Sid:  When the wall comes down between Jew and Gentile we are going to have the full tabernacle dwelling place of God.  It’s happening the spiritual scales are being removed from Jewish people, but how can they call on Him who they’ve not heard and that’s where you and I come in.  This is the set time to favor Zion and I have a new friend on the telephone.  His name is Dean Sikes and Dean has a proven gift of prophecy.  Some very well know Christians bank on his Words.  And Dean you travel the nations, you speak for young people and older people.  Oh in the last few years, how many people have you spoken for would you say?

Dean:  Well, you know the last seventeen years Sid; we reached well over into the millions. 

Sid:  Okay, what is the number one issue that people want to know when you speak to them?

Dean:  What am I on this earth to accomplish?  What’s my purpose, why am I here?

Sid:  And on yesterdays broadcast there are people that are in their twenty’s that want to know this and there are people in their seventy’s that want to know this.  And you have a supernatural way of people knowing how to discover their destiny.  How did you find this out?

Dean:  I went to God because I was one of those people. I mean I was searching, I was clueless I knew some things that I liked but nothing really fulfilled me.  And God always points us back to His word.  And if you got to the very beginning of the Bible Genesis 1:3 the Word says,  then God says let there be light, we’ve actually studied it out, it says then God says light be and light was.  So I asked God, why of all the things that you created why is light the first thing we see?  He said, what does light do?  I asked you first Lord?  He said Dean, what does light do?  I said, well it does two things; it dispels darkness, but enables vision.  He said what did I say in Proverbs about vision.  Well, without vision my people perish.  He said, Dean could I be saying to you this year, without vision you will perish or could you be saying to people in the audience out there, light be or better translated, vision be.  He said, “People don’t know what I’ve called them to do.  That’s why there is a suicide rate as high as there is.  That’s why there are eating disorders as high as they are.  That is why that’s why college majors change four and five times over four years.  They don’t know what I’ve called them to do, let’s do something about that.”

Sid:  So what happened next?  I’m on the edge of my seat.

Dean:  Well, I began to just really dig down deep and God gave me a formula.  And in that formula there are several questions, there’s a prioritization of those questions and then there is one basic sentence at the end of that formula in the teaching.  I show you and share with you how to literally in your own handwriting with a piece of paper, answer two questions, prioritize those answers and then bring it into one sentence and you will know without any hesitation or contradiction, why you are here?  The formula that God gave me has never failed; because it really can’t.  God’s not going to fail; He always leads us to triumph.

Sid:  You mentioned the word; there were people who were even suicidal that when they found their destiny it gave them hope.  But you have Words for people that are suicidal.  Give me an example.

Dean:  Well, that’s the number one issue that the Lord uses me with on the road every week and that is people that think death is better than life.  And there are people listening right now, I have such a witness of the Spirit right now and here’s the Word of the Lord for you;  hang on don’t give up.  God when He created you, He did not go oops, Jesus come here you won’t believe what I just did I have made a bid mistake.  No, He created you and went wow, Jesus you got to look at this person we now have in the Earth and most people, if I was standing in front of them and I put my hand up and said, my hand is a mirror and when you look in the mirror, what do you see?  Do you see what God sees?  And most people don’t and so one of the passions I have in life is sharing truth with people that God loves you, He’s not mad at you and He’s got an amazing destiny for your life, but that destiny is not for you to decide, it’s for you to discover, it’s a wonderful journey and you can have fun along the way.

Sid:  Tell, me one person that shared a testimony as the result of your teaching that was suicidal.

Dean:  Oh, one in particular comes to my mind immediately, there was a young man on the eastern sea board of the United States and I ministered at a youth service.  And I ministered about it and at the end of it at the altar call I started talking about suicide and there was a strong anointing to just deal with it.  And Sid, there was so many teenagers at this event they literally had to open up a second room to take them in there.  And a young man said to me he said, Dean there’s a shot gun in my home right now.  The gun is loaded, the note is already written.  He said I just felt I need to come to church tonight before I went and did this to make sure that my life was okay.  He said, because of what you said I’m unloading the gun, I’m tearing up the note, I’m going to go find my destiny and I’m going to live my life.  And we’ve got a lot of those testimonies.  God’s been very faithful.

Sid:  You also normally have a lot of words for people with eating disorders.  Tell me, give me a testimony.

Dean:  Yes, well there was a young lady way way north in the United States, she was the captain of the cheerleading squad.  Her Mom was a teacher at this particular school and the Lord just put her on my heart and she knew that I knew.  And she came to me and said, nobody knows this and I said, well God knows, Honey; He knows exactly where you are and how you got here.  And eating disorders, here’s the deceit behind that, a lot of people think that it has a lot to do with weight, it has nothing to do with weight.  It has everything to do with control.  And usually a hugh percentage of the time, if I’m dealing with and ministering to someone who’s dealing with an eating disorder, I can trace that disorder all the way back to a abuse of some sort prior in their life.

