Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to do the same things that Jesus did and even greater.  Why, because we’re promised that.  You know my guest Bruce Allen, if we don’t have it now, were never going to have it because Jesus is getting ready to return and that’s why all these things are being activated.  Now most of my prophetic friends are seeing some horrific times coming on planet earth.  And one of the things that intrigues me Bruce is you talk about supernatural refuge in the last days.  What is God showing you?

Bruce:  One of the most specific things He told me about in regards to translation by faith is that the day and the hour is coming when the Body of Messiah will be so hedge in by circumstance, by persecution, by these different things that the only way we are going to be able to move throughout the earth and finish what we begun by preaching the gospel is supernaturally.  And in that one of the…he’s shown me thousand of portals, doorways that are available to people that we’ve never used.  On one occasion He had me step through a number of those doors.  And a number of those doors, one of them was into a jungle region of South America and when I stepped through I knew that that was a sanctuary a place of safety for the believer. 

Sid:  So you could be in a house and let’s say an enemy army is walking up the stairs and you know their coming towards you, if I’m understanding you right and you could just take one step through this door and you’re gone.

Bruce:  That’s exactly right, that’s exactly right.  You know in that light too, it’s fascinating to me too how often times the world is more prophetic than the church in some things.  And there was a movie came out that depicted this very thing.  After the Lord had taught me, started to teach me on this and to me that’s just another conformation.

Sid:  Tell me about the time that you released the glory and when you did what was it?  Mosquitoes were coming at you.  Tell me about that.

Bruce:  I had asked the Lord for a lot of years to give me a strategy when I’m in tropical climates to keep mosquitoes away and so without belaboring it He gave me a strategy out of Isaiah Chapter 4 verse 4&5 5 or 6.  And it says the Lord will create upon His dwelling place, upon Mt. Zion and His dwelling places a canopy of glory as a defense.  It will be a smoke brigade.

Sid:  Well, that would protect you from any mosquitoes!

Bruce:  Smoke by day, I know it!

Sid:  That’s better than a mosquito net.

Bruce:  It is, and this canopy, this defense means to be encased, to be veiled and protected.  To be encased in the glory.  So I got this revelation and we were ministering in York, Pennsylvania in July next to a stream; hot, humid, a lot of mosquitoes.  I said Father, please help me I need a strategy.  He said release the glory.  I didn’t speak it out loud it was in my heart.  I set my books on the pulpit, I saw mosquitoes starting to come towards me and I released the glory and they came within about two feet and they turned around and went the other way.  And this poor lady on the front seat who is never bothered by a mosquitoes started getting eaten by mosquitoes and she’s slapping them saying, I don’t understand, I never have this problem.  And I began to …started laughing to myself, Father what else do this do?  And I began a journey and an adventure in that to this day continues where I’ve seen healings, restorations.

Sid:  Just by releasing the glory.

Bruce:  By releasing the glory.

Sid:  So you could do that right now and have people healed.

Bruce:  Absolutely. 

Sid:   Pray that, release the glory right now.  There are people, let’s face it most people listening to us right now have one or more physical conditions they need to be healed of.

Bruce:  Wells, here’s the key for them too.  If you’re born again the glory is within you.  So will pray this in agreement with them that they stir that up and release it in their own body.

Sid:  Let’s do it.

Bruce:  Father, in the mighty name of Yeshua we just choose to agree together to take the corporate glory that you have birth or placed within each one of us.  To stir that up and release it throughout our bodies that every infirmity that comes in contact with it is now healed because death decay and corruption cannot abide in the glory.  So we release that in these people, your temple, we release that not only in our bodies but in our homes and in the region in which we live.  Father, we choose to act upon your word and release this right now; in Yeshua’s name.  Amen

Sid:  Boy, I feel a lot of peace; I guess that’s the glory.  What’s God telling you?

Bruce:  What’s He telling me?  You know I have a picture, a vision that we are going to have whole regions.  We’ve heard other ministry say this, there’s going to be cancer free, sickness free zones.  This is how it’s going to happen.

Sid:  By releasing the glory in an area.  In 2001, you received a mantle to teach on the third Heaven which causes people to be caught up and to be translated.  Tell me about that experience.

Bruce:  It’s happened a couple of times.  I’ve had an angel appear with a new mantle and an angel come with just like the one standing behind you with a scroll.  Mine was he was the angel of revelation not the book of but revelation that He releases revelation.  And it was specifically for this season, for this hour, to release people into their destiny in these areas of being able to see and to go just as Messiah does on a daily basis.

Sid:  And that’s the reason you wrote your brand new book “Gazing into Glory.” 

Bruce:  That’s exactly why.

Sid:  Do you believe the anointing from that mantle rests on this book?

Bruce:  I can’t do anything but believe what the Lord said, yes it does.

Sid:  Did He tell you it would?

Bruce:  Yes, very much.

Sid:  And when you teach on being translated by faith, tell me one person that’s come back and reported what’s happened to them.

Bruce:  Well, we talked about this earlier off air but that little girl, they call her Precious and she was, eight years old that was released when the eighty-five people were released and saw the third Heaven and she came over with her Grandmother and explained what she was seeing, which was identical to what I was seeing.  And consistently from that day on because she didn’t want to leave the house after that because she wanted to stay and go back with Jesus.  So I had to encourage her, honey if you’ve been there once you can go again and she consistently goes almost every day.

Sid:  Goes to the third Heaven.

Bruce:  Yes.

Sid:  And people are getting healed, tell me some reason healings.  Tell me about that man in the walker.

Bruce:  We were just recently in Biglerville, Pennsylvania; right outside of Gettysburg at a church that we were ministering.  That night I saw the Messiah, Lord Jesus standing next to an older gentlemen, he was just sitting there and I saw the Lord leaning down and whispering in his ear, so He said tell them what you’re seeing.  And as I did the gift of prophecy began to flow and I was prophesying over him while the anointing, the glory of God hit him so hard that he fell back in his chair and he began to shake.  The next night, at the next meeting he told us what had happened.  He had been cleaning the gutters in his home and he fell off the ladder on to the cement stairs and damaged his left hip to the point he had to use a walker or and/or his left leg was just dragging.  And when Yeshua spoke into his ear he was instantly healed.  In the same meeting I saw a large angel standing at the back of the auditorium and of course we test every spirit every time.  I had seen this angel manifest before, the Son of Righteousness with Healing in His Wings, that’s my understanding.

Sid:  A healing angel.

Bruce:  A healing angel.  So I told the people, if you need healing go back there.  Just stand in that anointing.  Well, one little boy eleven years old had been having feet problems for year, he couldn’t walk on his feet, they were too painful.  When he went back there he was instantly healed.  The next day he was out running with his friends all day long totally healed where he couldn’t do that before.

Sid:  And you know it’s wonderful that Bruce Allen walks in that dimension, but what is even better than that, he is anointed to teach you to walk in that dimension.  The scriptures promise you that you can walk in that dimension.  It’s time for you to be normal.  His brand new book, “Gazing into Glory” will allow you to see consistently into the invisible world.  He shows you how to practice and develop your senses in the invisible world.  You spent your lifetime developing your senses in the physical world.  How about a little equal time.  Does that make sense Bruce?

Bruce:  Absolutely.

Sid:  And then you’re CD because he’s taught this all over the world, but he did a special CD just for you.  It’s called “Translation by Faith.”  And you did this because God says this is the time that these gifts are going to be activated for everyone.

Bruce:  Everyone who believes.

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