Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here with Sandra Kennedy. And Sandra is just playing with her dog and her dog innocently bites off the top part of her lip. She just knows there’s blood gushing and she has a towel, covers it up, goes to the hospital. I assume you weren’t quite as calm as I sense.

Sandra: No, I was not calm.

Sid: And then when they said, “Where is the rest of your lip?” it dawned on you, how much of your lip was missing?

Sandra: From the side of my nose here all the way over. It was about a little larger than a nickel size. Of course, that’s not very large right there.

Sid: Okay. So they sew it up.

Sandra: Yeah. They cut it again. They cut it again.

Sid: Why did they cut it again?

Sandra: Because it was ragged.

Sid: Oh, okay. So they make a nice looking hole.

Sandra: So they make it bigger.

Sid: All right. And then they sew it together?

Sandra: Yes, that’s what they did. They sewed it together with something that looked like fish line, black, black piece of line.

Sid: Okay. Then they proceed to say, “Take a look at these pictures.” And there’s pictures of people with clef lips that have had surgery, etc. What did the pictures look like to you?

Sandra: I didn’t look at them.

Sid: Why?

Sandra: I absolutely refused.

Sid: Why?

Sandra: Because I knew better. I knew that what I put in front of me would get in me. So I chose not to look at it. I had already said, you know, they had already told me I was going to have all these other surgeries and it would never be normal. In other words what they were saying, Sid, is the reason I like to smile so much, I guess, is that I would never have a smile. This lip was glued, glued to my teeth over here, and I couldn’t say or do anything that you had to do “pa”.

Sid: So she could not speak properly the rest of her life.

Sandra: Right, right.

Sid: She’d be disformed the rest of her life.

Sandra: Right, right.

Sid: And she’d still have to have a bunch of surgeries to even get to that point.

Sandra: Right. That’s right. Absolutely.

Sid: So tell me exactly what you told the doctor at that point.

Sandra: Well I said, “No, my God will take care of this.” I said, “God will heal this for me.” And of course, he said to me again, “Well the bottom lip can heal itself, but the top lip cannot heal itself.”

Sandra: I said, “My God will do it. I will never have another surgery.” And then of course, I went home.

Sid: I would have liked to have been a fly in the hospital trying to hear what that doctor had to say about that crazy woman.

Sandra: Absolutely, absolutely.

Sid: Okay, so you go home.

Sandra: And I find the lip, by the way.

Sid: Oh, so what did you do with it?

Sandra: Well I just threw it away. But it was so large. I didn’t even have to look. It was such a large piece of, I mean, I saw it instantly, again, between a nickel and a quarter size. It was huge laying there.

Sid: Okay. You had a healing explosion that you were doing.

Sandra: Yes.

Sid: And you’re all messed up. What did you do when you went out there?

Sandra: Well what did when I got home, what I did was finding all pictures that I had of me smiling a big smile on my face, and I plastered those everywhere all over my house because I know that the soul can, I mean, yeah, your soul will take care of your flesh. You know, you got the spirit when you’re born again, you know, the spirit of God comes inside of you. And then if you renew your mind with the Word of God then that soul shall take care of your flesh. So I wanted to get in front of my eyes what I was calling those things that be not as thou they were. So I looked at my pictures, and the more I looked at them I said, “Mouth, do you hear me? You line up with that picture and line up with the Word of the Lord. God says you’re healed.” And by the stripes of Jesus I’m healed. So I am healed. I spoke to Him everyday.

Sid: Now did you hear what she said? That’s very, very important for you to grasp. She didn’t say, “Oh God, heal me.” She spoke to her condition.

Sandra: Right.

Sid: Where in the Bible does it say that?

Sandra: Well it says that in Mark 11:23 and 24. And it talks about speaking to your mountain, and it talks over and over again that there’s life and death in the power of the tongue. And so I knew that the Word of God, that God had already healed me. I knew that.

