is promising, and I think we really need to pray because one of the things that God did with the children with the children of Israel He’s doing with America right now.  And that was they just came out of Egypt and they had celebrated a tremendous victory when Pharaoh and his armies were drowned and they were celebrating and they were dancing and their singing and declaring you know how great the Lord is as a warrior and all of a sudden a national crisis happens and they don’t have any water.  Well, America has had a national crisis with the housing market, they’ve had this national crisis with, you know the recession and different things that are going on and here’s what Israel did; God brought them to the waters of Mara, which means the waters of bitterness and I think it was to show them their heart.  That their heart had become bitter only after three days and it’s amazing to me how many people in the United States, sometimes we forget the victories that God has brought to this nation and even to Israel; sometimes we forget the good things that the Lord has done for this nation and what he has spared us from.  And I feel like there’s a lot of times people get over into bitterness and they get over into complaining and the Spirit of God is trying to tell us to look at our hearts now, it’s not the hour to complain and to become bitter because maybe we don’t like the President or we don’t like the administration or we don’t like the economy or the gas prices.  It really is the season to pray and when we do…

Sid:  Now aren’t we almost praying in reverse when we complain?

Hank:  Yeah, we are because what it does is and let me say this God keeps score.  You know I’ve often said that, and we’ve all said that and remember when the children of Israel complained God even went to Moses about it and He said…

Sid:  Oh e-vey we’re out of time.

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