Sid:  That is amazing.  One of the things that you teach about that is so exciting is God is literally giving you a key to get our prayers answered and it’s called “The Power of Petition.”  Tell me about that businessman that you explained the power of petition and he made millions.

Dean:  He did, when I met him he was broke.  His marriage was in serious trouble and he couldn’t sleep at night.  And the Holy Ghost spoke to me and said, he is a king of finance in My Kingdom and he doesn’t even know it.  There are three kinds of people typically in the earth, Kings, Priests and Armor bearers.  Kings create wealth, Priests provide vision, and Armor bears help support administratively.  He said Dean teach him everything that I have taught you about faith, My Word and how to live by it and watch what I do in his life, and I did.  I began to just pour into his life; I went over to where he lives; had lunch with him and said you’re a king of finance.  He said, what does that mean?  I said, you are called to fund the Kingdom.  He said, I love to give, I said that’s why.  He said I don’t have anything to give.  God gives seed to the sower, and I began to pour into him.  And as I was, that first year when he was making nothing the Holy Spirit spoke to me, he said Dean he’ll make a million dollars this year if he’ll follow these tenets.  I said to him, you are going to make a million if you do exactly what the Lord says.  He did, he made a million twenty-five because God is always an increase God.

Sid:  And going back to these people that have these eating disorders, like the woman you were talking about, tell me the end result as a result of your ministering to her.

Dean:  Well, you know the end result is simply this; it is a revelation that God loves us enough to not leave us the way He found us.  And I began to just share with her about healing, about open communication from its progress, again about forgiveness, cause you know the number one thing that’s out there that we have to do is that we have to learn to forgive ourselves in many instances.  And you know she’s …

Sid:  You know, we don’t hear much about that.  We hear about forgiving others, but you don’t hear much about forgiving yourself.

Dean:  Well, if you don’t it’s that’s the same law, you won’t be forgiven.  There was a guy Sid, that I ministered to in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania and he said, I got to forgive somebody.  I said, who?  He said, “Myself.”  I said, “Why?”  He said, “My son, my best friend sixteen years old and we went hunting last summer,” he said, “We love to hunt and I accidently shot and killed my son.”  Well, I’ve been used in his life since and man since and man, you ought to see his life today.  You know, yet does he miss his son, yea but there is an underlying joy because he’s forgiven himself and he knows that his son is no longer in his past he’s in his future because of what Jesus has done.

Sid:  You know, you made a statement that I really want our Mishpochah to hear and capture.  What is the difference between, believing God and trusting God?

Dean:  Oh, there is a major difference, when I began to get this revelation; it literally just went off like a bomb inside of me.  We believe God, that’s tied to our faith; we trust God that’s tied to our relationship with Him.  You know the Word says trust in the Lord with all of your heart, it doesn’t say believe in the Lord, the devil believes in God he can quote the Word, he has proven that.  But we have an opportunity to have a relationship through Jesus with God himself.

Sid:  You know that …many people that learn faith in God’s word or word of faith teaching, they learn it as formula rather than relationship, rather than relationship.  And they miss it.

Dean:  Yeah, they do, I have I literally had to learn this lesson that God doesn’t really care what I do as long as what I’m doing is in relationship with Him.  He loves to just hang out, just go on a walk, go on golf…Sid you’ll laugh at this.  I love to play golf, I’ll be on a golf course and the Lord will start messing with me, He’ll say, hit a pitching wedge.  I’ll go Lord, there is no way to hit a ball that far with that club.  He says, if I’m behind it, remember David and Goliath?  Hit the pitching wedge, and I hit a pitching wedge and it goes further than you can imagine.  And I can just see God laughing going “I told you,” because we have a relationship.

Sid:  What results are you seeing from people that get a hold of your teaching, “The Power of Petition?”

Dean:  Well, when people get the revelation of the petitioning of God, it not about getting stuff from God, it’s about getting answers to our life’s challenges.  It’s about being lead by His Spirit into His purpose and the Word is what does that.

Sid:  And what results are you getting from people that hear your teaching on discovering their destiny?

Dean:  Well, lives are being saved.  That’s as bold and as blunt as I can be.  When people get the revelation that God’s got a destiny for them and they discover that destiny they at that moment then begin to live their life.

Sid:  Well, I love the stories that you share of people because, as you are sharing their testimonies and their changed lives it builds faith for an individual to have a changed life for themselves.

Dean:  It does, and you know God is no respecter of persons, but I do believe He’s a respecter of person’s faith.  So as our relationship grows with Him our faith grows with Him and when our faith grows, our testimonies grow.

Sid:  Okay, I know you want these two teaching CDs; one is called “The Power of Petition” it is literally the key you have been looking for to have your prayers answered.  And the second is how would you like to discover you are as unique as a fingerprint?  There is no one like you on planet earth and God loves you and has a unique destiny for your life and this is a supernatural way of understanding that destiny. 

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