Sid: Were you dealing with pain when this happened?

Sandra: Oh my word, yes, yes.

Sid: How do you fight the good fight when you’re dealing with pain? You’re going to be disformed the rest of your life. You’re not going to be able to speak properly. How do you do it?

Sandra: Well you know, I just knew that my God had to be bigger than this. I knew he had to do this. I mean, I’m a preacher.

Sid: Okay. So when people start seeing you looking like this what do you do about it?

Sandra: Well you know, I did this healing explosion that you were talking about and I said, okay, I stood in front of them. Of course I’d say, “Okay, look at my face and get it over.” ‘Cause that’s the way I talked at a microphone to the side over here. And I said, “Look at it.” And I began to quote that scripture, you know, “Whosoever and whatsoever and in between me and what? So ever is a mountain.” I recognized that the mountain is what is happening in your life, a disease, whatever it is in your life. For me at that moment it was my lip. So I turned, put my hands in the air, praised the Lord and told that lip, you move in the name of Jesus and you reproduce yourself in Jesus’ name.

Sid: What happened?

Sandra: Well the first time I did it in front of a group of about 800 people, this lip, something loosed with it, because it was glued totally down, just down, and my nose was sitting over here. And the first time I said it, something moved and shifted. And so I just kept saying it, kept saying it, kept saying it, and the more I would say it, the more it would move.

Sid: Now did you think at first maybe you were imaging this or it really moved?

Sandra: No, I knew it moved. I knew it moved.

Sid: Okay. So now how long did it take to look normal, to speak normal?

Sandra: Oh probably maybe six months. I kept going back to the doctor and the doctor kept saying, he kept wanting to pull out this book. And I said, “No, I refuse to look at it.” And then—

Sid: To get you to do the surgeries.

Sandra: Right, right. And then finally he said, “What are you doing? This is looking good. What are you doing?” I said, “Well let me tell you what I’m doing. I’m speaking to it in the name of Jesus. I’m taking the Word of God and I’m commanding the Word of God to work it, and I’m putting pictures and looking at them. That’s the reason I won’t look at your book. I’m going to look at pictures of me smiling because I know that the Word will work and that what my eyes behold I form in my brain. And I know that I can make this work because the Word of God does not return void.”

Sid: Now you told, I mean, she has a school where she teaches on healing. She has a church. She has all these things going on. Everyone now is watching her.

Sandra: Absolutely.

Sid: Did the thought cross your mind, if it isn’t healed I’m going to lose everything, not just my appearance, not just the way I speak, everything.

Sandra: Yeah, it did, Sid. It crossed my mind. It did.

Sid: What did you do when those thoughts came to you?

Sandra: I yelled at it. I yelled at it.

Sid: You yelled at it?

Sandra: I yelled at it. I yelled at the thoughts. I knew that I had to overpower the negative thoughts with the positive thoughts of God’s word. So I yelled at it. I called it a lie. I said, “You quit talking to me, you lying demon of hell.” That’s exactly what I said.

Sid: Okay, okay. I know you’re going to be back because, oh by the way, you already know the conclusion. You’ve looked at her smile. Smile at the camera. Would you do that?

Sandra: Absolutely.

Sid: We’ll be right back. Don’t go away.

Woman 1: We had a healing explosion coming up and we weren’t sure, you know, if we were going to have that or not. But we should have known her well enough to know that she was going to have a healing explosion.

Woman 2: And she told her story of her lip being absolutely taken away from her and then put back.

Woman 3: She turned her back to the audience and she began speaking to her mountain. And that’s when God started moving and the place just was electrified. There were healings all over the place because they saw her having to walk out what she was teaching.

Woman 4: I could not believe it. It was so marvelous the way she looked.

Woman 1: She was just transformed. It was almost like they don’t even know from what transition from one to the other. She was just back.

Woman 2: It was just wonderful what God was already doing within 10 days after this accident happened.

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