Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here with Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda. And you had a visitation from God. I wish it was every second. But tell me about that visitation, Bonnie.

Bonnie: Well we had, at that time, we had three small children. We were living in Fort Lauderdale. And Mahesh was leading the National Day of Prayer and Fasting. He was in D.C. and was holding this prayer meeting for both houses of Congress. And I woke up in the middle of the night and I thought that our oldest child, who was just a preschooler still, had gotten out of bed and had turned on the lights in the house and was doing something I couldn’t imagine. So I came out of my bedroom into the living room and I remember walking by the light switch and touching, and they were all off, and yet the house was illuminated.

Sid: Wait a second. Am I hearing her right? Every switch was off and the house was illuminated? Were the lights on or was it an illumination?

Bonnie: The lights were off and it was the presence of the Lord.

Sid: Wow.

Bonnie: He is light. This person, Jesus, is the Light of the world. But the house had light in it. And of course, the moment I felt the off switches, and yet the house was illuminated I immediately got on my knees and I just, you know, was in the presence of the Lord, and that was the beginning of a visitation that we had. The Lord came and spoke to us, spoke to me as He was speaking to Mahesh in Washington. Called our church on a corporate 21-day fast, which I believe that was our first experience.

Sid: What happened to the people there?

Bonnie: They were transformed. They were touched by the Glory.

Sid: Were there many people healed?

Bonnie: There were lots of people healed and in that particular visitation, a real wave of cleansing washed through first, cleansing and deliverance.

Sid: Go ahead.

Mahesh: The wonder of it was as we started fasting, there was one time where there were a couple of hundred people and all of us instantly, one time, as we were prostrating before God’s presence, saw the cross appear before us.

Sid: What does it look like?

Bonnie: Like something on CG. It suddenly just materialized.

Sid: All of you saw it at the same time.

Mahesh: Right.

Bonnie: Yeah. We moved all the chairs and we were holding these meetings in a big circle kind of a thing, and there wasn’t any official leader and prayer agenda. We literally just came together under the cloud of this presence that was so very real, and we were just being soaked in His Glory. And it was during one of those times that suddenly in there in the midst of the sanctuary we all saw simultaneously the cross, and it was alive with the blood. It wasn’t like Jesus was hanging on it, but the cross was living, and emphasized there was the living presence of the blood.

Sid: You can never be the same after seeing something like that.

Bonnie: No, no. And we still are very close to a lot of folks who were, 30, 35 years ago, who were in that visitation.

Sid: Let’s speed things up now. About a year ago, you had a visitation from an angel. Tell me about that.

Mahesh: That’s right. Again, Bonnie was in another city. I was at home and I felt like I was supposed to be going into my study. Suddenly, now this wasn’t a vision. It was like, my eyes were open and suddenly an angel descended and he had arms and he was young looking. He was smiling. And there was a smoke, a battle, still with him. It was like he had just come from a battle, but he had just come and there was victory on his face. And he looked at me and he said:

Angel: How big is your chair?

Sid: What does that mean?

Mahesh: I wondered. What does that mean? And then I asked the Lord, the Holy Spirit, for some enlightenment, and he took me to Psalm 22: “God is enthroned on the praises of Israel. He’s enthroned on the praises of His people.” And the chair meant the throne. And to the degree that we praise Him, to that degree that enthronement of God will become practical in our lives, and as God is enthroned on our praises, then we are, any battle we are in, whether it’s for healing, deliverance or financial, God wants to give us the victory the more we enthrone Him. And so when Bonnie came home she could sense the presence of God in the house. She said, “What happened?”

Bonnie: What happened here?

Mahesh: There was an angel?

Sid: I mean, in your house I would have to believe there’s a presence of God all the time. But there was something special.

Bonnie: Absolutely. When I walked in the door that sense of Heaven, it’s like the smell of rain, only it’s a kind of thing that you can feel that the atmosphere is alive in a little different way and there’s joy there, and that typifies the presence of the Lord.

Sid: Speaking of atmosphere, I’m going to have Mahesh and Bonnie teach on the cross and the Glory after they have been worshiping God and have had a throne around them, which means open access to Heaven, and I believe that you’re going to get in on it. What do you need? Think about it. We’ll be right back.

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